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London had changed since the last time she'd been there. Admittedly it had been a little over 10 years. She'd gone after her high school graduation and she'd loved every minute of it, especially the Forbidden Planet comic book store.

So, Emily decided that the best way to get over Dave being an ass and leaving her after 5 years of marriage was to go to England and have some fun. She took a good chunk of her vacation time from work since she'd not really had any kind of vacation ever and left.

Her internet friend from England told her to come on by and she could stay with her. She'd be happy to have her any time. So she took Deb's offer and told her when she'd be coming. They'd hit the comic stores together and watch a marathon of Red Dwarf and Doctor Who until their brains turned to mush. She'd take her to see the sights and show her how the zombies were working out.

She didn't really know if she'd enjoy the last bit. That whole thing had totally freaked her out when it had happened. Right out of a damn Romero flick. Thankfully only parts of London and its outlying areas had been affected by the radiation. But it had been a nightmare that was still being shown on TV a year after it had happened.

But leave it to people to find a way to profit off of the suffering of others. The fact that the living dead were being used as a cheap work force...that was just creepy and it made her feel like a ghoul.

Emily took a drink of the amber ale she'd ordered and looked about the small pub Deb had brought her to. Along the walls newspaper headlines that had been framed from around the globe, detailing the events of what would forever be known as Z-day. These were mixed in with older, yellowed newsprint talking about World War 1 and 2 and Vietnam.

Deb thought the stuff was fascinating, and she wanted to share with her the experience of going to an honest to god pub. So she'd picked the "Printing Press" since it was close by and had good food and booze.

"So you see, "she said gesturing around the room with her neon blue painted nails. "The place used to be an old newspaper office. The antique printing press is downstairs in the basement."

"It's really neat," Emily replied, "And they do have damn good beer."

Deb smiled and took a drink of her dark larger. "No kidding there. My boyfriend Tom works here as a bartender. So I get free drinks a lot. I'll have to introduce you when his boss leaves."

Emily laughed. That explained part of why this was one of her favorites. And why the tall, lanky guy with the red hair was staring at them as he wiped down the counter.

"So what's the plan for tonight then?" Deb asked her, pulling out a pack of smokes from her large, multi plaid purse.

Before she could reply, the bell above the door rang as it was opened. Emily's gaze was automatically drawn to it as in walked a man she'd never seen before.

He was about her age, but his eyes looked years older. They were sad and a dark color that seemed blue and gray at the same time. His eyes were what drew her. He had short blonde hair that seemed mussed up, but suited him. And a trimmed goatee that was just a shade darker. He was wearing baggy brown corduroy pants and an equally baggy tan sweater. The guy didn't look like he'd been sleeping or eating for a couple of days.

He took off his back pack and headed to an empty table towards the back corner. He sat facing out towards the front door and she could have sworn that he'd cased all the exits before he took his seat.

"Hey Deb," Emily asked shrugging towards the guy. "Who is that?"

Deb looked towards the man in tan. She blew out a stream of smoke before she replied. "Oh him." She shook her head, laughed, and took a drink of her larger. "That's our local hero. His name is Shaun."

Emily gave her a funny look. "Local hero? Then why are you laughing?"

Deb took another drag. "Because...the story goes like this: When Z-day happened, Shaun over there tries to be this big hero and goes to save his mum and girlfriend and some other blocks by holing up in this pub down the way called The Winchester. Well he totally bollacks the thing up and his mum and everyone with him but his girlfriend get off'd."

Emily's mouth fell open. "Why the hell is that funny? That's awful!"

Deb put out her cigarette. "Because dear, the guy was a loser from get go. I know him from school. He was working as an appliance salesman for god's sake. I know his ex too, and she told me the whole thing. She admitted she was bonkers for ever going along but she still cared for him at the time."

Emily looked back over at Shaun. He'd gotten his drink and was staring out at nothing as he took a sip. He looked so lost.

"So, why didn't this ex stay with him? I mean it sounds like the guy risked his life for her." She asked.

"Yeah, even Liz admitted that." Deb took a long swig this time. "Well, she tried to give it a go, but she said it just was never going to work out. Too much had happened and she'd changed, but Shaun didn't change enough. You know the routine. Anyway, Shaun over there wrote a comic book based off of Z-day. It even got turned into a game for like the PlayStation or something."

"So, this Liz left him?"

Deb nodded. "Yep, a little over six months ago, about the time..."

"Dave left me." She finished for her.

