Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Been Mind-Crushed!

"She's dead, Yami."

Eyes wide, Yami shook his head vigorously. "No, no, just…unconscious," he denied weakly.

Scowling at his koi, Yugi said, "She's not breathing, baka."

"I didn't mean to…" Yami sputtered.

"I know you didn't mean to, Yami, but that doesn't change the fact that she's fallen, and she won't be getting up," Yugi complained.

"She started it!" Yami defended himself.

Sighing, Yugi rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying to stave off the incipient headache he could feel building behind his eyes. "What are we going to tell Mom and Grandpa when they get back?"

Yami shrugged unconcernedly. "That she just keeled over."

Yugi glared.

"What?" Yami defended himself. "She was old, it could've happened."

Yugi glared. "Not that old; she was forty-three. That may have been old in ancient Egypt, but not in modern Japan."

Yami huffed.

"And anyway, we wouldn't have this problem if you hadn't Mind-Crushed her," Yugi continued.

"Who did she think she was?" Yami demanded.

"The babysitter Mom and Grandpa hired to watch over us while they were gone for the week," Yugi replied. "And you didn't have to Mind-Crush her just for telling you to take a bath."

Yami huffed. "I don't need to take a bath – I'm a spirit, for Ra's sake!"

A sly look overtaking his face, Yugi said, "True, but she didn't know that. And she also didn't know that we weren't related."

Yami raised a quizzical brow.

A grin lurking on his lips, Yugi elaborated, "She was treating us like we were little kids – and little kids who are related often bathe together, especially in Japan."

Comprehension dawned on Yami's face. "You mean…"

"That if we were quiet, we could have taken a bath together," Yugi finished for his lover.

Yami nodded.

"Yes," Yugi replied, before a frown turned down his lips and he revealed what he'd been thinking all along. "Unfortunately, now that she's dead, we'll have to figure out something to do with her instead of having some squeaky-clean fun." He glared at his koi.

Yami's face fell. Maybe he should rethink his policy of having Shadow Games with everyone who annoyed him…

He'd definitely get more sex, since Yugi would be in a better mood and thus more amenable to seduction.

And they'd never have to deal with this again.

"But I have no idea what we're going to tell Mom," Yugi was saying when Yami roused himself from his thoughts. "We can't tell her…"

"…how the babysitter died?" Yami asked.

Yugi sighed. "Exactly. Not that it'll do much good – she's smart enough to figure out what really happened."

Reluctantly nodding, Yami made a face. He'd definitely have to quit challenging people who annoyed him to Shadow Games.

Maybe he could arm-wrestle them instead.

"We should just try and think of a way to completely sidestep telling her and Grandpa that she died," Yugi continued, obviously hard at work thinking of an explanation.

"Well, we have a whole six days before they come back, aibou," Yami pointed out. "Six days to figure out what to tell them."

"Right," Yugi agreed, nodding tiredly. "Just remember: don't tell Mom…"

"…the babysitter's dead," Yami finished.