Watch Over Her

Watch Over Her

Part 3

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Lisa and Quatre sat in the back row of the circus tent as the show began to start. Dorothy was in the front center row, clapping and cheering for Trowa.

Why am I cheering and sounding happy? She thought. I lost Quatre and I never thought I would get over this pain. But here I am, at a circus. Could it be that I'm starting to have feelings for Trowa?

The lights went out for a moment as the performers took their places. Then the spot light setled on Trowa, who bended down on one knee and put his arm out to the side. A second spotlight settled on Cathy, who held her hand up which held three knives and she nodded her head. Trowa walked to the board and signaled to Cathy that he was ready. Cathy smiled and nodded back. She threw a knife next to Trowa's head.

"He's very brave to let her do that," Lisa commented. She looked to Quatre, who was raising an eyebrow. "Quatre?"

"He's probably her brother," Quatre said, his eyes on Trowa.

"What makes you say that?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," Quatre replied. He turned his head to her and smiled.

She smiled back and reached for his hand. Quatre gave her hand a little squeeze. They looked at each other for a moment and turned their heads back to the front to see the show. Six knives were along side Trowa's body. Something told Trowa to move his head and when he did, he nearly jumped out his skin.

Could it be? Quatre? Is it you? How could you be alive? Trowa thought. He turned his face back to Cathy. She looked at him and he nodded to the audience. She saw what he saw. She almost collapsed, but she forced herself to smile and wave at the audience. She took the knives off the board and threw them into a box. Trowa and Cathy walked to the front of the stage and waved at the audience as they tooktheir bows. As they walked off and a bunch of clowns came on the stage, Cathy clutched Trowa's arm.

"I don't believe it," she whispered to him.

They went to the back of the stage behidn the curtains. "Neither do I," he said. He sat her down on a box and knelt in front of her. "You okay?"

"Sure I am."

"You're so pale," he put his hand on her lap. "You looked like you were about to faint when you saw Quatre in the audience."

"I'll be fine," she said, taking a breath. "It's Dorothy we should be worried about." She stood up and picked up her water bottle, took a few sips and wiped the sweat off her forehead. "Come with me."

"Cathy," he prompted.

"Shh, I have an idea." She walked to the manager and whispered in his ear. He smiled and nodded and waved Trowa forward. The manger walked onto the stage. Trowa and Cathy followed them.

"How are you this day?" the manager asked.

There were many shouts and cheers.

"The lovely Cathy has another talent she will like to share with you," he gave the microphone to her. There were sounds of applause as she took the microphone.

"I need a volunteer from the audience," she said with a big smile. Immediately, dozens of hands went up as people shouted: 'pick me, pick me!" Cathy walked up, "Oh, so many people. Hmm." She looked at Quatre, "you sir, could you be my assistant?" she pointed at him.

"Me?" Quatre pointed at himself.

Lisa felt her stomach sink. She squeezed his hand in an effort to not let him go.

"Yes, you sir," Cathy giggled and pulled her fingers inward, "don't be shy! Come on up here."

"Catherine," Trowa said, "what are you doing?"

Quatre shrugged and stood up, letting go of Lisa's hand. People cheered and clapped as he walked down the aisle and up the stage.

"Oh my God," Dorothy whispered, "it can't…be…"

"What's your name?" Catherine asked and then held the microphone to Quatre's mouth.

"Quatre," he mumbled.

So he didn't lose his memory, Catherine thought to herself. But why is it that he different? He acts like he doesn't' know me. He would have smiled at Trowa but walked by him like he wasn't even there. "I need you to stand over there by the board, just like this gentleman just did." She nodded to Trowa.

"You're going to throw your knives at me?" Quatre screeched.

Catherine smiled, "don't' worry, I won't hurt you." She led him by the hand and took him to the board. She told him how to stand and he did what she said. "Just stand very still."

"Like this?" he asked.

"Perfect!" she picked up a box of knives and reached in.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Trowa whispered in her ear.