"Yeah..." Deb paused for a minute. "I think she went to Kent or something. I haven't talked to her for a while."

Emily already didn't like this Liz person. But she wasn't going to say anything since Deb was apparently friends with her. She looked back over at Shaun and her heart went out for the guy. He looked like a real sweetheart, and she'd done her share of stupid things in life too. She knew what it was like to be left alone.

She jumped when Deb touched her arm. "Hey gal, uhm...do you mind if I pop away for a bit?" She glanced over to where Tom was standing next to a door that said storage, obviously waiting for her to join him.

Emily smiled knowingly "Not at all Deb, go have some fun for me while you're at it."

"No worries there!" Deb gave her hand a squeeze as she got up from the table and made her way towards her apron wearing beau.

The pub was relatively empty, with only Shaun, two very old men sitting at the actual bar, and her inside.

Emily thought a moment and then, picked up her glass and headed over to the back of the pub.

Shaun didn't even glance her way as she came to stop next to his table. "Excuse me?" She said softly.

He actually jumped at the sound so close to him and looked up at her with those sad eyes. "Yes?" His voice was almost whisper quiet, as though he hadn't spoken to anyone in a while.

"Could I join you?" She gave him a smile.

He looked at her like she was crazy. And then suspicion washed over his face. "Why?"

"Well, my friend is now bumping nasty with her guy in the storage room and you looked like you could use someone to talk to. Also, I don't trust being left alone with the two guys on the stools over there."

Shaun glanced over at Bernard and Hugh. "Those two I assure you will not be bothering you. In fact...I should be the one worried about being left alone with them."

Emily laughed at the thought, looking at the two men and noticing how smartly dressed they were, and the fact they were holding hands. Shaun looked up at her again and noticed how nice her laugh was. Full and real, nothing faked about it.

She turned sky blue eyes back to him. They twinkled in the light from the lamp hanging above the table. "So I guess that means you need protection then. So can I take a seat?"

Not really knowing why she'd even want to be seen with him, he decided to just acquiesce and let the American have her way. "Feel free." He gestured to one of the wooden chairs next to him.

Emily sat down and Shaun immediately went back to staring off into space. Now that she'd started this, she didn't really know where to begin. "So I hear all your loved ones became zombie food." Didn't really sound like a way to get off on the right foot.

She decided that giving him her name would be a good idea. She held out her hand to him. "My name's Emily."

He looked at her hand and then shook it. Her fingers were warm against his. "Shaun." His voice sounded resigned.

"So Shaun, what brings you here tonight?" God I sound so lame, she thought to herself.

He held up his glass in answer of her question. "My life's new ambition is to drink until my liver tears itself away from my body and beats me to death."

Emily lifted her eyebrows at that. "Everyone has to have some kind of goal." She replied.

Since she was apparently sticking around, Shaun decided to go ahead and chat. He didn't have anything else to do and no one really waiting for him at home. "Really, so what's yours then?"

She pondered that for a moment, and took a drink. "I don't really know now. I used to, but my ex really fucked that up."

Her bluntness got to him, and he nearly choked on his ale. "Wha...(cough) what did he do?"

Emily saw a pack of smokes sticking out of his backpack. David had made her swear never to smoke along with putting a stop to eating what she wanted to and a few other things that really pissed her off the more she thought about it. "Can I have one of those?"

Shaun grabbed two out of the pack and handed her one, lighting it for her first and then his own. As she inhaled he looked over at her left had. There was the undeniable sign of were a wedding band used to be.

Emily let the nicotine do its thing for a few seconds before replying to his question. "Well, besides the fact that he destroyed what little self esteem I had before I married him, he screwed one of his fellow bankers on our kitchen table while I was at a comic book convention."

Shaun's mouth fell open. What did you really say to that? "Did he use Lysol on it after he was done?" Didn't really sound like a good way to go.

"So anyway..." She continued on, draining the last of her ale. "I found out about them and it was the last straw. He was more than willing to leave since apparently this blonde was his real soul mate, or some crap." Emily felt tears starting to sting the corners of her eyes. She'd thought she was over this...no more wasting tears on the bastard, no more crying into her pillow at night.

She didn't even know this Shaun guy and she was pouring her heart out to him. Wasn't this a little too personal for a guy she'd known for a little over five minutes? Oh who cared? The truth was, she needed to talk to someone too, to get the last of it out of her, to purge the pain and be done with it.

She kept talking. "The thing is, I left behind what I really wanted to do for this guy, and that's how he paid me back...I left my dream because it embarrassed him..." That did it. The tears started rolling down her cheeks. "Oh my god I'm a loser."

