The Commune

A long time ago someone said to me that the system should never fail. That it should keep on forever, that our collective life depended on that the system worked. I never doubted it for a second. Throughout time there have been small failings but they have always been fixed, one of us alone can rarely fix anything but together we are strong. Together we can bring down the greatest of piles and fill up all holes. There is hope in the collective.

There are those that are not as co-operative. The tall one comes and goes as he pleases when all of us rest are working hard to keep the system intact the tall one decides to leave. When the colours were yellow and green the tall one did not appear where he would have fitted perfectly. We built and built and waited for the release that the tall one would give us but he never came. The bastard. We managed in the end. We had to when we noticed that he would never appear. With collaboration and hard work the system survived. It did not fail. We keep on but we will not forget the betrayal of the tall one.

We are purple now and things are getting hectic. I rarely have time to think as I have to get down and work more often all the time. The system is getting clogged, mistakes come more often.

I do not know how much longer the system will hold. It cannot fail. They told us that it must not fail. It will not fail.

As the colours get more and more sickening so is the speed. There is a great hole in the system and we have no chance of filling it up. This is the beginning of the end. The tall one betrayed us for the last time, now he lies down there. Working as hard as any of us, a block looks after him. One of the zeds collapsed and created a gap. But the blocks are still reliable.

The blocks never fail.

I must not fail.

The system must not fail.

We have had to abandon the lowest parts and are working far up. One of the lost its mind and just fell down. We have no chance of recovery. But the system must not fail. We must work together and we must work quickly.

It goes too fast. We are lost.

The iron curtain falls.