"Shh!" she hushed and stood in front of Quatre, "just hold still and don't move."

Quatre held very still. He closed his eyes and even held his breath. He heard a "whoosh" as the knives went through the air and he felt them near his skin. He heard a thunk and then they hit the floor.

"Huh?" Quatre lookded down at the knives. "They're fake!"

"Of course!" Catherine laughed, "I only use real knives on professionals, like my brother here, Trowa!" she put her hands on her brother's shoulders.

Quatre blinked and he took a short gasp. He forced himself to smile, "but of course," he said, "that's a very good idea."

What's wrong, Trowa thought, Quatre's acting like he doesn't know me.

"You can take your seat now," Catherien said. "Ladies and Gentleman, let's hear it for Quatre Rabera Winner, The Desert Noble!" People began cheering and shouting Quatre's name. Some stopped when they recognized the great family name: "Winner." They began whispering around, saying they thought he was dead.

Quatre was almost down the steps when she said this and he stopped short and looked at her. "What?" he whispered.

"Quatre," she said, "you can stop pretending now. We know who you are. Don't you recognize us?" she asked, a bit hurt. "Don't you recognize Trowa?" she nodded to Trowa.

"I'm afraid I don't," Quatre said.

"Quatre!" Dorothy jumped from her seat and ran to Quatre. She threw her arms around him. "I thought you were dead!" she held him tight and kissed his cheek. Her embrace brought on a feeling, that brought on a memory. He remembered feeling those lips and he remembered the warm embrace. The warmness suddenly grew cold. "I'm glad you're safe, so glad…"

"Oh my god," Quatre pushed her back and put his hand to his head. He started shaking.

"Quatre?" Dorothy mumbled. "What is it?" She put her hand to his shoulder and he turned around and stumbled back. "It's me…Dorothy, don't you remember? We were going to be married." She tried to touch him and every time she did, he stepped back.

Lisa gasped, recognizing the name "Dorothy," "no," she whispered and stood up. "Quatre!"

"I don't know you," Quatre whispered, "I'm sorry, but I never met you before in my life."

Lisa ran down the steps and turned him around. "Quatre, are you alright?"

"Lisa, who are these people?" he asked, sounding like a scared, little child. "They act like they know me but I swear I never seen them." He pointed at them, "What do they want from me?"

"It's okay," she cooed and stepped between him and Dorothy, holding his hand.

"Who are you?" Dorothy demanded, "you can't be one of his sisters, they were all at the funeral, a funeral that didn't have to happen!"

"That's right, I'm not his sister," Lisa sneered, "I'm his…lover," she lied. She looked over her shoulder at Quatre, who was standing close to her. He didn't seem to hear her or he would have said something. Or maybe he did hear her and wished not to say something. She didn't want to take the time to figure it out now. Okay, she wasn't his lover. But she was mad to figure out that Quatre was going to be married. She loved him and he already had someone that loved him, who he loved in return.

"What?" Dorothy cried and stepped back. "No!" Trowa put his hands on her shoulders.

"Yes, Quatre and I," she said, "are in love."

"Quatre, listen to me," Dorothy said, trying to get passed Lisa, who held her arms out so she wouldn't get around, "you're a gundam pilot! You're the pilot of the gundam Sandrock! You are Quatre Rabera Winner and---"

"Please, stop," Quatre whispered as his tears rolled down his cheeks, he walked even closer to Lisa and peered around her. He put his arm around her and she put hers around him. "That's not true! Stop making lies about me, I don't even know who you are!"

"Quatre, we all think you're dead," Trowa said, "our team just isn't the same without you. We're falling apart. Duo's missing, he-he went crazy. He took his Deathscythe and went on a killing spree. Heero's too scared to go into his gundam and so is Wufei. We need you back, Quatre!"

"Stop, stop it!" Quatre stepped around Lisa and pointed at Dorothy and Trowa but stayed close to Lisa. "Now I don't know who you are or where you get off thinking I'm a Gundam Pilot, but that's not who I am!"

