Revenge, Pain and Regret

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"Why won't you date me Grim?" a redhead asked Grim as he sharpened his scythe, "you know that Eris will never love you," she pointed out, "why continue to make a play for her while you have someone who loves you like me?" she asked softly.

"Firstly you look nearly as pale as a person who's scared to death," Grim said coldly, "secondly you Dementia Demented gave up your immortality because you grew to hate all special beings," he listed, "and thirdly because frankly I don't want to date a crazy person."

"CRAZY! CRAZY!" Dementia cried angrily, "I'm spirit of Demented," she told him, "not some loon from the loony bin!"

"Human," Grim corrected, "you decided to become human but still hold your post," he reminded her, "you rejected our kind and all the gifts that came with it because you thought we treated humans too lowly," he stated, "so just think of me treating you just like the lowly humans you love so much and want to protect," he said snidely.

"What could I do to reach your heart Grim?" Dementia pleaded, "what could I do to possibly atone what you think I've done?"

Grim looked up at her with emotionless yet eyeless sockets. He saw her pale and bony figure from her struggles to carry out her duties in a mortal body, her once beautiful white dress torn at different places, bare feet which were covered by pale veins, her red hair nearly reaching her ankles and intertwined with vines that twisted with her hair as if they were strands of hair as well, the dark circles that once used to only be under her eyes now surround them and her bright green eyes which could twist in any direction which helped her look even more freaky and live up to her job and name.

"Nothing," Grim said to her cuttingly, "you'll never reach my heart and nothing can atone what you've done," he told her as his voice rose, "not even death," he said with a hiss.

Dementia's eyes filled with tears. Seconds later she ran off sobbing and shrieking.

Grim simply scoffed after her and returned his attention to his scythe.

(2 Weeks Later)

"Dementia?" God of Anger asked as he walked along the forest path not far from her house, "where are you?" he asked with curious suspicion, "you haven't communicated with me in six da..." he continued but stopped when he came to dead old and gnarled oak tree.

Hanging from it was Dementia who seemed to have been dead for hours. God of Anger looked absolutely horrified. He rushed to get her body down but stopped when he heard something with his godlike hearing. Crackling of fire combined with screams.

"Oh no," God of Anger said in denial, "not our children," he whispered, "not Deirdre and my children!" he cried and raced for the cottage where Dementia used to live before she hung herself.


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