Authors notes: This idea was born when I stumbled across a site which said that nobody knew the significance of Sesshoumaru's markings. There were some debates about whether he got them from his mothers side, considering that fact that neither his father nor brother have a moon on their forehead. Once I read that this little plotbunny bit me, and here I am. So lets just say that this is my attempt at explaining where Sesshoumaru got his markings from.

Next, I would like to thank Tongs who beta-read this. Tongs is the author of A warrior named Kagome which you should all go read.

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Moonlight nights.

In the midst of the western lands, in a place rarely visited by mortals, stood two figures. One tall and seemingly ageless, with white hair pulled back in a knot at the back of her head. She had a kind of supernatural beauty that went far deeper than her mortal body. She was dressed in a simple Yukata of deep blue, offset with and obi of crimson red. The other, her son.

"Okaa-san?" Asked he with a childish innocence, "Why is there a moon?"

Her gaze rested on the sliver of the moon, a perfect crescent that rested in the sky. Around them, wolf youkai howled and the breeze stirred in the trees; but these signs were paid no heed, none could harm the mate and child of the lord in his very own lands.

"The moon is the keeper of time," began she, endeavouring to answer his question to the fullest, each word being pronounced with an air of great wisdom, "It marks the months that pass. It is the sign of strength, as it waxes so waxes the strength of all great things. The tides become stronger, more vicious, those linked to the moon gain strength. When it wanes, they become weak. Moon Demons –Getsu Youkai- are always strongest on the full moon, yet almost human on nights without it. "

His eyes were drawn to another moon, "Why do you have a moon of your forehead?"

A strange smile flitted past her features, and she traced the half moon with the tips of her fingers. "This is the mark of the clan from which I hail." Answered she, "The strips on thou face are the sign of thy fathers kin, passed from parent to childe by way of blood. Thou were borne with them. The mark of my clan is one of choice, bestowed on a childe by the parent."

"Will I be able to have one?" he pressed.

She gazed unseeingly at the stars, "When thou art ready, my childe, when thou art ready."

"How much older do I have to be, Okaa?" He asked impatiently.

"No older, my son," she answered sadly, "no older."

"Then give it to me, Okaasan," He demanded imperiously, "I wish to be known as the joining of the two greatest InuYoukai clans to walk this earth."

"So proud," she breathed out to the night sky. She stood for moments as though she had been carved out of stone. Not one muscle of hers twitched, nor did a hair move.

Then in the moonlight, her fingernails began to lengthen into claws, staining the ground blue with dripping acid. She smiled chillingly.

"As you wish, my son."

That night, Sesshoumaru did not sleep. He lay awake with his mother's poison burning on his forehead.