"Then who are you?" Trowa demanded, "if you're not the Desert Noble, then who are you?! Huh, tell me!"

"I really don't know, but I know for sure I'm not who you say I am!" he cried. "The only person I trust is the person standing behind me. She saved my life." His whispers turned to shouts. "If it weren't for her I wouldn't be here right now. She's my friend! They only friend I have!" His blood pressure was rising and his heart was pounding. His breathing became labored after shouting.

"Quatre, let's take you back home." She raised her eyes to Dorothy, Trowa and Cathy, "your real home." She slid her arm across his chest and pulled him close to her. Quatre stayed there for a moment and then nodded.

"Good idea," he moaned as he turned around. He leaned into her and wrapped his arm around her. Lisa wrapped her arm around him and kissed his forehead, leading Quatre away.


"I'm sorry," Quatre apologized after taking his nap.

"Sorry for what?" Lisa asked, bringing him a glass of water and setting it on his nightstand.

"Sorry for insisting that I go outside," he sniffed as he sat up. "I probably made you ashamed of me."

"Oh, no," Lisa came to his bed and sat on the edge. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him down gently, "don't be sorry. You didn't know that they're will be people who claimed to know you."

"You're not mad?" he asked.

"Of course not," she replied. "I'm in love with you."

Quatre smiled and put his hand over hers that still laid on his chest. "They aren't my friends," he said. "You're my only true friend. You and Paula and the others."

She returned his smile and touched his cheek, "oh Quatre," she whispered as a tear ran down her eye. "I lied, I told those people we were lovers. I just got angry because that girl said you were going to get married. I don't think you heard me because you didn't say something but--"

"I did hear you," he said, sitting up, his face inches away from hers, "and I'm not mad. I don't know who that girl is. If I did know her, it was another life I lived. A life that's dead to me. All I know is what happened when I was here, when you took care of me. And I don't think what you told them is a lie."


"We've come very close. Maybe not intimate, but you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I beleiee if two people love each other, they are lovers. Even if they are not intimate."

"I see, like," she grinned, "like sweethearts."

"Yeah, like sweethearts," he nodded.

"Quatre, I love you." She closed her eyes and pressed her forehead to his.

There was a silence and Lisa had thought she made a mistake. Finally, Quatre closed and opened his eyes and said, "I love you too."

Lisa sniffed and they moved their heads back to look at each other. She laughed a little bit. Quatre moved his hand to the back of her head. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth as she did the same. When their lips touched, Quatre could feel what he didn't feel in that stranger's arms. He knew who Lisa was and he loved her. Quatre breathed her name a couple times as his hand went through her hair. Lisa felt her eyes become wet as she leaned close to Quatre. The passionate kiss left Quatre dizzy and breathless but he wanted to kiss Lisa more. He pulled her close as he laid down and she leaned down to him. Quatre rubbed her back and kissed her neck. Lost in her emotions, she sat up and placed her knees beside Quatre's hips, pulling off her shirt.

"Lissssaaaaaaa," Quatre whispered.

"Shh," she hushed and lowered her head down to stroke his face with her finger. She smiled and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, chin and lips. Quatre's hands migrated up her legs at to her sides, up her back and to her bra strap. Lisa closed her eyes as she whispered Quatre's name longingly.

"Lisa!" Paula swung open the door and ran in. When she saw Lisa and Quatre together, her face turned red, "oh my."

"What is it, Paula?" Lisa demanded in anger and in disappointment.

Paula turned around so she didn't' have to look at them, "there's a problem."

Lisa put her shirt on and got off Quatre.

"What do you mean?" Lisa's voice became concerned.

As Paula turned to answer, there was a shaking and a boom.

"What was that?" Lisa cried.

"It's, it's a gundam!" Paula said, "there's a gundam out there!"

They're after Quatre, Lisa thought.

"Gundams?" Quatre muttered, bringing his feet to the floor.