Shaun hated seeing women cry. He absolutely hated it. And even though this girl was just a little less than a total stranger, it bothered him to no end to see her cry like this. In fact, if this ex of hers had been in the room with him he'd probably have to smash his face in with a beer bottle.

He patted her hand. "Hey hang on there...Your not the loser as far as I can see it. You got rid of the prat...You didn't need him."

Emily looked up at him and her eyes were glossy with tears. Shaun knew all about the emotions she was feeling. The rejection and the hurt, the loneliness and wondering about what else you could have done to make it work.

Her eyes were so sad. "The truth is he didn't need me." She said softly.

Shaun felt his heart break even more then it already was at those few words. He took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Don't ever think that Emily. Not for a second. The guys a fucking bastard, and you're better off."

He turned towards the bar, where Tom's co worker was drying glasses. "Two more of these." He told the barman, who nodded and went to the tap.

He turned back to the girl and handed her a napkin. "Dry your eyes pickle. I'll be right back."

As Shaun went up to the bar he wondered what he was doing. Maybe it was because he could relate, maybe it was kindred spirits running into each other. Or maybe seeing someone in equal or greater misery than himself made it easier to deal with his own. Either way he felt the need to at least be there to listen, because no one had been there for him.

He grabbed the two lagers and headed back to the table. Emily sat there, head in hands. He placed one of the glasses in front of her and took his seat. "Try that." He told her.

She took a sip and grimaced at the bitterness. "You'll get used to it. Trust me." He said giving her a rare smile.

"It's like eating raw coffee beans mixed with diet coke." Emily licked the foam from her upper lip.

Her eyes were a little red rimmed, but she wasn't crying anymore. That was a good thing.

"You must think I'm a total nut job." She brushed a lock of red hair behind her ear.

"Nah...well...nah..." Shaun shook his head and took a drink of his own beer. "I can relate is all."

"So what happened to you?" She asked at last, wanting to see if she could get the real story out of him.

He hesitated, wondering if he had the energy to even go through it in his head again. He'd cried and cried until he couldn't anymore. Nightmares on and off for the better part of a year, then the day they came and took Ed would always be etched in his mind.

The big dead lummox had actually moaned out his name in an eerie "Shaaaa..nnn"as they loaded him on the truck. He hadn't even been dangerous. Shaun had actually got him tame. But someone had to have seen him in the shed or something and called the brigade. In one sad little corner of his head he suspected Liz might have even called it in herself.

He'd been so depressed after that mess he'd really needed Liz. But she'd said that it was for the best. There was no telling what could have happened with him being back there. And then she'd say it was best not to live in the past. Which in hindsight made him laugh all the more because one of her reasons for leaving was too much had happened. Wouldn't that constitute living in the past?

Shaun realized he'd been holding on to it for a long, long time. He decided why not share with a person who hadn't been there, see what her look was on it. What the hell? So he took a large swallow of his beer and looked over at the girl who had the bluest eyes he'd ever seen and a great laugh and began his story.

Emily had seen Deb come out of the storage room looking rumpled and smiling a while ago.

She'd glanced over and saw her talking to Shaun and her mouth fell open. Deciding it would be best just to head back to her flat and let her friend have her time with the loser, she left a note at the bar telling Emily that she'd leave the key under the mat and that she'd be going out with Tom later. If she wanted to join them, she also left the name of the club. With that she left, a semi-horrified look on her face that Emily would actually be talking to the guy.

It was three pints later when Shaun actually finished his story, ending it with the final break-up with Liz. Both he and Emily were good and buzzed, and the booze helped him deal a bit with all memories talking about Z-day drudged up.

When he was done Emily looked at him and simply said "Jesus fucking Christ."

Shaun shrugged. What could you really say about a story like his?

"Well...that makes my sob story seem pretty lame ass." She took another drag from her cigarette. They'd just about finished his pack.

"I may have some pretty crazy shit in my life, but that doesn't mean it was right what your ex did to you. It doesn't diminish it you know." Shaun drank down the last of his pint. "Hang on ...did you say you were at a comic convention when he...?"

Emily nodded. "Yeah...I finally got to go to the San Diego Comicon. It was so amazing it almost made up for the fact he was messing around on me."

Shaun perked up. "I've always wanted to go to that too. You know they had Halle Berry there one year?"

She shuddered. "Yeah promoting Catwoman of all things."

