Update, update, update! I've been neglecting my Shaunie. Yes I know. I shall be more attentive to him in the future (cuddles the Shaun.) This chapter is slightly short, but I will update more soon. I want to dedicate this chapter to the wonderful and soon to be closed Shaun Squad Board. It was an amazing time and I thank my lucky stars I joined it. Love to all my friends I have made on the board, and love to Simon Pegg who was sweet enough to actually join us on it from time to time.

It took every ounce of will Shaun had not to flip the shotgun up and aim it at the center of the doors as they opened onto their floor. Freaking out a friendly secretary or worse yet a security guard would just not do. So, when the doors did open onto an empty reception area with nary a zombie in sight, he let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Cautiously he held up a hand, blocking Emily from walking out, and peered left and then right on either side of the doors. "It's clear, come on." He said softly.

They made their way out onto the eerily silent floor. Emily thought this place should have had at least some kind of activity. The quiet worried her.

"Do you know anything at all about her office?" Shaun asked her.

"Not really," she replied, "I only know her boss's name."

Suddenly a woman in a grey dress, two pencils sticking out of her hair came round the corner, causing both of them to jump and causing her to drop the files she'd been carrying.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" She said in a harried voice. "Didn't see you there."

Shaun, who at that moment had felt his heart go into his throat decided to start breathing again. "No worries. Didn't see you either." He replied.

Emily pried his fingers from around her arm and bent down to help pick up the pile. "Here let me get that for you." She said with a smile.

"Thanks so much." The girl said. "I'm on a deadline and if I don't get this turned in Lon's liable to chew me up and spit me out."

Emily turned wide eyes to Shaun whose eyes seemed even wider.

"Lon Barry?" She asked the girl.

"Yeah, you know him?"

"I know of him." She replied. "My friend works for him, her names Debbie."

"You know Deb?" The girl said smiling, standing up clutching the now gathered folders. "She's great. We talk every so often comparing stories about what a monster he is."

Emily swallowed down the knot forming in her throat. "Yeah, so I've heard." She gave a nervous laugh. "Uhm, she actually asked me to come by and pick up some work for her. She's real sick, but said she needed to get this done or she'd be as good as dead." After he words left her mouth she winced. Shaun trying not to groan merely shook his head as he kept look out.

"Oh that's too bad." The girl gestured for them to follow her. "Let me show you where she sits and then I have to get going on this baby."

The girl eventually introduced herself as Amy. While they walked, Amy told them that they were running with a skeleton crew for the week since most everyone was out on vacation or on assignment. Shaun and Em noticed that there were in fact a few people spread out in the nearly empty cubicle space. It reminded Emily of some kind of weird Dilbert form of purgatory.

Amy led them to an area with some enclosed small offices. In front of these were some cubicles. The one to the far right was Deb's.

"Here you go." Amy said with a smile.

"Hey, uhm, Amy…" Shaun said quickly, stopping her. "You haven't seen your boss lately have you?"

Amy looked at him thoughtfully for moment. "No not yet. He's usually out in the field though."

"You haven't seen him in his office?"

"No but I haven't looked yet either. I want to get this article complete before I have to face him today. His is the one right there." She pointed to one of the closed doors behind Deb's cube. "Deb got the honor of being right next to him. She SO loves that." She gave a wave. "See ya." And then she scampered off.

"Well, I guess that was convenient." Emily said letting out a breath.

"Very helpful girl." Shaun nodded and then glanced around the cubicle. "So what should we be looking for?"

"I'm not sure," Emily started peering around the file folders scattered along Deb's desk. "I guess we'll know when we find it."

"Vague but true." Shaun's voice was muffled as he was searching under the desk for anything useful.

Em started looking in the file cabinet behind Deb's cube when something caught her eye on the floor next to Lon's door. Eyes narrowing she headed over and picked it up. Her mouth fell open at the scene of two zombies fighting over what appeared to be a chunk of meat. They were behind bars, in a sort of cage. And it looked like there was another set of the sad creatures locked up next to them. It looked filthy and disgusting, even in the black and white of the photo.

"Shaun…I think I found what we are looking for." Her voice came out funny, even to her own ears.

"You did? What is it?" Shaun stood up to quickly and knocked his head on the metal desk. "OW...jeez." He walked over to her, rubbing his now tender cranium. When she handed over the picture to him, he forgot about the pain. "Holy Mary…where are these from?"

"I don't know." Em said, noticing the way he'd gone pale at the sight. "I found this laying here on the floor."

Suddenly a hand slammed into the frosted glass wall next to where they stood. They both jumped, letting out yelps of surprise, Emily grabbing hold of Shaun's arm. The hand slid slowly along the glass, as if trying to claw its way outside. The faintest sound of a moan could be heard through the wall.

"Well…" Shaun said, swallowing hard. "I think we've found Lon."