"Quatre, you stay here!" Lisa ran out of the room and to the level where they kept their mobile suits. Lisa belonged to a band of rebel militia called, "F.F.P, Fighters For Peace." (Sorry, I know it's a crazy name, but I couldn't think of anything!) She zipped her jacket up which had her code name on it, "Tigress". She got the nickname for it because of go-getter attitude and spunk. She was the best fighter of the FFP and she would keep attacking until she got what she wanted. Some people told her she should dye her blond hair to black and get some orange highlights to go with her name. But her orange and black uniform and her mobile suit was enough. Lisa pulled herself into a mobile suit that didn't look at all like the oz mobile suits. They weren't like the gundams either.

"Alright, Sher Kahn," she said to her mobile suit. (Yeah, Sher Kahn, the tiger from The Jungle Book, I thought it would add a nice touch. I really couldn't think of a good name like "Deathscythe or Heavyarms.) "Let's get busy!" Her mobile suit even looked like a tiger, orange with black stripes. Her weapons were two big gattling energy guns and claws on the hands which she used in close range.

Trowa heard the noise and looked out to see Deathscythe, "it's Duo!" he shouted and then turned to Catherine and Dorothy, "stay here!" he ordered. Good thing I brought Heavyarms, he thought as he went to his gundam.

As hard as it was to believe, Duo had went mad. (It might not be possible, but as the God of Death, anything's possible!) He cut down everything that was in his path. "Quatre," he mumbled, "why'd you do it? What were we fighting for?" a giant energy blast hit him in the back.

"Turn around!" Lisa demanded. "Slowly."

"Look lady," Duo turned around, "I sugest you get lost."

"Duo!" Trowa shouted.

"Trowa?" Duo mumbled.

"Quatre's alive!"

"He is?" Duo's voice had a hint of happiness.

"You stay away from Quatre," Lisa snarled, "I was the one who found him and he doesn't remember anything about the gundams! He'll be better off with me than in another battle with you!"

"You found him?" Duo whispered, "is, is he okay?"

"He's alive but I wouldn't say he's okay. He doesn't' remember a thing from his past and he doesn't want to. It scares him."

"You don't understand," Trowa said, "he's not just our team mate, he's our friend. We need him back."

"Quatre's staying with me!" She raised both of her guns at the gundams and shot. Trowa and Duo dodged the attack.

"I want to see him," Duo said.

"No, it will only confuse him more," Lisa snapped. "Quatre and I are in love. I'm the only one he trusts now."

Duo pressed the button to bring up the screen of Lisa. "Do you realize who you're talking to?" Duo demanded, "we're gundam pilots and we don't have to take this from you!"

"If you want to stay here and die then I don't see a problem with it."

"You can't kill the God of Death!" He brought his scythe up and was about to slice her mobile suit in half when Trowa stepped forward and stopped the blow with his gundanium knife.

"Stop, Duo," Trowa said, "you don't know what's going on in Quatre's head. But I do. I lost my memory once. It was scary. I didn't' get my memory back until I piloted the Wing Zero."

"I remember," Duo whispered. "But I just want to see Quatre again."

"Maybe it's better if we leave him alone. He's safer where he is."

"But Trowa," Duo groaned.

"Hey, lady," Trowa said, bringing up Lisa's image, "could you at least give Quatre a message for us?"

When Lisa didn't respond, Trowa decided to go ahead and give her the message, "tell him we miss him and we hope that he gets his memory soon. He probably lost his memory because he wanted to commit suicide, but that's not what he was trying to do. Quatre just wanted to end the fighting. Maybe he didn't' do it in the right way. But he saved the rest of us by making that sacrifice. Thanks to you, he's alive. Tell him that his friends are still thinking of him on Earth and he can return anytime. Can you do that for me?"

There was a long unsettling silence. Finally, she said, tears forming, "I'll tell him…I'll tell him everything."

"Thank you," Trowa said, "and if you could find it in your heart to return him to us, I'll be waiting back at the circus tent."