He nodded, "I think I actually blocked that movie from my mind."

"Everyone should."

Shaun reached into his back pack and pulled out a comic sleeved in clear plastic. "Well, this ones mine. Writing this actually helped me some. And the money wasn't bad either." He handed it over to her.

On the cover was a picture of a slightly buffer Shaun, some kind of weapon in hand. Next to him a large, burly zombie was apparently fighting along with him against an encroaching horde of the undead. That had to be Ed. She smiled at the image. He must have really loved his friend.

"Can I open it?" She asked. He nodded, actually feeling nervous at what she would think. Even though it had sold really well, he wanted her to like it.

Inside was the story as she guessed Shaun would have wanted it to play out. He was in command of the situation, taking down zombie's right and left. Even though his buddy was bitten and changed, their bond of friendship kept them loyal to one another. Ed fought with Shaun and saved his mum and step-father from the hordes. And Liz, who was a beautiful blonde, was in love with him. He saved her life and the lives of her friends and they all made it out to the shelters in the end, so the army could clean up the mess.

It was really good and she liked the artwork by some guy named Tim. She looked over at Shaun who seemed a bit nervous. "This is awesome Shaun. Are you doing anymore?"

He shook his head. "I don't think so...I'm just not...I don't think so."

Emily could understand that answer. There was no happy ending in his life. The girl didn't stay with the hero and so he was a bit broken.

"It's funny though." She said touching the cover. "This was my dream."

Shaun gave her a look. "What was?"

"Writing comics, that's what I wanted to do." She handed the comic back to him after putting it in its sleeve. "I've never been that great with drawing, but I could always write out a good story once in awhile."

As he put the comic back in his bag, Shaun turned back to her, "And your ex was ashamed of that!"

"He thought it was childish. He was trying to make it in this world of finance and there was no room for things like that. His wife was supposed to be respectable." Her voice grew tight on the words and she took another drink.

"What a twat." That pretty much summed up his feelings about this guy. "If you don't mind me asking, what made you take up with him in the first place?"

She laughed shaking her head. "Before he became Mr. Corporate he wasn't a bad guy. I guess it was the fact he paid some attention to me. No one had really done that. So I latched on I suppose. I guess I never really knew him."

"His loss." Shaun said the words to himself, but she heard it.

Emily gave him a smile. "Thanks Shaun."

He gave her one back, and it actually felt good. "You're welcome Em."

"The same goes for you. You're a great guy Shaun...don't let anyone ever tell you different. Fuck em all." She held up her nearly empty glass and Shaun, laughing, followed suit and lifted his now drained glass above his head. They clinked them together shouting in unison "Fuck em!"

Emily drank down the last of her bitter larger. Damn him, but she did like it now for some twisted masochistic reason. She happened to glance at her watch and saw that they had been at the table for nearly four hours. "Oh lord...it's almost eleven o'clock."

Shaun lifted his brows in surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah...Deb's probably going to kill me." She looked around for her bag.

Shaun felt that dark cloud that he'd came in with roll back in full force. "Oh...I guess you'll be leaving then?" He said, his voice low.

Just then the older barman came up to their table. "Excuse me Miss. As it looks like your getting ready to leave, your friend left this for ya." He handed her the pink piece of paper Deb had left her note on.

"Oh thanks!" She took it and quickly read it. "She's gone out with Tom to a club."

Shaun nodded, already thinking about the empty flat he had to go home to.

"Say, do you want to go?" She looked over at him, giving him a winning smile.

He looked like a deer in headlights. Go out to a club? How long had it been since he'd done that?

"Uh...uhm..." He stammered, her eyes caught him and he couldn't help but say, "Why not?"

"Great! I have to tell you I have never gone to a club in this country before...so I'll probably embarrass the hell out of you" She said as she tried to stand up. Shaun was picking up his bag as he saw her waver and then almost fall back down. He grabbed her arm to steady her. "Whoa..." she said grabbing hold of the table.

"I should have warned you about that. If you're not used to it, it pretty well kicks your ass." He put his arm around her waist to support her. "You okay?"

She glanced up and gave him a goofy grin. "Yeppers I'm fine. Just a little buzzed."

"A little...nice try." He held onto her just in case her "little" buzz caused her to break her neck. "So what club are they at?"

"Some place called Drama, do you know it?" They were out on the cracked sidewalk now, the night air chilly and damp. A low fog had swept in making the neighborhood look haunted.

