The first thing she thought of was Walter. Then Pip, Ferguson and Sir Integra. They were all here. It was like she had come home.

Seres walked between rows of soldiers' headstones. What bothered her most about remembering these proud dead was how most of their faces blurred together, their individual achievements lost to the long span of years that distorted her memory. What guilt immortality brought. So many battles she had lived to see, so many heroes she had forgotten.

Towards the center of this privet cemetery, the monuments of the Hellsings stood erect. Not being a close-knit family, there was no family plot with headstones crowded around each other like children cuddling, but lonely mausoleums for every Hellsing there had ever been. They stood apart, each crypt competing with the previous generation for more attention.

The sun had fallen. Stars began to bud in the purple sky. Looking up at the dappled moon rising, Seres knew she was still too close to the Hellsing mansion to elude Alucard's detection and by the way he seemed to be unyielding in his resolve to reclaim her, Seres knew her master would be here any minute, if he wasn't here already.

She had no weapons. She was in no condition to fight. Every part of her body was ready to fall off. Seres breathed deeply, trying to remember how she used to calm herself down when she was human. "I need a plan. I can't run and I can't fight..."

Suddenly, Seres realized there might be one place she could hide where even Alucard could not find her. Even if Alucard did suspect where she was, he couldn't get her! Not there, not in the place where the old masters had gone through ridiculous lengths to prevent vampires from entering.

She ran as fast as she could toward the very center of the cemetery where the Hellsing mausoleums stared each other down. Every Hellsing, and certain friends of Hellsing, once deceased, were protected by many rituals to prevent desecration by angry vampires. In essence, each crypt had a magical wall that prevented a vampire's powers from passing through. If Seres barred the door, there would be no way Alucard could use his sorcery on her. Even his powers of super-human strength would disappear, preventing him from forcing the door. Seres would remain unharmed.

Seres stopped in front of the most beautifully crafted mausoleum with the boldly engraved roman capitals spelling out "Integra".

She stared up at that name. Even now, Seres could see the old woman's face staring sternly down at her, demanding to know exactly why she had invaded her personal space, as Sir Integra often did when Seres merely entered the same room as her. Sir Integra's mistrust and loathing of the police girl never went away. In fact, it worsened with age. Alucard delighted in her jealously. Integra raged at Alucard's delight. Seres cowered before their shouting and cried when there was suddenly silence.

"He's a bad person," Seres implored "And I want to get him as much as you ever did. I think there's a way for us both to get what we want, but I need your help."

There was nothing Seres could do to surprise him, though she was managing to offer him a little entertainment beyond the shrieking, screaming women that uselessly tired to claw out his eyes every night.

Alucard actively searched for Seres's thoughts, but she had "gone silent". Not before she had foolishly revealed her plan to him, though. When humans, or young vampires for that matter, tried to shield their thoughts from a vampire's psychic delving, they always ended up giving away more information then they would have by not trying, since they ultimately thought about everything they didn't want the curious vampire to know, all while their thoughts are being read.

It would have been a clever plan, though. It was mildly worthy of him. After all, ever since disposing overzealous FREAKS, battling Catholic Priests and heating up tea for an elderly woman had previously been part of his daily repertoire, the little police girl's plan was a treat. Besides, he was hardly as engaged as he used to be. He admitted he was growing bored faster then he anticipated he would.

He didn't plan on killing his police girl. Not tonight, anyways. Maybe eventually, but tonight he would have sweet vengeance and, at the same time, rile the little girl. She'd be thrown into a murderous rage that he could tenderly nurture all night, nipping and biting whenever she started to calm down. Seres was still obviously repulsed by his touch by the way she'd reacted to his familiar's probing. He smiled. He anticipated a fierce reaction when he mounted her on Sir Integra's coffin. Despite what Seres thought, he had no fear of Hellsing magic. And while Integra rotted below, he would hammer Seres's body, the way his Integra always fantasized he would do to her but was too proud to beg it of him. Conceited bitch.

Alucard solidified in the cemetery, before the Hellsing mausoleums.

Surrounding the ancient vampire on all sides were his past enemies, his past jailers. But now it seemed that their bodies were trapped inside coffins, trapped inside stone buildings and that mortality was the jailer now. Alucard walked free, tromping merrily on sacred ground, a sense of justice consoling him despite over a century of freedom robbed from his existence.