Lisa tightened her fingers around her controls as she bit her lower lip. He's right.

"If Quatre forgot his past," Duo spoke, "how do you know his name?"

"It was on his uniform. I found him in space when his gundam blew up. That was how we identified him. He freaked out when he saw the uniform. Every time he is reminded of his past, it frightens him."

"Are we frightening?" Duo asked, "is what we do, fighting for peace, frightening and wrong?"

"No," she said honestly, "I am an FFP."

"What's that?"

"A Fighter For Peace."

"That's what we are," Duo said, "except we don't have such a fancy name."

Duo and Trowa left as Lisa stayed thinking of what she had done at what she must do. "I have to tell Quatre the truth…" she whispered, "even if I risk losing him."

"Well, what happened?" Paula asked when Lisa returned.

"Where's Quatre?" Lisa demanded, not answering her question. "Is he in his room?"

"No, he's in the gym training with James and Greg. They wanted to include him in the group."

Lisa sighed.

"What's wrong, Lisa?" Paula asked. "I thought you wanted him to be one of us."

"He already is a Fighter For Peace," Lisa sniffed, "he was before he came here and that's how he'll remain." She walked to the gym as Paula smiled at Lisa's words.

Good girl, she thought, I knew you will do what was right sooner or later.

"Hey guys," Lisa opened the door. Greg was spotting Quatre who was bench pressing some weights.

"If you want to be a Fighter For Peace, you've got to be tough!" Greg grunted to Quatre, "can you feel the burn yet?"

"All I feel is my arms going numb…gwha!" the barbell almost fell on his neck.

"okay, I think that's enough for one day," Lisa teased, "I think he's tough enough."

Greg put the barbell back on the rests. Quatre sat up and smiled at Lisa, "what's up?"

"Let's talk," she said.

"Okay." He stood up and followed her out the gym.

"Man, I think Quatre's gonna get lucky," Greg said with a smirk.

"He already is," James said, "he's Quatre Rabera Winner. Mr. Winner's only son."

"No way," Greg mumbled.

"Way," James said, "it's sad that he doesn't' remember it. But if I'm not mistaken, Lisa's probably going to tell him the truth."

"He's not going to become an FFP?"

"Greg," James scoffed, "the guy already is. He just, doesn't remember. He doesn't belong here. He's got something better out there. He's part of the best team there is. But I have to admit, I wish he could stay with us a little longer."

"What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Quatre asked as they walked down the hall.

"I saw two gundams," Lisa replied, "they were your friends."

"That what caused the explosion," Quatre commented.

Lisa nodded, "they wanted me to give you a message."

"Lisa, I really don't--"

"No, it's time I told you the truth," Lisa stopped walking.

"What's the matter?" He stopped and took her hand.

"I've been keeping the truth from you," Lisa admitted, "your friends asked me to tell you that they missed you and wanted you back."

"I don't know who they are," Quatre said.

"They're gundam pilots, like what you used to be."

"I'm not--"

"Yes, Quatre, you are a Gundam Pilot!" Lisa shouted, "I found you floating around in space, there was scraps of gundanium floating around you. 'Desert Noble' was written on the back of your uniform and so was your name on the front. When you were sleeping, I heard you say things. You said 'Dorothy'."

"No, that can't be,--" Quatre tried to say.

"I heard you," she sniffed, "I told you that I loved you while you were sleeping and when I tried to kiss you said her name. It was that girl at the circus. That girl who was…supposed to marry you." She leaned against the wall, "you've mentioned other names, 'Heero,' 'Duo', 'Trowa', 'Wufei' 'Zech's' 'Miss Noin' 'Relena 'Catherine'…you mention these words while you sleep. I even hear you call out for your father and speak of your gundam Sandrock."

"Lisa, that's not true," Quatre put his hands on her shoulders, "I don't remember any of it!"

"Because you have amnesia," she wailed, "but it's true. You don't remember it but it's true!"