Shaun nodded. He and Liz would go there sometimes. They usually had a decent DJ on hand. He actually was looking forward to going, which surprised him. He knew Liz wouldn't be there now, so he wouldn't have to worry about that meeting. "It's a good club, a lot of electro and old school."

He led them down the street and Emily enjoyed the feel of his arm around her. She noticed he kept it there even after she'd gotten the ability to walk straight back. They talked music and this and that until they came to the entrance of Drama!

There was a bit of a line and they took a spot at the end. The thumping of bass and synth leaked out on the street and Emily felt slightly under dressed for the place in her jeans, black Ramones t-shirt and pull over. In front of them it looked like a line for the rave rollercoaster at Disneyland. Neon glowing jewelry lit the dark street.

"Jeesh...Will they even let us in since we don't look like we just came from Chernobyl?" She asked him.

He patted her shoulder. "No worries, they aren't too picky about that. Besides, your cute, you have that going for you."

She blushed, and in her slightly drunken stupor touched his chin, giving his beard a light scratch. "You're not so bad yourself, ye of the golden goatee of power."

Shaun rolled his eyes, but couldn't help laughing. "You are so pissed."

"Fucking A." She replied.

They made it in, Shaun paying much to her indignation. "You got the drinks at the pub!" She told him punching his arm.

"Don't worry about it." He told her handing their coats and bags to the check girl and taking the ticket.

When they got inside, Shaun realized that they had done some remodeling, much to his dismay. Hanging from the ceiling were two dance cages, inside each was a female zombie. They were actually dancing, well sort of. Emily was as creeped out as he was.

"Jesus that's just...not right." She said.

"No kidding." He replied. "Let's go and see if we can't find your friend."

With his eyes on the zombies hanging above him they made their way across the crowded dance floor.

Emily looked around for Deb and Tom. She eventually found them at a table towards the back. She waved and Deb returned it, her eyes on Shaun.

When they got to the table Tom greeted Shaun with a handshake. They apparently knew each other from the pub. Deb gave him the once over. "Hello Shaun."

Shaun knew her from somewhere. And then it dawned on him. "Deborah Foreman?" He said aloud.

She smiled. "That's right. Graduated 93 with ya."

Shaun slumped down in his chair. Liz was friends with this woman. At least they used to be. That was just great...God did he have to leave the country now?

Emily sat next to Shaun, her foot thumping the floor in time with the loud music that surrounded them. "This is pretty cool." She said, nearly having to yell.

Deb smiled. "Yah, it's a bit alright. Tom's trying to get on here since the pub's a little boring."

Tom was looking out across the floor, his large eyes glassy. He was on something a bit stronger than booze, Emily could tell.

"Let's go and dance love." Deb said grabbing his long fingered hand and pulling him out of his chair. "You two gonna join us?" She asked them.

"Maybe." Emily replied, noticing Shaun had grown quiet.

Deb and Tom left them and Emily poked him on the shoulder.

He turned to face her. "Yeah?"

"You okay? If you want to leave we can." She told him. She knew having those dead girls hanging above them was probably causing him some freak out.

"No, no. That's okay, I'm fine. Just a little weird that's all." He sat back in his chair. "She's friends with Liz." He said with a resigned sigh.

"Oh..." Emily could have slapped herself on the head. She forgot about that, and her dumbass hadn't even thought that Shaun might know her too.

He changed the subject. He had decided as he watched Tom and Deb walking out on the dance floor that he was going to have fun. He was not going to ponder on the past and think about Liz or anything else. He was going to enjoy being in the company of nice girl and that was that. "So, how long before you think you'll be able to dance without risk to your health?"

Emily looked at him surprised, and then tried to ascertain her own blood alcohol level. "Uhm...good question."

He grinned at her and stood up, offering her a hand. "I'll just have to hold tight then won't I?"

She smiled up at him and placed her hand in his. "Guess I'll just have to trust you." She said.

They made their way out on the floor and danced along. She laughed as she almost fell a couple times, but Shaun always caught her. About half way through the 3rd song she moved up close to him, raising her voice to be heard above the noise. "I must look like the biggest idiot out here."

He laughed, "No not quite." And pointed over to where a lanky tall guy with a head of multi colored hair and an earring with a chain attaching it to his nose ring was slamming against a wall repeatedly.

"Oh that looks like fun, why aren't we doing that?" She laughed and then bounced back into the beat.

It was almost 2 am when the club starting getting a bit emptier. The music was still pumping and Shaun and Emily were still out on the floor after a break for some bottled water.

