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August 29, 2003

"What's one characteristic that you have that would make you a model employee for the After Dark?"

After rereading the question in front of him over again for the fourth time in the last ten minutes, David sighed slightly to himself before inwardly replying: If I would've known this was going to be a personality test, I would've studied for it weeks ago before deciding to fill out this application.

With that thought in mind, after thinking about it for a couple more seconds, David jotted down the first thing he could think of. "Whether it be day or night, everyone in my family knows that anytime they need someone or something, they can always call on me and I'll be there as soon as I can. So, I'd have to say that reliability is one of my stronger character traits."

Figuring that was a good enough answer for him, David made a move to go onto the next question. But just before he could do so, the sound of the front door opening caused him to immediately stop and look up at the person who was now walking into the living room with a small grin on her face. "Hey you."

"Hey, yourself." Donna responded back, before making her way over to where her husband of three years sat; giving him a small kiss on the lips as soon as she reached him. "I'm glad you're home...I've got some good news for you."

Noticing the look of pure excitement on his wife's face caused David to know already what Donna was going to tell him. But instead of telling her that, he chose to just play along. "Oh good?"

While taking a seat beside David, Donna cheerfully retorted: "Very good...I got the job!" A statement which caused David to finally unleash the proud grin, that so wanted to come across his face, and pull the blonde in front of him into a small hug. "Congratulations, baby. I knew you could do it."

"With you by my side, I can do anything."

September 3, 2003 (Five days later)

After quietly shutting the front door and sitting his keys down on the table beside him, David quickly made his way towards the living room; where he guessed--from the red BMW parked outside, next to Donna's blue Sedan--he'd find Steve seated there waiting for him. But instead of the older man, he found someone a little bit shorter and a lot more feminine than his best friend, seated next to his wife on the couch, giggling about something which he couldn't hear from where he was standing.


Looking up at the greeting, Donna smiled slightly when she saw David leaning against the archway of the room. "Hey you. It's about time you got here...I want to introduce you to someone."

Taking the comment as a sign to move foreword, David crossed the room in two strides and held out a hand to shake the other woman's palm as Donna introduced the two of them to each other.

"Tammy, this is my husband David....David, this is Tammy Springs. She's one of the supervisors at Pol' Atteu, who thankfully enough has decided to take pity on me and show me the ropes of the company before I get a chance to embarrass myself."

While frowning slightly at the comment, David opened his mouth to tell Donna not to say things like that about herself. But before he could even get the first word pass his tongue, Tammy cut in with: "Please don't listen to a thing your wife says. After spending two days watching her practically charm the pants off everyone, including Pol' Atteu himself, I can honestly say that she'll probably be taking my job at the store in about a week or two."

"Whatever! You know that's not true." Donna argued, before Tammy and her quickly got into a playful banter revolving around Donna's work ethics. An action which caused David to feel like he was quickly becoming the third wheel in his own home. Two's company...three's a crowd.

With that thought in mind, he waited until the two had finished laughing at something Tammy had said before making up a lie; which would politely excuse him from the room. "I promised Steve that I'd meet him at his house in a half-n-hour, so I should probably go get changed.....but it was nice meeting you, Tammy."

"You as well, David." The older woman replied, before absentmindedly watching on as the man in front of her turned away from the two women and quickly made his way up the stairs; towards Donna and his room. Afterwards, she turned her attention back towards Donna and carefully raised an arched eyebrow before jokingly asking: "So now that Papa Bear has finally left the room, what do you say we get back to working on this porridge?"

"Right after you, Goldie-locks!"

November 1, 2003

"Honey, I'm home!"

After reluctantly opening his eyes to look at the bedroom clock on his night stand, David inwardly grimaced as he noticed that it was going on three o'clock in the morning.

Here we go again! He inwardly commented to himself as he slightly sat up on the bed and absentmindedly watched on as Donna drunkenly staggered across the room, towards her side of the bed; interestingly enough not hitting anything in the process.

Well, she's had enough practice now not to.

It had been like this for almost two months now. Donna and Tammy would spend all week working together on some huge assignment at Pol' Atteu. And then Friday night, they would head off to one of the local bars near Tammy's house to celebrate a job well done. Afterwards, Donna would either end up crashing at Tammy's after drinking a little bit too much or she'd leave her car at the bar and take a cab to there house; where she'd spend the next half-n-hour drunkenly mumbling to herself before falling fast asleep with her work clothes still on.

It was becoming like a routine around the Silver house...a routine that David had quickly grown tired of a few weeks into it.

"When are you going to learn that two drinks is your limit?"

"When you learn to stop trying to be the boss of me." Donna quickly retorted back, with a slightly annoyed expression on her face. "I can handle myself, ya know. I don't need you to be my father....remember, I don't have one of those anymore."

Usually David would try and tell Donna not to say things like that--knowing comments like those could lead to bouts of depression. But given the fact that Donna was already three sheets to the wind, he figured if he told her that statement now, she probably wouldn't even remember it two seconds later.

"Let me help you get into bed."

"I told you before: I don't need your--" Donna began, but before she could continue her comment, her eyes immediately popped open and David could only wince slightly as he watched the woman in front of him quickly make her way towards the bathroom; hopefully getting whatever it was--that she had to drink--out of her system and into the toilet bowl in front of her, instead of all over the floor like she had done last time.

Something tells me this is going to be one very long night.

November 15, 2003

Two weeks after he spent the entire night cleaning up Donna's vomit off the bathroom carpet, David found himself in complete surprise as he woke up in the middle of the night to find his wife entering the door to there room, sober as can be.