"You want me to leave," he accused, "that's it, isn't it? I'm a burden. You don't want me around anymore."

"That's not true!" she shouted as she threw her arms around him. "I love you, Quatre, that's why I kept the truth from you. I'm sorry, I was only trying to protect you."

Quatre lifted his hands to her back, "Lisa, I don't want to go back…"

"You must," she whispered, "you have a better life there. They need you more than me. You can't hide here forever."

"I'm scared," he said. "I keep having the same nightmare. I'm saying something that I can't understand. All I see is my mouth moving and I see that I'm hurt and angry. Then I see faces, they're screaming at me and then I push a button and, and the dream ends…the dream won't stop. But I feel better when I wake up and see you."

"Oh Quatre," Lisa murmured, "I wish you could stay but you have to go back to them." They stood holding each other for a moment while they cried. Neither of them wanted to let go.

"Come with me," he proposed.

"I can't," Lisa told him, "I belong here. You belong out there."

"I understand," he said. "But will you come with me to meet them before I go back to Earth?"

"Yes, I will. They're back at the circus tent."

"I'm not sure if I can do this," Quatre said, stepping back.

"But you must," Lisa said, "I should have told you this when you woke up from a coma."

Quatre said goodbye to Paula and the others. James asked for an autograph before he left. When Quatre tried to return his clothes, James told him to keep it and think of it as a gift.

"I'm proud of you girl," Paula whispered into Lisa's ear, wrapping an arm around her, "I know this wasn't easy for you but what you are doing is what's best."

"I hope you're right," Lisa whispered back.

"Take care, Tigress!" Greg shouted. Lisa smiled and waved at them before leaving.

Quatre got in the passenger seat of her car and she went to the driver's seat. Quatre kept his eyes forward. So did Lisa. If either of them said a word, Lisa might be prompted to turn around and forget it. Although she felt like she wanted to do it more than anything in the world. She looked over to Quatre for a second and realized how much she will miss his adorable face.

As she pulled in, she said, "I know this is hard for you, Quatre. It's hard for me too." She parked the car and turned to him. "But I'm doing this because I love you. And if I didn't love you I wouldn't be able to let you go. Some say that if you love someone you have to be able to let them go."

"I'm scared, Lisa," Quatre whispered, "I don't think I can fight again."

"Don't be scared," she unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned forward to embrace him. "You won't be alone. There's people that love and care about you. They need you and you need them. You're part of a team." She forced herself to laugh, "and our policy says we can't have former soldiers at our base." She pulled back and smiled.

"I'm going to miss you," Quatre said.

"I'll miss you too," Lisa said. She wiped a tear from her eye and took her gold pin off her jacket. "I wan't you to keep this. To remember me by."

The pin was a tiger. He smiled at it and rubbed his thumb over it, "I'm sorry, but I have nothing to give you. You've saved me and took care of me. You loved me."

"You have already given me enough," she said. "You don't need to give me anything."

Quatre looked down at his right pointer finger. He got it while serving with the magunacs. They gave it to him on his last birthday. The ring was pure gold with a diamond in the middle. It looked somehwat like a class ring. Quatre never noticed he had it until now. He took it off and placed it in her hand.

"Oh, I can't take this," she whispered, "you got it in your past. This has to be very special to you. It must have been a gift."

"I want you to have it," Quatre said. "I don't know remember where I got it. I just wanted to give you something to remember me by." He reached his hand to her head and kissed her.


"We'll never see Quatre again," Dorothy frowned, pacing around the floor.

"It was my fault," Catherien said, "I shouldn't have asked him to come to the stage."

"Don't say that," Trowa told them. "We didn't know."

"I just hope that woman realizes what she's doing," Dorothy mutttered, "it's so sick and wrong for her to---"

"Dorothy," Trowa turned her around and pulled her in his arms. "She really is in love with Quatre. I could tell it in her voice. I asked her if she could find it in her heart to bring him back."

