Beyblade Story

Bladedemons Vs. Bladebreakers

Parings: RayAngel, MaxRin, KaiHilary, TysonHalo

Summary: Hilary(me) and her friends Rin, Angel, and Halo.Hilary had

started a team called the Bladedemons. Thy had entered the Beyblade

Tornment. Find out if they become world champs or will their be two

world champs.

Hilary(me) - 16

Kai - 17

Rin - 15

Max - 16

Ray - 14

Angel - 14

Tyson - 13

Halo - 13

Ch. 1

Hilary, Rin, Angel, and Halo decide to become bladers and make a tem. Hilary is the leader, and the team is called the Bladedemons. After they got their blades, they started training on the each. Hilary(me) has a blade that is blue, Rin has a blade that is magenta, Angel has a blade that is sky blue, and Halo has a blade that is purple. They also have bitbeast. Hilary's bitbeast is Pegasuses, Rin's bitbeast is Night Walker, Angel's bitbeast is Daigunder, and Halo's is Amidamaru. Hilary entered them into the Beyblade Tornment, which is in a month and they still need a little practice. After a month it is time for the Beyblade Tornment.

The day of the tornment.

"Kai are you coming, it's time to go to the tornment," Tyson yelled. "Stop yelling Tyson I'm right behind you," Kai said. "Where's Ray and Max?" Kai asked. "They said thied meet us there," Tyson said. "Fine," Kai said coldly. When Kai and Tyson meet up with Max and Ray. They saw that they were talking to 3 girls the fourth girl was leaning on the wall near them, eyes closed and arms crossed. They each told them thier names. "Hi, I'm Rin," a girl Max's height, black hair color, black baggy jeans, black shirt that says "It's not that I don't like competition I just don't see any," and black baseball cap. "Hi, I'm Angel," a girl a little shortter than Ray, long sky blue hair, wears blue jean skirt with sky blue tank top, and has hair in a pony tail.

"Hi, I'm Halo, Angel's twin sister," a girl Tyson's height, short blonde hair with black tips, blue jean skirt, and purplt tanktop. "Hey, I'm Hilary(me)," a girl Kai's height, black hair color with blonde and blue highlights, blue jeans, black T-shirt with long sleeves and on the front says "Tough girl with an attitude." They thing Hilary told them before she went back to the way she looked were they are the Bladedemons. "Rin, Angel, Halo you know where are locker room is right, ok then I'm going there a little later meet me there when you're done talking, okay," Hilary said.

She then went out side to get a little fresh air, then she went to a spot where nobody would see her. She then launched her blade and did a little training. Hilary asked "Why did you follow me Kai?" "Well I wanted to make sure nothing happened to you," Kai said. "Well just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I'm a baby and can't take care of myself," Hilary (me) said sarcasticly.