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Chapter 1

A dark silhouette stood in front of a large, ominous statue. Getting a better look at the statue, she could tell it was of Ganondorf. Being carried in the dark silhouette's arms was a white silhouette. On the left hand of that silhouette, she could see the mark of the Triforce...the Triforce of Wisdom. The eyes on the statue began to glow a crimson red and the statue started to move, laughing maniacally with the dark silhouette.

She quickly sat up in bed, her eyes wide with fear, her skin pale, sweat dripping off her face. She quickly caught her breath and looked around. She was in her room, safe and sound. She quickly looked at her door which just opened and was comforted by the familiar face of her nursemaid.

"Princess, are you all right," asked the nursemaid.

"I'm all right now, Impa," replied Princess Zelda. Her assuring smile quickly faded into a worried frown. "I just had a dream."

"What about?" As Zelda explained to Impa what happened in her dream, the Sheikah's eyes widened slightly.

"This is serious. Someone out there intends to use you to free Ganondorf from the Sacred Realm. We can't let that happen. We're going to increase security around you to make sure nothing happens to you." Zelda nodded slightly, feeling a little bit better.

"Thank you, Impa."

"I'll watch over you tonight while you sleep." Zelda slowly nodded. Impa pulled out a small flute and started playing Zelda's Lullaby on it softly. Zelda lay back down in bed, closed her eyes, and slowly fell back to sleep.

Chapter 2

I forgot to make a note of this. This takes place seven years after the events of Ocarina of Time

Link was rudely awakened that morning with loud trumpets outside his home in Kokiri forest. He groggily got up, got dressed, and walked onto the patio, half awake. He looked down and saw two castle officials. Something's not right, he thought.

"What's going on," asked the confused Link.

"Princess Zelda has summoned you to the castle. You're most likely spending some time there, so grab some extra clothing just in case," replied one of the knights. Link grew worried. It was only in serious matters that he was asked to stay at the castle for an extended period of time.

"I'll be there as soon as I can," replied Link. He quickly ran into his home, grabbed a bag, and packed some of his tunics into there. When he was done, he left the little tree house, climbed down the ladder, and played Epona's Song on his ocarina, summoning her. Once she got there, he mounted her and followed the knights to the castle.

Once he arrived, he made his way to the courtyard where Zelda, Impa, and about half a dozen guards stood. Oh Din, what did I do this time, thought Link. Zelda looked more worried than angry, though, so he knew then that it wasn't something he did. He made his way over to her and bowed politely.

"Zelda, what's going on," asked the still confused Link.

"The princess had a prophetic dream last night showing Ganondorf being freed by a dark force, who appears to be targeting her. We need extra security around her, and until we can figure out what the dark force is, you will be assisting with guarding Princess Zelda," explained Impa. Link took in the information and nodded, giving her an assured look.

"Don't worry, Zelda. I'll help make sure nothing happens to you. You can count on me." Princess Zelda smiled for the first time in a while, then gave him a happy hug.

"I knew I could count on you, Link."

Chapter 3

That night, as Princess Zelda slept, there was tight security around her. Guards were posted on her balcony, on in front of each window, and the earlier half a dozen outside her door. Impa and Link remained inside of Zelda's room, watching over her. Link looked like he was ready to fall asleep on his feet. Impa noticed this and managed a small smile.

"You look tired, Link," stated Impa quietly.

"I'm fine," insisted Link, a yawn escaping him. Impa's smile turned into a grin.

"You should get some sleep. We have a lot of guards here. We'll change shifts in a couple of hours. I'll send one of the knights for you when it's your turn." Link smiled, nodded a thank you, then exited Zelda's room for his own.

Link didn't even bother taking off his clothes or his boots once he got into his room. Just his weapons. He flopped down onto his bed face first and enjoyed the company of his pillow. He slowly dozed off to sleep. He couldn't shake off a sinking feeling inside of him, though, that something was going to happen that night.

She saw the same dark silhouette once more, carrying the white silhouette with the Triforce marking on its hand. She got a better look at the hand and a feeling of uneasiness beset her again. The two evil ones laughed maniacally once more.

Zelda quickly woke up, her eyes wider than the night before. Impa quickly looked up and went over to her.

"Princess, are you all right," the Sheikah asked worriedly.

"Impa, I--I misinterpreted my dream," explained the frightened princess.


"I'm not the one being targeted."

"Then who is?" At that moment, they heard a loud crash coming from down the hall. Zelda and Impa quickly looked at each other, then down the hall and cried out at the same time.