Authors Note: Sorry this is such a short chapter. Had to get this part out of the way so we could move onto the longer ones. :)

Jan 19, 2004

To say that news of Valerie's deteriorating health had changed things around the Silver household in the last week or two would be an understatement.

Since hearing Valerie confirm to Dr. Phillips that she still did not want to receive any type of chemo-therapy, Valerie had noticed that David seemed to be going out of his way to make sure that Valerie's stay at his place was as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

She'd awake in the morning to fresh squeezed orange juice, followed by whatever else she felt like eating-or thought she could keep down for longer than a few minutes-and then after each meal, David would make sure that Valerie had whatever she needed for the rest of the day before retreating back to his living room to work on some new music-only to come find Valerie, what felt like a few minutes later, to make sure she was still okay and didn't need anything else at the moment.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think aliens had come and taken over his brain...he's done a complete 180 since letting me come and stay with him for awhile.

With that thought in mind, Valerie turned her attention back down to the stack of papers that Angie had fed-exed her a couple of days ago; only to stop doing so a couple minutes later when a hesitant looking David appeared at the door to her bedroom; outwardly asking if he could come in.

"I guess..since this is your house and all," Valerie replied, in what was supposed to be a slight joking manner; but judging by the slight change in David's facial expression, he didn't seem to find that comment to be very funny at all.

Tough crowd...

As David continued to stand beside the door, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, Valerie wondered if he really was waiting for her to formally invite him into the room. But just as she opened her mouth to do so, David stopped her with his next words.

"That's actually what I came up here to talk to you about...I've been thinking," David began, while finally stepping into the room and taking a seat beside Valerie on her bed, "instead of going back to Buffalo, why don't you just move in with me...? Permanently."


Not really sure where all of this was coming from caused Valerie to ask this question out-loud.

"I've just been thinking with everything that's been going on with you...and your situation, instead of you going back to Buffalo once you're cleared to travel, why don't you just consider moving in here with me for good. I mean, like you said before, with your job, you can pretty much work from anywhere, and it's not like you don't know anyone around here. You have a doctor here, and the majority of your friends are here, as well, so I was just thinking it could be an option...that's all."

Wow..he really has been thinking a lot about this.

Having not expected to hear those words coming out of David's mouth when she woke up that morning caused Valerie to continue to stare at the man in front of her in shock.

This is a whole lot to take in right now.

As if reading her thoughts and seeing that he wasn't going to get any type of answer whatsoever out of her right now, David made a move to stand up to leave; an action which caused Valerie to finally break out of her silent trance.

"I can't make any promises..but I'll think about it."

After nodding his head in understanding and telling Valerie that's all he asked, David turned back around and made his way back out the door; leaving a now very surprised and very confused Valerie alone with her thoughts.

Oy vey.

So, what do you think so far? Should she move in with him? =)