A Teenaged Snape?

Severus wakes up first from their night together and realizes that he should have never taken advantage of Hermione. He then he gives her one last kiss on the forehead and also leaves a note saying that he was sorry. He then decides to leave to go to Diagon Alley to clear his mind and figure out what he say to her the next time he saw her. His decision is to tell her the truth that he is her Potion's Master. Sev never gets the chance however, because he is captured by Death Eaters. He is then taken to Voldemort, who reveals that they have also captured Hermione, who was looking for him. They then enforce curses and physical attacks upon him.

They are then used as bait and put into a dungeon cell in Lucius Malfoy's home. Hermione then askes Severus if he's okay and asks why he left. He is about to tell her the truth when Eric and Charlotte suddenly enter and take off their glamours. They are actually Lucius Malfoy and another female Death Eater. They deliever the news that Dumbledore has been given the message of their capture and that he has forty-eight hours to hand himself over in return for them. They also change Severus back into his older self, shocking Hermione.

After Hermione and Severus are left alone once more, Hermione accuses Severus of lying to her and he tries to explain to her, but she ignores him. Hermione begins to cry and Severus tries to comfort her. However, she is still angry with him and rejects him. They sleep on the cold ground on opposite corners. In the middle of the night, the former Head Boy wakes up to find the Head Girl shivering and despite her protests, wraps them both in his school robes.

They are awaken a few hours later in each others' arms. After Severus is finally able to explain everything, Hermione forgives him and tells him that he had fallen in love with him and it does not matter what he looks like. He is still the same Severus Snape she knows and loves. She is only angry that he had kept this from her for so long.

They begin to talk to each other face to face with all truths and found out much more than they ever knew about each other. A few hours later they are more in love then they were ever before.

The next day, all extensions of the Order, including the foreign, arrive to wage the war of the century. The Order of 350 wizards and witches come with dragons, brooms, centurs, giants, and just about any creature that would side with them comes. The Death Eaters of a number of 275 have the help of the Dementors, vampires, and werewolves.

Hermione and Severus are left in the cell for the greater part of the battle. They are only left with themselves and their worries for the saftey of their friends and family. Finally, Ginny comes to retrieve them and gives them their wands. She too is shocked to learn Severus's identity.

They arrive wands ready to help Harry defeat Voldemort. They are successful only due to the fact that Harry had Ron, Hermione, and Severus to protect them.

Mr. and Mrs. Snape we're then married six months later.

Thank you everyone for reviewing and encouraging me, but I cannot do this any longer; it just adds to the stress I am under. I have things I need to get concentrated in life that does not permit me to finish this story. I'll will just summarize what would have happened in the final five to eight chapters. Thank you once more and Goodbye.