"It's not fair to us," she sniffed, "she's keeping him away from us!"

"Shhh," he rubbed the back of her head.

"Something bad on Earth might happen if we don't bring him back," Duo commented. "He's very important to the team. He might never have known that but he is."

"Hello?" Lisa walked into the tent, "my name's Lisa Monroe," (isn't that the name of someone famous??)

"You!" Dorothy shouted, turning around and clenching her fists. She was about to storm to Lisa and give her a piece of her mind but Trowa held her back.

"Yes?" Trowa said.

Lisa stepped to the side and nodded to Quatre to come forward, "he still doesn't' remember anything. But I know that it's best if he goes back to Earth."

"Thank you, Lisa," Trowa walked to her and shook her hand. "This really means a lot to us."

"He has something better there," she said.

"I lost my memory before," Trowa told her, "I didn't want to remember my past but it was because of Quatre that I went back to be a soldier. He's my best friend." He looked at Quatre, "you probably don't remember that, but it's true, Quatre. I decided to keep fighting because we're gundam pilots. That's what we do."

Quatre wished he could comment on what he was saying but he didn't understand it. But he knew that what Trowa was saying had to be true. He could hear the honesty in his voice.

"You're very kind to do this," Trowa said, "I wish there was something we can give you as a token of our gratitude. I'm sure his sister's would…."

"I don't want a medal, I don't want any money," Lisa said, "there is nothing that you can give me. Except you promise me that you'll keep a close eye on him and keep him pointed in the right direction and help him remember his past."

Trowa nodded, "thank you."

Lisa smiled and nodded back. She turned to Quatre and hugged him tight. They had already said their goodbyes in the car but she wanted to feel his arms around her one last time. "I love you," she whispered.

"Love you too, Lisa." He whispered back and kissed her cheek.

As Lisa walked back to her car, she heard fast footsteps. Thinking it was Quatre coming back to her, she said, "Quatre, you have to go back," she turned around and saw Catherine. "Oh, sorry."

"I know why you did what you did," Catherine said, "I also found Trowa after he lost his memory. He lost it the same way Quatre did. You see, Quatre's father was assasinated and it was too much for him to handle that he made a gundam and started to destroy colonies. Trowa tried to stop him and got in his way. His mobile suit blew up and he was floating around in space for a long time. I was angry at Quatre for a long time and I was angry when he showed up to take Trowa back to fight again. It's probably wrong of me to think of it, but I was very angry back then. I wished that the same will happen to Quatre. When I heard of his disapince, I realized I shouldn't have been so cruel to him. Trowa went back to be with the other piltos and fight for what he believes in." Catherine took Lisa's hands in hers, "I admire you for bringing him back to us. Trowa loves Quatre like a brother. I know it was hard for you but what you did back there was the right thing."

"When you wished that what happened to Trowa would happen to Quatre," Lisa said, "wasn't such a bad thing. When I found him, I was a very ruthless person. I fought for peace but still I did some things I wasn't proud of. I used to be a bounty hunter and an assassin. I wanted to change. I was searching for something, someone to help me change, to make my life seem like it was worth living and make me a better person. He brought out the best in me. He's a wonderful person."

"Yes, he is," Catherine agreed, putting her hand on her shoulder, "he is."

Lisa nodded, smiled and sniffed. She went back into her car and drove away.

"I think it's time for us to go back to Earth," Duo said. "Ready, Quatre?"

Quatre turned to him and tried to remember his name. He saw the face in his dreams. He knew that he knew the person but didn't know his name. He took a chance and stammered, "y-yes, D-Duo."

"You remembered my name!" he cried and linked his arm around his neck, "you remembered my name!"

"Let's go home," Trowa said, with a small smile, "won't they be surprised!"


Lisa cried all the way back to the base. She walked silently down the hall and talked to no one. She went strait to Quatre's room and looked over to his bed. Her eyes played tricks on her and saw an image of Quatre sleeping soundly on the bed.

