Saving Harry

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Chapter 3: The Truth

It wasn't like the clock was frozen. But the moment seemed to have frozen. Who knew that Dumbledore's golden boy, James's son was half starving with multiple bruises? A sight so terrifying that even the great Potion's master had his sneer wiped off his face. His face changed from a measly sneer to storming with anger. He had to do something.

"So you never told him what you are?" He then slapped the only person who would also be a witch, Petunia Evans, otherwise known as Petunia Dursley.

"Told me what?" asked a confused Vernon Dursley.

All Severus Snape could possibly do was to ignore the ignorant whelp, and decided to get Harry direct medical attention he deserved.

"Come, Harry, it's time to go!" said Severus Snape. He would leave the Dursleys alone until he could find the proper way to get revenge for them. Plus he would leave Petunia Dursley some time to sweat.

Harry came closer to Severus, and said "Papa" before he fainted in front of Severus.

Severus Snape decided to disapperant with an unconcious Harry Potter in his arms to Hogsmeade, where Albus Dumbledore could see the direct consequences of his actions towards Harry.

Severus Snape decided to protect Lily's son after all, and after all Harry just called him Papa. He would make damn sure that he would be the closest possible thing that Harry needed as a proper Paternal figure for him.

Next time: Harry wakes up very confused and wonders exactly why Severus Snape isn't his father...