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Chapter 1:

Brennan, Shalimar, Jesse, Dasimah, Mari, and Lexa were all sitting in the situation room at the Haven, waiting for Adam to reveal why they were having this meeting. Finally, as though he sensed that they were getting restless, he appeared.

"Finally! Hey, Adam, next time you request all of us get together, how about you get here before us!" said Brennan, he didn't even bother hiding his feelings.

"Sorry, I got held up, talking to a source. Now, I called you all here for one reason. As you all know, we are about to go head to head with the Dominion. And in order to that, we need a plan. So I am calling this meeting to discuss plans."

"OK, Adam for any plan to work we need more mutants. I mean we have always done well on our own, but this is the Dominion we are talking about, and I would rather go in with too many, than not enough," said Shalimar.

"Yeah, I agree, I don't want to find out to late we needed more of us in this fight." added Lexa.

"Well then, let's find more mutants to join the fight." said Shal, "I mean we all have friends right? Let's call in a few favors!"

"Good thinking," said Dasimah. "Well let's get to it, shall we?" she said as they all got up and headed in different directions. Adam was left wondering when and how he lost control of the meeting, and Mutant X. Then left the room to make a phone call to an old friend of his, who he hoped would come and join the fight against the Dominion.

Jesse walked over to the computer terminals, he was not alone, Dasi and Lexa were both online checking to find their friends. Jesse didn't have that many friends, so his search would be pretty easy. The only one he could think of that would be useful in the fight against the Dominion, was Melodie, she was a molecular with the power of Stasis-suspension, which simply meant that she could freeze time. She could literally freeze anything but herself, and those that she was touching at the time.

He got her phone number out of his wallet, and walked away from the computer to make the call."Hey Melodie? Yeah it's me Jesse."

"Hey Jess, how you doing?"

"Good, and you?"

"Doing pretty good. Been awhile since I've head from you, so what's up?"

"You know well don't you? I was wondering if you would be interested in joining me in a fight against a group known as the Dominion. "

"I've heard of them, they used a friend of mine to get what they wanted, and then killed her, when she refused to complete the job."

"Sorry to hear that. The Dominion are a fierce group, that have to be stopped."

"Yeah, and I would love to help you to that. Where do we need to meet?"

"I will pick you up in one hour, at our old spot."

"See you there."

Hour later .........

"About time you got here," Melodie said as she stood up of the bench of the Gazebo.

"Sorry, got lost."

"You mean you forgot which spot belonged to which girl." she joked.

"No, I mean I got lost, let's go!"

"Nice to see you Jesse!"

"Nice to see you too. Look, I'm sorry about ..."

"I know, I'm over it. Let's go."

Mari walked to her room which she share with Lexa right now, cause they found a leak in her room last week and called a friend of hers, Tara. A Molecular Intangible, similar to herself, but more like Jesse."Hey Tara! How are you?"

"Hey Mari, I'm good. And you?"

"Good, and as much as I want to catch up, I was hoping we could do that after you get here."


"My new home. Check your email! Can you come?"

"Sure, hopefully you will fill me in, when I get there."

"Sure will, see you."


Dasi and Lexa worked together to find two girls they meet years ago, before they joined the Dominion. Lulu, was 16 years old, she had been 9 or 10 back then. She was a Rabbit Feral. She had bunny brown hair, and brown eyes. She also had the power of ESP, but not cause she was Psionic, but because her grandmother had it.

Her only vises were the simple fact that she was a kleptomaniac, and loved to steal chocolate truffles. And the fact that she was also Brotophohic, the fear of loud noises. Her best abilities were the fact that she could run fast, kicks, claws and bites her enemies.

And her best friend, Shelly was 15, had to be 8 back then. She was also a Rabbit Feral. She was an empath, and like her friend, Lulu, it was inherited by her mother. She was light skinned, almost white. Her hair was naturally white, but she dyed it blonde. Her eyes were actually pink, so while in public, she wore sunglasses.

Her only vises, were that she was phobic, to the extreme!

"Are you sure they can help us, Lex?"

"Yes, I am sure. Now let's go get them."

"You go, I need to get another friend of mine on board."

"OK, be back when I get back!"

Hour Later .........

"Hey Lexa," said Lulu as she opened the door to her apartment. "Shelly! Lexa's here!"

"Hey, Lulu, Shelly, How have you two been?"

"I've been pretty good, Shelly here has been kinda sick the last few weeks though." answered Lulu.

"Yeah, must have eaten something that didn't agree with me, but I am fine now!" said Shelly.

"Well glad to hear it. So you two up for an adventure?"

"Adventure, is my middle name," answered Lulu.

