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Summary: Snape had turned back to his old teenaged self? But due to Dumbledore's orders, not to cause any worry among the students, he forced to change his appearance and attiude and be sorted, maybe possibly into another house? He begins to also notice a girl with wavy golden hair named Hermione whose perfect for him. HGSS fanfict!

The first chapter's a little corny.

A Teenaged Snape?

Oh shit! That was the only phrase to discribe what Severus Snape was going through. Just two hours ago Lord Voldemort had found out his spy work for the Order, had hexed him with several curses that resulted in him turning back the clock in his age, and had to escape Lord Voldermort's dungeon and get back to Hogworts. At this moment he sat in the office of Albus Dumbledore waiting for the man to enter the office. It was the middle of the night nearing reaching morning, who would expect the Headmaster to be waiting for him. A tired, but cheerful looking, Dumbledore came through the door office. Snape looked up at him, he looked back at him.

"I didn't know Severus had a son," said Dumbledore jokingly as he sat down in the chair opposite of Snape. The teenaged Snape gave Dumbledore his infamous glare. The Headmaster just gave him a half smile. Snape still looked like himself, as he had his entire life, but now he was more lankery and a younger looking version. His clothes were a bit loose, but not by much since Snape hadn't gained much weight since his teenaged years.

"Headmaster..." said Snape as he looked down in shame, "I have some bad news. I have been found out by the Dark Lord. It seems that news has slipped out from some unknown source." This was definetly not good news for Dumbledore, who now had a look of concern on his face, but he already knew that his spy was going to be found out sooner or later. Dumbledore leaned back in his chair pondering a bit.

"Severus how did you get back to Hogworts and what happened to you?" asked the Headmaster curiously.

"Well, I escaped from one his dungeons he put me in by having to stretch very uncomfortably to get my hands in the correct position to apparate. Before I had been in the dungeon, when he had found me out, he was furious and hexed me with several combinations of spells and curses that resulted in me turning back to my 17 slash 18 year old self," said Snape, as Albus listen intently. There was a brief moment of silence after Snape had finished, before Dumbledore let out a sigh and stood up walking over to the lit fire place.

"I afraid to say that I am 100 percent sure that Lord Voldemort will come after you Severus," said Dumbledore as he let out another sigh, "Did you find out anything else before?" Snape searched his memory before he realized he had forgotten something.

"Headmaster!" he exclaimed as he jumped from his chair, "They're after Miss Granger!" Albus seemed shock to hear this.

"But why?" asked Albus rather confused.

"Because they wish to lure Potter so they can kill him!" exclaimed Severus, "we must inform her now!" Dumbledore reached for the floo powder to tell Minerva to owl Miss Granger, but his hand suddenly stopped. He turned around to face a confused Severus.

"Why did you stop?" asked the confused Severus.

"We have to do something about you first," said Dumbledore looking rather serious. He walked over to Snape.

"First we must change your appearance," said Dumbledore as Snape gave him a puzzled look, "if Lord Voldemort recognizes you, you will be dead by tommorrow and we can't have any of the studnets recognizing you, they might get paranoid as why you are in your current state. That means you'll have to pretty much change your detectable attitude and of course you must be sorted into a house."

"Why must I be sorted into a new house," asked Severus rather bewildered, "I'm head of Slytherin after all." Dumbledore gave him a serious look.

"I need you to be sorted into Gryffindor," said Dumbledore. Snape nearly died when he heard this. Him in Gryffindor, but why? He was the exact opposite of being a Gryffindor! Albus caught on to his dazed stare. "I need you to be close to Ms. Granger to protect her in case anything happens. Since I have chosen her to be Head Girl for her last year here, I will have to choose you for Head Boy. After all you are going to be the smartest student in the class. I guess I'll have to knock Mr. Longbottom from the list."

"You chose Longbottom?" asked Severus absolutely dump struck.

"Why yes," said Dumbledore, "he's a charming young fellow, very skilled in Herbology. Okay now were getting off the subject, we must change your looks." Snape had a nervous look on his face, as Dumbledore pulled out his wand.

"ReadY?" said Dumbledore pointing his wand at him. Severus nodded looking terrified. "Okay let's give you a modern day hair cut, how about a hair cut like this Muggle actor named Brad Pitt...I think." Immediantly, Snape's long hair changed into a hair cut that spiked up and was blonde!

"Ummm..." said Snape looking at a mirror Dumbledore handed him, "I think I's rather keep my old hair color at least."'

"But I think blonde looks lovely for you, but if you insist," Dumbledore gave his wand a wave, and the spiky soon turned into a black version of the actor's hair cut. Snape but his hand through it, crisp and good looking, he liked it.

"Now for your tan," said Dumbledore. Snape looked up from the mirror.

"What's wrong with my tan?" asked Snape unsure if he had been insulted.

"It's just that you still look to much like yourself still," said Dumbledore calmly, "Okay let's test a couple of tans till we get the right color." Snape turned a variation of color from orange to even blue!

"Sorry," said Dumbledore as he still held out wand to get the right mixture, "tanning is quite hard to get right."

After Snape had turned a varity of colors, Dumbledore soon found the right one, a creamy light peach color. Snape looked at himself once more in the mirror. He actually like his different appearance, he had never looked this good.

"Wicked," he said as he felt his face to make sure this was real. He looked completely different, yet still the same with his nose thatlooked much better for some reason. Wait had he just said the word "wicked"?

"I think you have some of the instincts of a teenager as well, " he said rather amused, "now about a new wardrobe of cloths." With another swish of his wand, Snape's black victorian suit and robe changed into a pair of baggy jeans with a black T-shirt just to leave him with some sense of his old self.

"Nice touch Headmaster," said Snape exaimining his clothes, "where did you get this muggle style."

"I passed a couple of teenaged boys on my vacation in Hawii," said Dumbledore smiling from Snape's odd approval, "Okay since school is about to begin next week, I think we will have to get her here safe sooner."

"How are we going to do that?" asked Snape.

"You're going to bring her here," said Dumbledore, "today as a matter of fact."

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