Okay, since Fanfiction screwed up the chapter order for my fic, I've been getting a lot of complaints. I'm sorry for the slight inconvenience but please give me some more credit! Someone mentioned that I have like five plotlines going on at once, and I think that if you go back and re-read it now since the story will probably make more sense.

This is A Different Path Given condensed version. If people are getting confused, then let me clarify what's going on so far:

Chapter One: My Name is Uzumaki Naruto!

Naruto is in the Forest of Death and Orochimaru shows up. The evil snake freak decides that he wants Sasuke's body and gives him a hickie instead. Orochimaru laughs his evil laugh and says, "Ha. Now Sasuke-kun will me mine. Too bad for you Naruto-kun. You are too late!"

Then he uses a Jutsu to send Naruto off to another world where Naruto will no longer be a problem. Poor Naru-chan, cause he has no clue what's going on. He blacks out and wakes up in a hospital where he freaks out.

ANBU come in, and Kakashi with his doggie mask helps Naruto back in bed. Takes off his mask and gives Naruto another heart attack- acts like he doesn't know what's going on with Naruto.

Forth Hokage comes in, acts fatherly and Naruto puts two and two together and he promptly faints. Poor Yondaime. . .

Chapter Two: Missing? The Enemy Attacks!

Naruto wakes up and decides that he wants to go missing. Too bad that he forgot to put on some real clothes so he just uses Henge on himself to fool everyone. Jumps out the window and falls flat on his face.

Meanwhile, Sasuke sits around and his brother comes and talks with him. Forget about everyone in the real Naruto Manga storyline for they are now not important until the end of the fic.

Naruto gets lost for a bit in Konoha until stupid Mizuki bumps into him while stealing the Forbidden Scroll. They fight and Mizuki since he in this world is nominated to take the Jonin tests is most likely to be on Jonin level and kicks Naruto's ass.

Daddy comes and saves him.

Chapter Three: Uchiha Truth

Gasp. Yondaime dies! So Naruto freaks out and poof! Sharingan eyes. Kicks Mizuki's ass and finds out that Daddy's still alive. Hey, that all rhymes! LOL.

The next day, Naruto's walking around when he bumps into Sasuke. Our favorite Uchiha brings Naruto to his house where Naruto finds out that his mother was Sasuke's Aunt, therefore they are cousins and related by blood. Naruto has yet another heart attack.

Chapter Four: A Ninja's test

Daddy wakes Naruto up and they are late for school! Gasp! Good thing Daddy's the Yellow Flash and Naruto shows up in time! He is chased around by his Fan Club and Sakura is infatuated with him!

"Yay! Iruka-sensei! I've passed the genin exams! Lets go out for ramen!"

"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Poor Naruto sits on top of a hill when Itachi comes and cheers him up. They go home.

Chapter Five: Team Seven

Kakashi makes another appearance and evil Orochimaru's plotting something. Daddy gets mad and then plots to counter Orochimaru's plotting. He sends Kakashi off to deliver scrolls to the other Kages to plan ahead when he could kick the Snake Bastard's ass.

Meanwhile at school, they get sorted into teams and Naruto gets placed in Team Seven. Itachi is their teacher and Sasuke acts like a brat. They do the whole introducing thing and get to know each other even though Itachi LIVES with Sasuke and Naruto is practically family.

He dismisses Sakura and Sasuke and orders Naruto to fight him. Naruto lets off a bomb on top of the roof and end the chapter in a cliffhanger.

Chapter Six: A Little Out of the Ordinary

Itachi of course kicks Naruto's little butt and tells him that he's weak, etc. Discouraged, Naruto is found by Ebisu who is in fact, his personal tutor and drags him off to the hot springs.

Naruto talks all philosophical and says some sentimental crap about not taking any shortcuts and ditches Ebisu. Jiraiya makes an appearance and sets loose a mob of angry women on him.

Naruto makes his way to the team meeting spot where Itachi tells them of their team exam. There are four bells, where by the end of this exercise in order to pass you must have two bells. Therefore you have to steal each other's bell and one person will automatically fail.

Three. Two. One.

The exam starts.

Chapter Seven: Trials of a Ninja

Naruto runs around and fights a lot. He thinks that he knows what's going on, but it turns out that none of Kakashi's underneath the underneath crap applies to this and is officially screwed.

The decides to be heroic and stays behind so that Sasuke and Sakura can escape. The exam ends with Naruto tied to a log- an axe impaled onto the closest stump next to him.

Uh oh. . .

That basically sums up my story so far, right? So all you people can get the facts straight and no more confusion. I don't want a mob of people reviewing saying that something missing or I'm not doing things right. Just wait it out and see how it turns out.

You guys wouldn't like it if I give it all away in one chapter, do you? Cause there's more then one reviewer bitch'n about how nothing makes any sense and that Naruto having the Sharingan is fucked up. Well then, quit reading my story and fuck'n write your own version!

Now I have finished my rant, updates will slow down from now on. However, I am willing to finish this story to the end WITH a sequel.