They had gotten separated at one point, and Shaun had fought through the crowd looking for her in the still packed mass of bodies. He found her trying to fend off a bloke in a leather jacket and pants, who was trying cope a feel of her backside.

"Hey mate, move along." He said as he came up along side of them.

The guy was a weasely looking sort and as he turned his beady eyes on Shaun he laughed. "What are you about blondie, get lost."

Shaun narrowed his eyes. He'd seen a lot worse than this loser. "I said move along. She's with me." His voice grew deeper and so did his eyes. Emily couldn't believe the change, but she had to admit she liked it.

"Yeah, get lost. I told you I wasn't interested." She pushed the creeps arm away from her.

"I didn't ask you bitch." The guy said.

That did it. Shaun reared back his arm and punched the guy square in the jaw. He dropped like a stone. "Ow!" He said shaking his fingers as the pain radiated up his arm. "Boney little bastard."

Emily moved to his side, her eyes wide. "Wow...good shot."

"Thanks." He replied giving the now unconscious prick a glare.

She took hold of his hand and looked at his knuckles that were turning red. "Are you okay?" Emily rubbed her thumb along them gently.

Shaun got a tingle up his arm that had nothing to do with the punch he'd landed. "Yeah, but we should probably move to the other side of the floor."

"Good idea."

They went back to where they had started dancing, sitting on the raised floor where the tables were. The music switched tempo to a song that Emily actually recognized. A slow, almost lullaby called "Rock Me Gently" by Erasure. She smiled. "I love this song."

Shaun looked around and saw that half the floor had cleared off and most of the people who were left were couples now dancing close and slow. He looked over at Emily who was gazing out at the floor. Her eyes were far away, and he wondered if David had ever danced to this song with her. He doubted the prat had ever danced with her period, come to think of it.

He glanced over into the mirrored glass along the wall and tweaked his hair into a semblance of mussy order and stood up. He held out a hand to her and gave her a smile. "Shall we?" He asked.

Emily broke out of the semi trance she'd been in. Memories were a bad bad thing. She looked up into the eyes of her companion and she was brought back to herself. "Yes I think we shall." She replied and took his hand.

The song was slow and beautiful and the lyrics fit the mood they were both in. Emily rested her head on his shoulder and Shaun held her close, closing his eyes and just moving along with her. This near to her, he could smell the scent of roses that clung to her hair.

After a few moments she spoke "Shaun..." her warm breath tickling along his neck.

"Mmm?" He murmured in response.

She lifted her head away and looked into his big dark blue eyes. "Thank you." She said softly.

Shaun knew that this was the chance. This was that opportunity to either stay a friend to this girl or go that extra step and become something more. This was the crossroad. His heart was so sick of being shit on by the world that it was trying to jump from his chest and run. But there was that part of him that felt deep inside that she wouldn't hurt him. That she knew what it was like. He also knew that this had been one of the best nights of his life, or at least for the last year or so.

So Shaun made a decision and went with it. He took hold of her chin and leaned down and kissed her. He kissed her like there was no tomorrow and she didn't pull away or hit him, for which he was thankful. In fact she kissed him back with a full on fury of her own.

When they broke away, he whispered against her ear "Your welcome." They resumed dancing, holding each other a little tighter than before.

Deb saw the exchange and shook her head. "She just attracts them I suppose."

Tom snorted up a tiny spoon of white powder and looked over at her with wide pupils. "Wha?"

Deb took a drag off of her cigarette. "Losers Tom, she attracts losers."

Shaun was happy as they swayed to the final chords of the song. He actually was happy. Nothing could ruin this night at least. Nothing could. He wondered if Emily would like to come back to his place for a cup of tea, and as the song ended he leaned down and asked her.

She nodded yes and Shaun went to get their stuff.

Emily headed over to where Deb sat and told her where she was going. Tom was laughing strangely and looking really weird. Her friend gave her a hug and told her to enjoy herself, and that the key would be under the mat if the came home that night.

She wanted to get away from Tom because he was wierding her out, and for that matter so was Deb. Her eyes were pupils were huge and creepy as were her boyfriends. She hurried off to Shaun who was waiting with her coat slung over his arm.

"Ready?" He asked her as he helped her on with her jacket.

"Yeah, let's run away."

They walked out onto the sidewalk and Shaun put an arm around her shoulders. It was dark and colder than before. The fog was thicker and Emily cuddled up closer to him for warmth. He didn't mind a bit and kept thinking how maybe for once everything was going to be okay.

Shaun had no idea.