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chapter one:the woman

The time was around 1987 when lacroix walked into a bar and saw a young beautiful women sitting at a table near a corner.

She had blond hair blue eye's and was very beautiful as far as he can see. he poundered to himself "why is she sitting all alone?a beautiful woman like that should never be alone" then he walked over and introduced himself."hello,ma chere"he said.

"huh? oh im sorry hello.can I help you with something?"she asked "why yes maybe you can.you see I was wondering why a beautiful young lady like your self was sitting here a alone?"lacroix asked her.

she blushed for a moment then she said "I was just thinking thats all but thanks for your conceren"she said "well than my dear may I join you then? since both of us are here alone"asked lacroix she looked at his then smiled and said "sure why not would you like something to drink?"she asked him "no thank you. i'll just wait alchoal isn't my taste."he said with a smile "oh im sorry where are my manners? im Brenda summers bradford nice to meet you"she said and offered her hand to shake his "im Lucien lacroix"said lacroix as he took her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it.once again she blushed "I don't meet many men who have your kinda manners mr.Lacroix"said Brenda "yes iv'e notice that to"replied Lacroix.

Lacroix and Brenda talked for about 2 hours.getting to know each other Lacroix told her he was a general a one point in his life(the truth but not the truth)and Brenda told him about her divorce and her little girl staying with her father till it's settled.Then lacroix took the liberaty of telling her about his childern Nicholas and Janette(again not the whole truth).It was about 11:30pm when she got up and said "well would you,look at the time iv'e got to go.iv'e got to get up early for court." "really your going to court?" asked Lacroix "yes i have to argue for custudy of my daughter" Brenda relpied "well then,Ma chere could I walk you to your car?"asked Lacroix "sorry I didn't drive here i live just down the street across from the park"she answered. "really then may I walk you home?"He asked again "sure"she replied.

They walked down the quiet street with only the street light to light there way.As they walked they were quiet not one said anything to the other.Lacroix just thought to himself "what should I do? I think I fell for her even though I just met her tonite she has really rubbed off on me.what should i do I can drain her leaveing her dead or bring her across to be wiht me forever or maybe i should just leave her alone.well at least till iv'e gotten to know her alittle better should i try to.no!no!no! or maybe yes.should i ? yes I think i will". she looked at him and he looked at her. "welll here it is"she said "thank you for walking me home" Brenda said as she started to walk on to her property.

then lacroix grabbed her arm and said "wait I have something to give you" then he kissed her and she seemed shocked at first then she kissed him back they both started moving towards the house now.when they they got on the porch she stumbled with her keys to open the door.Then lacroix kicked the door in and picked her up and went in side closing the door behind him.then lacroix walked up the stairs kissing her still and tryed to find her room till she pointed it out to him. he just laught then closed the door behind them.

chapter two:pregnate?

The nexted morning she awoke and saw he had left,but he had left a note for her: dear Brenda im sorry I did not say good bye but I did not want to wake you so i left this note.im sorry i couldn't stay longer but i have a flight to catch to toronto if you need to contact me my phone numbers at the bottom.I hope i'lll see you again. love lucien

"what time is it?"she asked herself "10:00am! iv'e got to get ready for court"she said as she got up.she jumped into the shower and got dressed as she ran to her car and stumbled to open it.

it was11:37am when she got out of court "hopefully she can go to school here and not get in trouble this time"she said "i have a craving for meat for some reason but im a vegetarian" then she thought "no! i couldn't be,could i? but it was only one night. am i pregnate with his child.he was the only one"she started to freakout. 9 months later Brenda had a beatiful baby boy.which she named alexander eli lacroix after his father. Brenda had attempted to contact lacroix but none sucessful so she just kept it to her self for 10yrs till alex went to spend the summer with his aunt natilie lambert in toronto.