Chapter 16------The Authoress Talks Some More

Satou: Dun duuuun!

Kish: I still can't believe you brought him back.

Satou: It's fun.

Kish: To ruin my relationship with Ichigo?

Satou: -nods-


Kish: ...'cause you keep bringing him back?

Satou: Shut up! You ruined a serious mood!

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Kish: oO; Are you ok...?

Satou: -smacks Kish- SHUT UP!

Chapter 16

"Kish! Please! What's going on?" Ichigo asked loudly, her voice cracking as burning tears swelled up in her eyes and poured down her cheeks like waterfalls. Kish glared at Deep Blue and took a step forward, trying to get between Ichigo and Deep Blue. "Just leave her alone." He growled at the demonic horror that had taken over "poor" Masaya's body. Deep Blue chuckled.

"Let's have a little history lesson, shall we? Before Mew Mew Kingdom there was Kirema Anima Kingdom. Our Kingdom was the greatest. But volcanoes and earthquakes shook this land so we backed off for 100 years while waiting for them to settle down. But when we returned, your annoying Kingdom had moved in and taken our land while we struggled in a dieing dessert.

"So we pleaded with your people about 10 years ago. But you claimed this to be your land and told us to back off. But it wasn't yours... So we researched your history for clues."


Ichigo stared. 10 years old... Purin had gotten engaged to that Yuebin guy when her dad fled and had made that choice for her... Ichigo's grandfather had been in power then and Minto's parents died that year after making that choice. Retasu... Poor Retasu was bullied by some other girls to stamp that and was only 4 at the time, it wasn't her fault that she had no parents to explain what was going on. Purity Kingdom was ruined right after that too and Zakuro wasn't Princess at that time... So why was everyone ticked off at them? The Princesses who did nothing?

"Kish, you swore that you would kill these girls before we started the mission." Deep Blue hissed.

"But I was wrong! They're different from the rulers before!" Kish protested.

Deep Blue glared at Kish and walked forward, shoving him aside and looking into Ichigo's eyes with his own sapphire gaze. She shevier and struggled to back away but he grabbed her face and kept her from moving.

"Anyways, enough with Kish's protests. We discovered the Mew Aqua and decided to use it."

"Huh? How?"

"Depending on the power of the user, the Mew Aqua can set things back to their regular state of being... Do you know where the final Mew Aqua is?"

Ichigo tried to shake her head but Deep Blue had a firm grip. She glared at him, answering his question without much movement.

"Oh? You don't? It's inside me."

Ichigo stared at Deep Blue. Nani? In side him? But the Mew Aqua was pure and Deep Blue needed a bath...

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Kish yelled angrily as he dove at Deep Blue with his daggers drawn. Deep Blue threw Ichigo aside and dodged the attack easily.

"KISH!" Ichigo shrieked in horror, running forward and tripping herself. He fell right on Kish, who had been trying to get his daggers out of the solid rock floor.

"So, Ichigo. What matters to you more?" Deep Blue asked in a sly voice "Kish or Masaya?"

"What does Kish have to do with this? I still don't understand!" Ichigo yelled in protest.

"Kish represents me, in a sense. He's the heir to the Kingdom so as long as he's alive we can strike again. Masaya, on the other hand, is the one who's body I hold. If you kill my current host then I, too, will die." Deep Blue seemed very amused when saying this. Ichigo was too caught up in the basics of what he said to think much about his amusement. She had to kill one of them to end this...

"I... I... I C-Can't!" She screamed, beginning to sob much more noticeably then before "This isn't fair!"

"It's perfectly fair. It's a lose-lose situation for both of us." Deep Blue said in a "caring" voice, though it was dripping with sarcastic delight.

"Why? WHY?! Masaya, come back! Don't let him take advantage of you! COME BACK!" Ichigo screamed, before realizing she was taking to nothing and falling to her knees. Kish stared at her and gave her a reassuring hug, as if it would help any but it just made matters worse.

They both love me so much... How can I choose between one? Wait, I shouldn't be worrying about my love life. I, being the Princess, must decide based on the well being of my Kingdom... Ugg! Which matters more right now? My love life or the peace of this place?! Ichigo's confused thoughts melted into sobs and she pressed her head against Kish's shoulder, sobbing rather pitifully. "I can't choose." She said softly "I can't..."

"Don't worry about it. I love you, Ichigo. I just want you to stop crying." Kish whispered to her, not wanting Deep Blue to hear him. Ichigo stopped crying and pushed Kish back. That's right. Kish loved her more then anything. He'd loved her for so long, even though he used to hate her. He'd put all that aside and still loved her...

"Strawberry Bell!" Ichigo said in a firm voice, before letting a couple tears and muffled sobs slip through her mouth and falling to her knees once again. "I can't! I can't! This is so cruel!" She complained. Right when she'd had the courage to do something about this mess she'd lost it! Why was fate so cruel?

"Please! Just stop!"

Deep Blue didn't say anything. He was looking at his finger nails in order to amuse himself while Ichigo suffered.

"Ichigo, it's ok." Kish said quickly "Just do what you think is best for your Kingdom..."

"I AM! But I don't want to! I LOVE YOU KISH!" Ichigo screamed before continuing to cry. Kish stared. He had to rewrite his views on this now.

"We could be Romeo and Juliet." He joked.



"Oh." Ichigo giggled a bit and tried to stand up again. Her Strawberry Bell began to glow and she blinked. "My... My... Bell's glowing?"






"DOGGY!" Squealed Purin. Zakuro and Pie turned to stare at her and Tart turned crimson red.


"Hai na no da?"

"Not helping."

