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Chapter One

Dark Lord's Throne Room

"Avery, tell me, have you found them yet?" The Dark Lord asked his right hand


"No, my Lord. I do know, however, that they are in America." The man named Avery


"Well, find them. I want them with me. And do it fast! Crucio." He said while

pointing his wand at Avery. Avery fell to the ground, screaming and twitching.

After a few second, the Dark Lord lifted up his wand.

Avery stood up, still twitching slightly. "Yes, my Lord. We will do everything

in our power to find them."

Just then, a man with long, white blonde hair appeared in the room. "My

apologies that I am late, my Lord, but I have found them."

"Tell me, Malfoy, where are they." The Dark Lord growled.

"Well, your wife is living as a muggle in San Francisco, a city in California,

which is in, as Avery said, America." He declared.

"Malfoy, you have done well. Now, since you found them, I want you to go and

bring them to me. I don't care how you do it, just get them here!." The Dark

Lord commanded.

"Yes, my Lord." He then disappeared from the room with a 'pop'.

San Francisco

105 Chandler Street

"Mom, I'm going out later tonight is that okay?" Camille yelled down the stairs

to her mother.

"Sure Camille! But remember what I told you! No powers!" Her mother Eva called

from the kitchen.

"I will. Are you working later tonight?" Camille asked.

"Nope, I should be here all night." Eva answered. Then there was knocking at the


Eva yelled up the steps to her daughter. "I'll get it!"

When she opened the door, there stood the man with long, white blonde hair.

"Malfoy," Eva whispered.

"My queen," He said softly.

"Who's at the door, mom?" Camille asked, bounding down the stairs. Her dark

brown haired bobbed behind her and her eyes of the same color showed confusion.

"Ah, this must be your daughter. What did you say her name was?" Malfoy said

with a smirk.

"I'm Camille and it would be nice to know who you are." She said. She saw the

look in her mom's eye; the look that said she was frightened.

"Well, Lucius, would you like to come in?" Eva said holding the door open. She

couldn't help shaking.

"Of course. We have a lot to talk about." Eva led him into the living room.

"Please have a seat. I'll put on some tea. Camille, would you please help me?"

"Of course," They walked to the kitchen, however, not knowing that Lucius

followed them to the door and was listening.

"Cam, listen to me, you know I love you, right?" Eva asked.

"Yeah mom, I love you too, but what's going on and who is that man out there?"

The sixteen year old was now more confused than ever.

Her mother walked over to a drawer that Camille had never been allowed to open.

Eva pulled out two envelopes.

"Cam, you have to get out of here. Teleport to the manner give this letter to

the Charmed Ones." She said handing Camille one of the letters. "This letter

explains everything about your father to you. You have to hurry. I won't be here

when you get back. Remember, I love you so much. Just hurry."

"Mom, come with me," Camille pleaded.

"I can't. Cam, listen to me. That man was sent by your father and if I don't go

back with him, he will kill me then he will go after you. Now go." She


Camille, sighed, defeated. She hugged her mother one last time, and whispered,

"I love you," and then teleported away.

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