Must be a full moon...this is the first Friday in weeks that she's been like this.

Unfortunately because of the fact that she was on her cellphone, he couldn't say that comment out loud.

"Hold on, I'm entering my room right now." Donna softly said into the phone, before looking towards the bed--where David was laying--trying to see, in the dark, if her husband's eyes were open or not. "I think he's asleep.......yeah, I wish he was up so I could tell him right now, as well. But I think it'd be best if I waited until the right time. I mean, I don't think this is something you should tell a person in the middle of the night....I'll just tell him when he gets home from the gym tomorrow, okay?"

While furrowing his eyebrows at the statement, David silently watched on as Donna continued talking to the miscellaneous person on the other line of the phone about him, as if he wasn't two feet in front of her.

As if reading his thoughts, Donna gave David one last look before taking her phone and disappearing into the bathroom that was adjoined with their room.

After waiting until the door closed behind her, David sat up slightly and asked himself:

What the hell was that all about?

November 16, 2003

After spending the night before up until around four o'clock in the morning, wondering what it was that Donna was keeping from him, David decided to skip his usual workout at the gym and instead meet up with Steve and Dylan for breakfast.

"Okay. So, I'm guessing from the expression on your face that this meeting at McDonald's wasn't just for fun. So, spill it already!"

"Yeah.." Steve agreed, around a mouthful of bacon. "Come on and tell us what's wrong."

After rolling his eyes slightly at the man in front of him, who looked like he needed a bib more than his daughter did, David began to tell the two men--who he called his best friends--about the phone conversation he had heard the night before and about the talk he and Donna were going to have when he got home from the gym.

"I don't know if I should be more worried over the fact that she's intentionally keeping this secret from me or more worried over the fact that this might mean that she's met some random guy and has decided to leave me for him. I'm confused as hell."

Not believing for a second that David could think that Donna would ever leave him for another guy caused Steve to roll his eyes dramatically before replying: "Silver, everyone knows that there is no better guy out there for Donna than you and that she loves you more than she loves herself. Snap out of it, you two were made for one another."

I guess.. David inwardly replied, before outwardly asking the question he was dying to know: "But if it's not another guy that she's seeing, then what else could be so bad that she has to wait for the right time to tell me?"

After a second of thinking about the question, Dylan spoke up, with a grin on his face: "Maybe she's following in Janet's footsteps and you two will soon be hearing the sounds of tiny footsteps in the future."

I never thought of that. David inwardly commented to himself, before slightly smiling as all of the missing pieces in the puzzle began to fit together. It all makes sense now...she's pregnant. That's why she wasn't drunk when she came home last night and that's why she needed to wait for the right time to tell me her secret.

Not wanting for her to have to wait any longer, David quickly stood up from his chair and quickly threw a couple of tens down on the table in front of him. Afterwards, he hurriedly made his way out of the restaurant; throwing over his shoulder, as an afterthought: "You two have just made my day...breakfast is on me."

After looking down at the two ten-dollar bills that David had left on the table, Steve and Dylan got large grins on their faces as they both simultaneously replied: "Super-size!"

After practically breaking almost every speeding law that was in California, David arrived back at his house exactly ten minutes after saying good-bye to the guys at McDonald's.

I'm just lucky that there weren't any cops out this morning or I defiantly would've had one hell of a ticket to pay.

With that thought in mind, David quickly parked his car at the foot of the driveway and then, just as quickly, made his way towards the front door of his house. As he was passing the two cars that were stationed side by side one another in the driveway, he couldn't help but wonder why Tammy's car was there. But just as the question entered his head, he couldn't help but smile slightly as an answer to it quickly formed. "She's probably just here for moral support."

With that being his last thought, David quickly opened the door to his house and then--as if to let the two women know he was back--he somewhat slammed it shut. "Donna?"

"In here!"

Having already guessed where she was, David followed the sound of her voice towards the living room; finding his wife seated on the couch next to a casual looking Tammy.

Hmm..this is the first time I've ever seen her in anything less than a business suit...she almost looks normal.

"How was your workout?"

After snapping himself out of his thoughts at that question, David truthfully replied: "I didn't go...Dylan, Steve, and I instead met up at McDonald's for breakfast."

Usually Donna would respond back to that comment with a sarcastic retort like, "Sounds healthy." But instead of her saying that, David was surprised when she just slightly smiled before outwardly replying: "David..I think we need to talk."

Here we go. David inwardly told himself, before taking a seat on the love-chair across from Donna and Tammy; showing the two of them that they had his undivided attention. "Okay, go ahead..I'm listening."

"Forthelastcoupleofmonths,I'vebeen--" Donna quickly began, but before she could continue, Tammy took her hand in hers; silently telling her to calm down. After slightly nodding, Donna started back where she had first began: "For the last couple of months, I've been lying to you....I've been lying to your face and keeping a huge secret from you. One that you'll probably hate me for and one you'll probably never look at me the same because of."

I knew it.

As if he had just been kicked in the gut, David could hardly breathe as he outwardly replied: "Theirs someone met some other guy."

"No..." Donna quickly replied, while small tears started to form in her eyes. "I haven't met another guy."

"Then what is it..?" David wanted to ask, but before he could do so, a thought popped into his head. She said she didn't meet another guy...she didn't say anything about meeting someone else.

With that thought in mind, David quickly looked down at Donna and Tammy's interlocked hands before looking back up at them with a confused expression on his face and hesitantly replying: "You two...?"

Not wanting to lie anymore, Donna filled in the blanks: "Are in love...and I'm divorcing you."

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