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Summary: Sora Takenouchi is one of the finest investigators on the NYPD. However, when the FBI asks her to help out with a special case, Sora finds herself undercover somewhere she never imagined: the Ms. America contest! And what's with this new blond partner she's supposed to work with?

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Chapter 1: The Mission


Ruby eyes shot open, and a girl in her early twenties yawned. 7:00 Monday morning, time to get up for work.

She stood up and stretched, heading for the bathroom to get ready. While many people hate their jobs, she loved hers and loved going to it each day. The woman turned on the bathroom light and started a shower before shedding her clothes and stepping in.

Fifteen minutes later she emerged feeling refreshed. She got dressed in a pair of khaki cargo pants and an NYU sweatshirt. Pulling her wet hair into a ponytail, she walked downstairs and picked up an apple before leaving for her job.

For most people, this would not be appropriate work attire, but never once in her young career had Sora Takenouchi been reprimanded for her choice of clothing. One year out of NYU, Sora found herself one of the finest investigators on the NYPD. But this came as no surprise to anyone who knew her, particularly her best friend and coworker, Tai Kamiya.

From the time she had entered middle school, Sora knew that she wanted to devote her life to stopping crimes and keeping peace. When she was eleven, a group of men robbed her mother's flower shop and killed both her parents, who had tried to stop them. Sora had moved in with the Kamiyas and vowed to keep this kind of thing from happening to others.

Fueled by this burning desire, fantastic grades, incredible stealth, and a quick mind, Sora had no problem making her dream a reality.

Tai had to work a lot harder to join Sora, though. He too wanted to be an investigator but didn't have quite the mind his best friend did. Luckily for Tai, he had an amazing knack for memorizing facts others overlooked, as well as strong leadership skills.

The two had entered the department after college and climbed the ladder together. They were in the same department and sometimes worked together on investigations.

Sora walked the five blocks to the police station and checked her watch. 7:45, right on schedule. She pushed open the door and walked into the familiar work setting.

"Hey Sora!" one of the secretaries shouted.

"Hey Joyce." The redhead answered, continuing on toward her cubicle. She paused, however, at the space next to hers upon seeing three familiar faces.

"The jelly filled kind is the best, no question!" Her best friend said through a mouthful of donut.

"No." another voice added. Sora looked at her friend Izzy Izumi, a computer mastermind and genius. "I have to say the cream filled ones are my favorites."

A blue-haired man shook his head while munching on a cinnamon roll. "I have to disagree. Nothing beats a plain, simple cinnamon roll," Joe Kido, the medical expert, replied.

As Tai reached for what she assumed was his fifth or sixth donut, Sora decided to make her presence known. "You guys are the reason there's a stereotype about policemen and donuts."

Tai turned around. "Hey Sora!" he studied her outfit. "Izzy mark down another day with the same type of outfit."

Sora flicked the two off as Izzy made a tally on a piece of poster board. "Just because I choose not to wear overly feminine clothes…"

Joe smiled knowingly. "We've heard the lecture before, Sora. You're still a girl even though you would rather where pants than skirts and have a lot of guy friends."

She glared at him. "Thanks Joe. Now while you guys continue stuffing your faces, I have an important meeting with Chief and the head of the FBI to attend."

Sora had received very high praise for the many cases she had cracked, and rumor had it, the FBI wanted her to work for them. She had helped them out a few times before and secretly was hoping they would ask her to join them.

Tai began coughing as he choked on the donut in his mouth, and Joe clapped him on the back. "Well, Sor, you're not the only one meeting them this morning."

"What? You're going too?"

"As am I."

"Me too."

Sora looked at the three. Wonder what's so big that they're invited as well. "You guys might want to clean up a little before we go." She said pointing to the mess they had made over Tai's desk.

"No problem," the brunette said, brushing all the crumbs into the garbage can.

Sora rolled her eyes. "Come on, we're going to be late!"