"Oh. I LOVE YOU NA NO DA!" She squealed, hugging Tart around the neck. Pie chuckled in amusement. It was like a shojo romance...

"Hey! Guys? Shouldn't we be worried about Ichigo? She hasn't come back yet." Retasu said softly. Minto blinked and sat up, having been tanning on the "suddenly there lawn chair". She looked at Retasu and nodded slowly.

"I guess you're right. What do you say, Pie? Is anything supposed to happen up there that should worry us?"

Pie, who was now a friend to the Mews, nodded. "Yes. Deep Blue should be explaining to her right now that she has to kill Masaya or Kish to end this."

"That shouldn't be hard. Just kill the perverted one."

"You mean Masaya na no da?" Purin asked. Everyone turned to Purin, Tart and Pie looking the most shocked of all.

"Masaya's no pervert." Minto said softly "He's taken very good care of Ichigo and for that I'm glad he's around. Anyone who makes my friend happy is a good person."

"Nuh-uh na no da. He's been using Ichigo to get closer to you, Minto-oneechan na no da."

Minto stared at Purin in horror. "Are you... Joking?" She asked softly.

"Nope. And I no joke when I say he's got this Hentai magazine na no da."

"Purin... Where do you learn this stuff?" Tart asked in amusement "I could use a girl like you around a bit more."

"I LOVE YOU NA NO DA!" Purin squealed, hugging Tart once more. That was the end of getting useful information out of Purin for a while.

"Minto?" Zakuro questioned, looking at the very pale and stunned Minto. Minto twitched and stood up.


Everyone was very taken back by Minto's sudden outburst.

"Nani? Hey hey! My Pudding Rings are glowing Na no da!" Exclaimed Purin as she pushed Tart back to pick her glowing rings off from the ground. Purin screamed in shock when the rings released a bright light. Purin was suddenly in her Mew Power Extension pillar, the bright yellow light reaching the heavens above. Everyone stared and, suddenly, Retasu made her own comment.

"My Lettuce C---" The minute Retasu picked up her weapon she too was in a green line of light. Minto and Zakuro exchanged glances and then picked up their own weapons.


"Ichigo needs your power! Just relax!" Ryou yelled at them, his eyes mainly focused on Retasu. Tart flew into the sky and hovered beside the panicking Purin.

"Purin, relax. I'm here." He said calmly. Purin stopped sobbing and looked at him, smiling weakly.

"Okies na no da..."

The 4 lights suddenly twisted together and, like ribbons, flew to Ichigo and began to twirl around her...


Ichigo held her Strawberry Bell high as the lights twirled around her. Baffled, Kish took a step back and watched as Ichigo began to spin around very slowly. Her spinning suddenly became more rapid and Deep Blue finally decided this was more interesting then his finger nails and looked up.

"RIBBBBOOOOOOOON..... STRAWBERRY CHECK MEW AQUA HEALING!" Ichigo screamed. A flash of rainbow lights knocked Deep Blue into a wall and the Mew Aqua that had been inside him exploded. Luckily for the maids that cleaned up Kish's castle, Deep Blue guys did not fly in every direction. Nor did Masaya guts, but no Kisichigo supporter could possibly mind cleaning up Masaya guts...

But in stead, Deep Blue pressed through the light and grabbed Ichigo around the neck in attempts to choke her. Ichigo screamed and struggled to get him to let her go but it wasn't working.


"YOU IDIOT! Don't you dare use that name around me"! Ichigo yelled, pushing Deep Blue away as he burst into bubbles. The bubbles spread across the whole Kingdom and Ichigo screamed as the Kirema Anima Kingdom crumbled under her feet and turning into bubbles.

"YEEK! I' m falling!" She screamed. Kish teleported nearby and grabbed her, teleporting away.


"It's working!" Ryou exclaimed as the diamond/Kirema Anima Kingdom block vanished. The other 4 Mews began faling to the ground very rapidly. Tart caught Purin, who kissed him in return and she actually received a kiss back. Ryou managed to catch Retasu and Pie grabbed Zakuro. Poor Minto just kept falling until..

"MINTOOO!" A very sickening familiar voice yelled as Masaya formed out of the bubbles. Poor Minto was actually caught by him.

"Minto... I have a confession to make.." Masaya started. Minto twitched and punched Masaya, who fell over and let her go.


And with that, Masaya flew off to the moon and died for, hopefully, the final time.

-------- The Happy Endings!

"Bye Mom, Dad!" Ichigo called as she ran out of her bedroom and down the pink steps of her castle. It was a perfect morning. The birds were chirpping and the sun was high in the sky. All traces of Masaya had been properly disposed of and things were perfect. Kirema Anima Kingdom had signed a peace treaty and the Kingdom's people mvoed in with the Mews. Purin and Tart were now a happy couple ruling Purin's Kingdom together while Retasu and Ryou had been properly engaged and now shared their Kingdoms. Minto had been adopted by Masaya's former parents and recieved all his money and land because it was directed to her in his will and his parents were nothing like him. They even adotped Zakuro so Minto and Zakuro were now sisters. As for Pie and Zakuro's "happy" future... They got married and now debated over wethier to get a pet wolf or fox in stead of what animal Zakuro was infused with.

Ichigo continued to run along the city streets and stopped in front of a fountain, heart thumping in her chest from excitement as she walked closer. "Nani? Where is he? He promised to meet me here." Ichigo said in dissappointment when she saw no one waiting for her there.

"IIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOO!" Kish cried, falling from the sky and tackling her. Ichigo yelped in a mix of surprise and delight as Kish hugged her and instantly hugged him back.

"KISH! I love you!" She cried out rather randomly.

"I love you too, Ichigo." Kish replied with a smile on his face.

----------------------------------THE END!

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