Scene: Zelda's dream

A dark silhouette stood in front of a large, ominous statue. Getting a better look at the statue, she could tell it was of Ganondorf. Being carried in the dark silhouette's arms was a white silhouette. The silhouette was then dropped.

Silhouette: OW!

Director: CUT!

Scene: Link's house

Link was rudely awakened by blaring trumpets outside his house in Kokiri Forest. Once he got out of bed, he slipped on his hat and knocked down half the set.

Director: CUT! Watch where you step next time, you klutz!

Link: Sorry!

Scene: Link's house still.

Link finally makes it outside and looks down at the guard.

Guard: Princess Zelda has summoned you to the castle. And I...can't remember the rest of my lines.

Link burst into laughter

Director: CUT!

Scene: Zelda's room

Zelda: Impa, I—I misinterpreted my dream!

Impa: How?

Zelda: I'm not the one being targeted!

Impa: Then who is?

A loud crash is heard down the hall.

Director: Link!!

Zelda hits the Director with her pillow

Zelda: That's my line!

Director: He knocked down the set again!

Zelda and Impa: LINK!

Scene: Spirit Temple

Link is lying on the altar, unconscious. Ganson's grinning at Sheik and Impa.

Sheik: Let Link go!

Ganson: Make me!

Director: CUT! That's not your line!

Scene: King's throne room

Link is sitting in the king's throne

King: Link...I am your father...

Everyone starts laughing

Director: CUT! King, that's not your line!

King: Sorry, I've always wanted to say that!

Scene: Link's room

Take 1:

The king is hugging a crying Link, frowning.

King: Men do cry, Link. And even though you...have...Stop laughing, you dope!

Link: I'm sorry, I can't help it!

Director: CUT!

Take 2:

King: Men do cry, Link...would you knock it off already?!

Link is laughing hysterically

Link: I'm sorry, but you have something on your mustache!

King: I do?

Director: CUT!

Take 3:

King: Men do cry, Li—

Link is sleeping

Director: WAKE UP!

Link: waking up What, we've been at this scene for two hours.

Director: I need a vacation...

Scene: Ganondorf's Fortress

Ganondorf has Ganson pinned up against the wall

Ganondorf: Hold your tongue, boy!

Ganson grabs his own tongue

Ganson: Howth Thith?

Ganondorf laughs

Director: CUUUUT!!!!

Scene: Fortress Roof

Ganondorf and Link are in a heated battle

Ganondorf: Link...I am your father...

Director: CUT!

Link: Sheesh! First the king, now you!? I'll be in my trailer...

Link storms off

Director: That's it! I quit!