Here's the first chapter of "Set Me Free" for Teen Titans. Since its so short I think of it as a Prologue.

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Set Me Free


There was a roaring sound as the blue race car smash itself into the yellow race car beside it.

The smashed car gave one final squeal and flipped onto its back with the tires still turning in the air.

In big red words, "Game Over" was splashed across the screen.

"Hey what's wrong?? That was the third time I beat you in a row!!" say Cyborg as he looked at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy placed down his controller and looked at the ground away from the robot.

Cyborg closed his eyes and sighed. "Still thinking about her??"

Beast Boy nodded.

Cyborg rise from his seat and looked at his green friend. "Well then I'll be in the kitchen if you need me."

With that he turned away and went on his way.

A swoohed sound was heard as the door open revealing a hooded Raven.

She flew over to him and sat down. "I know you miss her, we all do, but we'll find a cure sooner or later."

Beast Boy turned his head and looked at the dark eyes that were now staring at him. "But how do we know this cure even exist??"

"Don't worry, if really exist then we'll find it, promise."

He sighs.

Raven saw her friend was even sadder than ever. "Don't lose hope, Beast Boy."

"I know, but it been so long now and............"

He turned away not saying the last word.

Raven knew he couldn't get it out and she didn't blame him.

"I know this is hard for you Beast Boy but she'll come back."

Raven turned her head and stared through the titan's window at the setting sun.

Beast Boy stared at Raven. "Yeah but how do you know??"

"I know Beast Boy, don't lose hope, you didn't come all this way to lose hope now." Replyed Raven, her eyes still focused from the sun.

"I know Raven, but when do you think we'll find the cure for Terra??"

Raven sighed and looked at her green friend. "I couldn't said for sure but it could be days, months, years or even.........forever til we find the cure."

She then stood up, patted his shoulder then silently exited the room without further conversation leaving Beast Boy alone wondering in his thoughts.

He thinks about what Raven had just say. But one question still lingers his mind.

How long is forever??

End of Prologue

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