Chapter 1-------------------------------Engagement's Off

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"Ahhh! What a beautiful day it is today!" Princess Ichigo sighed heavily as she peered up at the cloudless blue sky. The Kingdom of Mew looked so peaceful. Any passerby might think that the Kingdom had no enemies and that it was always this beautiful. But lately the clouds had been hiding the sun and darkness had brought chaos to the large Kingdom.

Kingdom Mew had 5 sections. There was the Aqua, Jungle, Sky, Pure and Strawberry Palace. It was surprising how weak the Kingdom's forces were. That was probbly because the Kingdom's 5 legendary protectors were so young...

Each of the 5 palaces had a gaurdian. The gaurdian's spirit was merged with that of a cat and the job of gaurdian was passed down over time. When something threatened the Kingdom of Mew Mew itself the current gaurdian's DNA reacted and the animal part activated and a special mark appeared on the gaurdian's body as a symbol that the DNA was active.

Ichigo was the Princess of Strawberry Palace with cat DNA. Usually the Princess of a Kingdom had the DNA. Princess Minto of the Sky Kingdom was infused with the DNA of a bird, Purin of Jungle Palace the monkey, and Retasu of the Aqua Palace a porpoise. The Pure kingdom with the wolf gaurdian had been abanden some hundred years ago.

Ichigo took a deep breath and tried to enjoy the unusal peace of her Kingdom. The 15 year old's pink hair blew in the breeze while her large, pink eyes scanned the sky. She then lowered her gaze down to the Palace gates, only to see a rather frantic looking messanger at the gate. Ichigo couldn't tell if he was happy or not but knew his gold necklace as the symbol of him being Masaya's messanger. Masaya and Ichigo with engaged. Just a week ago Masaya had promised to marry Ichigo after his next battle. He was a knight and out to battle the Kirema forces.

For, you see, Kierama Kingdom was far away and want to expand into the Mew Mew Kingdom. So they were invading. That Kingdom mutated animals and used them as warriors so Masaya wasn't likely to survive the battles. But Ichigo had faith and knew everything would turn out perfectly.

Ichigo turned around an left her balconey, slowly heading for the door of her room. She lived in a tower. Her bright pink room matched her looks completly and she ran a brush through her short pink hair as she passed. The red ribbons that tied her hair in pigtails were perfect and her pink dress was wrinkleless. She then ran out her door and wandered down the stairs eagarly. Perhaps Masaya had returned early from battle to marry her!

When Ichigo reached the bottom of the staircase she peeked out from behind a stone wall so as to get a peek at the messanger. It was Masaya's messanger all right! But what was this? He held a package! A beautiful little package! Was it Ichigo's engagement ring? Masaya had promised to get her something special... Or perhaps it was a lovely box of chocolates for her! As any one could tell, Ichigo was completly thrilled about getting married to Masaya.

But what was this? Masaya's messanger looked... Sad? Ichigo watched her overprotective father walk over to the messanger but couldn't hear what they were saying from her distance. She listened hard and finally just came out of hiding and walked towards the frowning messanger and her depressed father. What were they sad about? Father must be mad that his little girl was getting married and had made the messanger feel bad with some scoldings!She had silly parents!

"So! What' s in the box?" Ichigo asked, suddenly giggling with excitement "Did Masaya get me an engagement gift? A box of chocolates? When will he be back from the war?"

Ichigo's father didn't smile like he usuaslly did when his daugther was happy. In fact, he loved gloomier then ever. So did the messanger.

"Ichigo... About Masaya... Ummm... You are no longer going to be able to marry him..." Ichigo's father said. Ichigo could tell he was trying to break this awful news to her slowly.

"WHAT? But daaaddy! You promised! Mom said it was fine and you were going to make him Prince and everything! You were perfectly fine with it yesterday! Why' d you change your mind?!" Ichigo asked in a mix of anger and horror. How could he do this to her?!

"Sweety... I love the idea and still do but--"

"BUT WHAT?! How can you do this to me? I LOVE HIM!" Ichigo screamed angrily, wanting to cry. This wasn't fair! This was awful! She hated her life!

"Ichigo... Masaya died today..." Ichigo's father said sadly, looking at her in hopes that she' d take the news ok.

But she didn't. Ichigo stared for a momment. Just stared. Stared in not only horror but complete sorrow. He... Died? Her brain wasn' t working. What did her dad mean? He couldn't die. He was going to marry here. They were in love. She loved him and he loved her. He couldn' t die. He promised. He promised to marry her after the war... He'd promised.

"NO!" Ichigo screamed, her eyes drowning in tears. She turned around quickly and ran. She ran up those stairs faster then ever before. She swung open her bedroom door and slammed it behind her, collasping on the bed and bringing a pillow to her face. Why? Why? This wasn't fair! It was wrong!

"MASAYA!? Why' d you have to die? WHY?!"


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