"Yeah, you got our attention," answered Shelly. "So what up?"

"Have either of you ever heard of the Dominion?"

"No," answered both girls at the same time.

"Well, they are a group of people, who are using Mutants to do there bidding."

"Like Genomex?" asked Shelly.

"Kinda, but worse in away. They have more money at their disposal."

"So you need us to do what?" asked Lulu.

"Join me and some of our friends, so we can take them down."

"I'm in," answered Lulu, who was always in, when you mentioned adventure.

"Could we get hurt?" asked Shelly, the more cautious of the two.

"To be honest, yes. But since we are going in strong, hopefully not."

"OK, I'm in. There are no guarantees in life. Life it up while you can." answered Shelly. "Let us get some things, and we will be right there.

"OK, I will wait right here."

Dasi typed the name into the computer: Skylar Scott. Immediately the file popped up, and gave Skylar's current location. Thinking it would be a great addition to the mission to have another Psionic and one better than herself, who was still new at being Psionic. She after all, had spent all her life as a Elemental:Water, Fire, and Electricity.

She wrote the address down and walked out of the room. She had to ask Skylar face-to-face.

Hour later ........

Dasi walked up the steps to the house, it was not a big house, but none the less, beautiful. She knocked on the door. She heard a woman's voice yell from the other side of the door, "Coming! ... Who is it?"


The door opened, to revealed a beautiful girl about the age of 19. "Been awhile since I've seen you, what do you want?" she said harshly.

"I'm not with them anymore." she said remembering that she had hurt Skylar while she was with the Dominion. "Furthermore, I am here to ask you to help me fight them."

"Why should I believe you?"

"Cause I am telling you the truth," she said, but quickly noticed that it was falling on deaf hears, added." Cause I am doing it to stop the Dominion, before anyone else gets hurt!"

"And you want me to help?"

"Yes, please?!"

"OK, but I swear if you betray me, I will kill you! Let me get my stuff."

Shal walked down the hall to her room. She opened the door, and walk in. She walked over to her dresser, and opened the top shelf. She took out a little black book, and sat down on her bed. She picked up the phone by her bed, and dialed the old number, hoping it was still good.

"Hello?" said a voice at the other end.

"Rosalie? Is that you?"

"Yeah, and you are?"

"It's me, Shalimar."

"Shal? How are you? Haven't heard from you in ages."

"I'm good, and how are you?"

"Good, and hoping you are calling cause you need my help kicking butt."

"Yeah, I need another Feline Feral to help me out."

"When and where?"

"I will meet you at the bus station on McGregor in 10 minutes."

"I will be there."

Hour Later .........

"Rosalie!" Shal shouted, She had been at the bus station for 40 minutes now, and still no sign of her friend.

"Shal! Is that you?" she heard a voice behind her say, as she turned she was relieved to see that it was Rosalie. "Yeah, I've been looking for you for like 40 minutes, where were you?"

"At the wrong bus station," she said grinning. "Yeah,OK, cat got lost."

"It's so great to see you, let's get out of here."

"Good idea."

Brennan watched as everyone went their ways, he knew of only two guys that he could ask. Zack and Zane, were 25 years old, and old buddies of his. They were twins, and elemental like him. He knew it would only be an hour bike ride to get to them, so he headed out.

Hour later ......

"Brennan, you have got to be out of your mind!" said Zane, he had dyed his hair Blondie in order to look different from Zack, who had black hair.

"No, I am not out of my mind. Where is your sense of adventure man?"

"Right where it should be. But the Dominion? Hell no!"

"I'm in!" said Zack. "They are getting away with too much, hurting to many of my Friends. He's in too!"

"I said no!"

"But you will change your mind, especially, if Brennan decides to let your girlfriend, Gage join the fight."

"Gage? Is she a mutant?" asked Brennan.

"Yes, she Molecular. She can change her density, something like that, I can't explain it."

"Yeah, she in, if she wants to." he said hoping he hadn't just made a huge mistake, but he really needed Zane to join in this fight.

"Well, if she's in, I guess I am too." he said, getting up. "Let me go get her, and we will go with you."

"Great man. You won't regret this."

"I better not, or you will get a major butt whooping!"

A young woman, about the age of 25 was sitting in front of her TV, watching a rerun of the King of Queens, when her phone rang. She picked up the remote, and turned the TV off, and picked up her phone. "Hello?"

"It's me, I need you to come and join the Mutant X again."

"Are you sure Adam?"

"Yes, it time. The team needs you, I am e-mailing you the location of our new location. Be here tomorrow morning."

"OK, I hope Mutant X is ready for this."

"Me too." answered Adam.

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