She wiped her tears away and sat on the bed. On the counter she saw the red bandana she bought for him. Lisa picked it up and held it up to her face as she wept.

"Lisa?" Paula knocked on the door as she opened on it, "oh, honey."

"I almost couldn't do it, I almost couldn't do it," she blubbered, "I just wanted to come back and keep him with us!"

Paula walked to her and sat on the bed with her. She wrapped her arms around her and held her against her matronly chest. "I'm surprised you didn't," Paula admitted, "but you did the right thing, Lisa. I'm proud of you. You know, often the greatest test of love is to learn when to let go."

"I miss him, Paula," she wailed, "I miss him so much! I-I-I miss him already!!"

Paula stroke her hair, "shh, honey. You did the right thing. I miss Quatre too. But you know what, he'll never forget you. He will remember everything you've done for him."

"Think so?" she sniffed.

"Oh, Lisa, honey, I know so."


Quatre sat at the window seat so he could look at the window and take one last look at the colony. Catherine went to sit next to him.

"Listen, Quatre," she said, "I know you don't remember it, but your father was assignated. It was too much for you and you started to destroy colonies. But it wasn't all your fault. You were using the Wing Zero. It had something called the ZERO system. Trowa tried to stop you and shot him on accident. Of course you were very sorry about it. I found Trowa on a colonly and I tried to keep him from learning about the past. I was trying to protect him. But I was doing more harm than good. I had to let him go and fight," she took his hand, "I realize that you're very confused right now, but I want you to know you're not alone. I wished that you would lose your memory too, so you would know how Trowa felt. I was very guilty but after meeting Lisa, I learned that it happened for a good purpose. She was destined to meet you."

Quatre looked at her hand that held his and raised her eyes at him, "Catherine? I don't blame you for feeling the way you do."

Catherien smiled, "you remembered my name!"

Quatre nodded, "you forgive me, don't you?"

"Yes, Quatre," she said, giving his hand a squeeze, "Before you died, you told Trowa to watch after Dorothy. Now I think they're falling in love. And I think I'm falling in love with you I love you, the way Dorothy loves you, the way Lisa loves you.. I know you miss Lisa but I want you to know, you're not alone."

Quatre sighed and squezed Catherien's hand, "I dreamed of you. And, I think I loved you too. I just wish, I could remember what my life was like."

"You will," she said, "you will."


Heero never wanted to get out of bed. He couldn't sleep either. Wufei would wander around and not enter his gundam.

"Heero?" Relena came into his room, "if you can't sleep, you should get out of bed. Let's go for a walk or something."

"I failed, Relena," Heero muttered, "I told him not to do it. He wouldn't listen to me. It should have been me, not Quatre. He didn't deserve to die. I did."

"Don't say that!" Relena fell next to his bed, "don't you realize if something happened to you I wouldn't be able to live with myself? Heero, I need you."

"I did worse things than he did," Heero admitted, "I've done things I'm not proud of."

"That's what makes you a gundam pilot," Relena told him. "That's why I love you."

Wufei saw a shuttle coming to the palace. Something told him to run inside and get everyone. "Hey, you might want to see this!" he told everyone. He walked into Heero's room and pulled him up. "Trust me, this is worth getting out of bed for." He put Heero's arm around his neck and walked with him out of the room. Heero wouldn't get up since Quatre's death and his legs were still half asleep. Heero couldn't walk straight without help.

First Dorothy and Catherine came out of the shuttle, followed by Trowa and Duo. They helped Quatre out of the shuttle. Heero laughed when he saw Quatre. Wufei smiled.

Heero put his hand on Quatre's shoulder, "I knew you weren't dead. A Gundam Pilot doesn't go down very easily."

"Quatre's lost his memory," Trowa explained, "it will take some time for him to remember everything."

"It's good to have you back," Wufei commented.

"The Gundam Pilots are united again," Duo said, "we are one."

Quatre nodded, "yes, we are….we are gundam pilots…all of us…"

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