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A/N: This is my first attempt at a Harry/Tonks fic, I hope you enjoy it.

Harry awoke with a start. Cold sweat ran down his face and his scar prickled. He reached over to the table beside his bed to retrieve his glasses. He put them on and looked at the clock. The big red numbers read 11:50 pm. In ten minutes it would be his birthday. Harry never liked his birthdays. He hoped that his friends at the Burrow would come and rescue him again, like they had in years past, but with the previous year's events, he wasn't expecting much. Harry glanced back over at the clock. The big red numbers now read 12:00 am. It was July 31 again.

'Happy birthday, Harry.' A voice in his head said to him. It was a cool, calming voice. One that he had heard many times since his experience in the Department of Mysteries. It was a woman's voice, but he wasn't sure whose. All Harry knew was that her's was the only voice that would calm his nightmares at night. Well...most nights. Tonight Harry was plagued by nightmares of his godfather's death. The voice never calmed him. Harry lay back down on his pillow and stared up at the ceiling. Whose voice was it that soothed him so many nights? With that question fresh in his mind, Harry slowly succumb to sleep once again.

'It's all right, Harry. It's only a nightmare, just a dream. Don't worry, Harry. Harry.' Harry slowly began to wake up from his nightmare. He became aware of someone calling his name.

"HARRY! Oh, where is that bloody boy?! BOY GET DOWN HERE AND MAKE OUR BREAKFAST!!" Harry rolled over in his bed and stared at the clock. It was 8:30 in the morning. The Dursleys were all downstairs waiting for their breakfast to be made.

'Get your own bloody breakfast for once and just leave me alone!' Harry thought to himself. He slowly climbed out of bed and changed out of his nightshirt and pants and into his over-sized, hand-me-down clothes. When Harry walked downstairs and into the kitchen, Uncle Vernon was hidden behind a newspaper, Dudley was watching the television, and Aunt Petunia was pining over her "sweet little Duddy-kins".

"It's about time you showed up! Poor Dudley's been waiting! Now hurry up and make breakfast." Petunia ordered him. Harry made a b-line to the toaster and popped in a few slices of bread. A few minutes later the toast popped up and Harry put the slices on a plate, buttered them, took the jelly out of the refrigerator, and set the plate on the table with a couple of knives. Taking a slice for himself, Harry left the kitchen and returned to his room.

Most of Harry's summer had been spent in his room. Uncle Vernon had given him permission to send letters to his friends, only because Hedwig would make a racket if Harry let her out of her cage without a letter to deliver (that and Vernon had been previously threatened by members of the Order if they did not receive a letter from Harry). In Ron's last letter, he said that Hermione was staying the summer with the Weasleys. Harry longed to be there with them. He hadn't heard from Dumbledore or anyone from the Order, so he had no idea what was going on with Voldemort. Just as Harry began to get lost in thought, three large, feathered creatures flew in through his open window. One was Hedwig, who perched on Harry's arm. Another was a small owl that continued to flutter around Harry's head.

"Calm down, Pig." Harry plucked the little bird out of the air and untied the letter attached to his leg. The third owl landed softly on Harry's bed. It had a letter attached to its leg as well. Hedwig dropped a small package in his lap. He first opened the letter Pig had delivered (mostly because the annoying bird was fluttering around Harry's head, waiting for a response).

'Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday, mate! I'm sorry you can't be here, but Dad says it's too dangerous, what with You-Know-Who about. Not much is happening around here. Fred and George some how got the money to open up their joke shop. 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes'! Mum yelled so loud, I'm surprised you didn't hear it!

Well, that's all from this end. I hope the rest of your summer goes well, and I'll try and see if Mum and Dad will let you come stay with us.


P.S. Mum was worried the Muggles weren't feeding you well, so she sent food with Hedwig.'

Harry glanced at the package Hedwig had dropped and wondered what was inside of it. Harry's appetite had disappeared over the summer with the death of his godfather having only been weeks ago. Harry picked up the package and opened it. Inside was a birthday cake that read "Happy Birthday, Harry!" on it in big gold letters that showed brightly against the red frosting. Harry set the cake aside and went to his desk and pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill, and some ink to reply to Ron's letter.

'Dear Ron,

Thanks for the cake. I'll have to hide it from Dudley, though. He can smell food from a mile away. That's great about Fred and George, I'm glad they could realize their dream. I wish I could be there as well. I wonder if Dumbledore would even let me if you offered. Ask your parents again, and let me know what they say. If I do end up here for the rest of summer, I'll see you in Diagon Alley. Have you asked Hermione about what we talked about yet? Let me know what you decide. Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you soon.


Harry attached the letter to Pig's leg who fluttered around the room a few more times then out the window. Harry looked at his other letter with a bit less rush than he had felt with Ron's. He picked up the letter and opened it.

'Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! I realize I haven't kept in touch, and I apologize. I've been a bit busy with things at the Order. I do have good news, though. Dumbledore has decided that you are much safer at Headquarters. Myself and one other Order member will arrive at your Aunt and Uncle's to pick you up on Sunday, August 1. I will be sending an owl to the Weasley's as well, inviting them to stay for the summer. Can't wait to see you.


Harry took a moment to register what he had read. He was going to be leaving the Dursley's. At that moment another owl flew through his window and landed on his bed. He untied the letter and watched the bird fly back out his open window. Harry opened the letter and began reading.


Did you get a letter from Professor Lupin? We're all going to stay at Grimmauld Place! Hermione says she can't wait to see you.


Harry folded up the note and looked around his room. The owl that had delivered Lupin's letter ruffled it's feathers and took off through his open window. Harry looked around his mess of a room. Clothes were everywhere; books lay open on every flat surface, quills and empty inkbottles littered the floor. Harry got up and quickly began to tidy up his room so that he could pack to leave the next day.