The group of four walked down the stairs into the large boardroom where staff meetings were held. Sora pushed open the door, and they all walked in, seeing three other faces.

The face of Chief McCarthy was very easily recognized. He was a tall black man with a booming voice and heartwarming smile. Chief McCarthy was like a second father to Sora, taking her under his wing when he saw the potential she possessed.

Seated next to him was an older man in a crisp black suit that looked as though it had just come from the dry cleaners. His eyes drifted back and forth between the new arrivals and, when they stopped on Sora, offered her a faint smile. He was Agent Jones, head of the FBI and someone Sora had come to know. The man was a no-nonsense kind of guy who did not tolerate crap from anyone.

Beside him sat a man Sora had never seen before. The man appeared to be Sora's age and was dressed also in a crisp black suit, though he wore dark sunglasses over his eyes. His slightly long blond hair was gelled and spiked and contrasted the black he wore. He's not bad on the eyes. Sora looked at the man, and he gave her a smirk. But looks aren't everything, especially with men. And anyway I don't have time to get involved with some guy; I've got other things to worry about.

The way Sora looked at things, work was her life. She didn't have time to date and get involved with a guy and instead preferred devoting her time to this work. It wasn't like she had never dated; she just didn't make men a priority. At this point in her life, by her philosophy, love wasn't on the schedule. I'll save romance for sometime in the future when I have nothing else to fall back on.

Chief McCarthy signaled for them to take a seat though he remained standing. "I have a strong feeling you are all wondering why you were called here today."

"Yes, sir." Izzy answered.

"Before I begin, I would like to get some introductions out of the way. We have Tai Kamiya, Izzy Izumi, Joe Kido, and Sora Takenouchi, four of the NYPD's most well-trained investigators." He said, pointing at each individual. "This is Agent Jones, the man who called this meeting and head of the FBI." He paused and gestured toward the blond. "This young man is Agent Matt Ishida who will be a part of the mission you all will soon be informed of."

"Mission?" Sora interrupted before she could stop herself. "Sorry."

Chief McCarthy smiled. "I'll let Agent Jones explain the details."

He took a seat as the older man stood. "As you may know, each year there is a Ms. America pageant in which ladies from over the U.S. compete for the crown. We have yet again been asked to provide security to the event but after recent incidents, have been asked to step in to a greater extent."

Tai raised a hand. "What kind of incidents?"

"The pageant this year will be held in Texas and officials running the event have been receiving some threatening letters in the mail. However, things got worse as one of the stage hands was murdered at the hands of the 'Beauty Queen Killer' as we have labeled him or her. All this has been kept secret from the media, and we would like to keep it that way." His eyes flashed dangerously.

"Sir, if I may ask…what is this greater extent we are going to go to?" Joe asked.

"We are assuming this 'Beauty Queen Killer' will be striking at the pageant and would like to prevent a disaster before it could happen. Agent Ishida will be heading up this mission directly from the site, and each of you will be working on a different area of the investigation with him. One of you will be examining the evidence, looking for signs of DNA or other little details that could match it to potential suspects." Joe smiled, knowing this was his task.

"Another person is in charge of studying the premise and knowing every detail about people, the area, and other important information." Tai nodded to show he understood.

Agent Jones began pacing back and forth. "The next person is in charge of running an extensive computer network and keeping tabs on our informant, 24/7." Izzy nodded his head and smiled.

"Informant?" Sora guessed but received no answer. They're hiding something…

"Finally, we need someone strategically placed to be the eyes and ears of the operation."

The realization hit Sora like a ton of bricks. "No! No, no, no, no, NO!" she exclaimed as everyone faced her.

Agent Ishida smirked. "Face it, sugar; you're the only one of us that could pass for a contestant."

"Don't even say it!" Sora threatened, not bothering to chew him out for calling her sugar. I've got other things to worry about then nicknames!

Agent Jones sighed, expecting this response from her. "Sora, you will be our inside informant, posing as Ms. New York…"

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