"However," Alucard announced to the night, "you did triumph in a small way—I will remember you, as much as I wish otherwise. Good for you. You managed to irritate me. It only cost you the happiness of you're entire lives. I did like watching you all cry as you slept, waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares I didn't even have to send you." Alucard turned and regarded the lovely building that was forever Sir Integra's abode.

The giant iron doors had already been unlocked, the chains hanging, "clinging" gently in the breeze. The doors were slightly ajar, but Alucard's enhanced vision could not penetrate the darkness. The enchantment prevented him from using his powers.

Alucard raised his hand and gently touched the door. In the gentlest tone, he whispered, "Hey there, little girl. You got me to chase you." Before Seres had time to realize he was there, he flung open the doors and stepped inside.

There was no scream, no alarm or reaction at all. The crypt remained still. After his eyes, which were affected by the foreign magic, adjusted to the light, Alucard realized he was in this room by himself. Only Integra's narrow coffin, built into the stone wall, kept him company.

Seres burst out of a small mausoleum adjacent to Integra's large one. She slammed Integra's doors shut and forced all her weight against the door.

Alucard spun and realized what had happened. He quickly threw himself against the door, desperate to escape, but his powers had vanished and door barely moved. He could hear Seres re-latching the door and bolting the lock. He was trapped.

Outside, Seres finished fastening the lock. Overcome by exhaustion and fear, she slid down the doors and landed in a heap in the cold stairs, panting and holding back tears. She had never been so terrified in her life. She had almost choked when her moment came. Her knees had trembled, her hands had shook and she wasn't sure if she could cross the short distance between Walter's mausoleum and Integra's without falling to pieces. But here she was. Alucard and Seres's mental connection to each other had been severed by strong magic. She could no longer sense his constant presence in her mind, though she could hear him pounding on the door.

Alucard was completely shocked. He was so confused he couldn't organize a single rational thought. Having previously experienced 20 years in a similar dark cell, he was horrified at the idea he might be left here, even for a few minutes. But the possibility that he might be stuck here indefinitely... Giving up on the door, Alucard turned around the faced the silent, dark crypt. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know where to start. Was he supposed to beg as a punishment? Did he have it in himself to beg? If he didn't admit defeat, would Seres keep him in here for the rest of his immortal existence? If he did admit defeat, would she leave him here anyway? What did she want? What did she want?

Alucard became quiet and still. He had no choice. If he thought it out, he might have devised a clever method of escaping, but the fear of being caged was too much for him to bear. "Let me out." His own voice echoed against the wall.

Outside, still resting against the door, Seres looked up.

Her master's voice was leaking out of the crypt. "Seres, let me out. I promise I won't do you any harm."

Smirking, Seres snorted. Of course he wasn't going to do her any harm. He was in there, and she was out here. She rested her back against the door and let her legs rest, letting her head back and looking up at the sparkling night sky. For once, she really appreciated the beauty of the moon.

"Seres," Alucard attempted, "I'll give you anything you want if you'll just let me go. You've proven you're worth to me. You're a excellent vampire."

Seres nodded, closing her eyes. Damn straight she was.

Alucard searched for the words he thought she needed to hear, but he didn't know what to say. He had to be very careful. If she suspected he was lying, she would leave him. He was sure of that. He needed to engage her in conversation, keep her occupied. Once she walked away, she would never look back. "What do you want, Seres? I can give you anything. You know I have the power."

Seres wasn't tempted. "Nothing pleases me more then the thought of you in the crypt of Hellsing with Sir Integra to guard you. It's fitting. It's what you deserve."

"You think this crumbling stone vault will hold me forever?"

"Long enough for you to starve to death." She smiled. "That's what you get for everything you've done to me. How does it feel to be at someone's mercy who doesn't care about you? Like it?"

Alucard tried to calm himself down. Threats would get him no-where now. "Stop this, Seres. You're still a vampire. What happens here tonight will not change that, no matter how good you feel about yourself right now. When you grow hungry again, when you feel lost, when you don't know where to turn to—that's when you'll need me. I'm you're master." He spoke as tenderly as he could, in a voice that could mesmerize the most hardened warrior. "We've been cruel to each other. Come back to me, police girl. Let's try again."

Seres rose and brushed off her legs, feeling a little sad for she was about to do. "I'm leaving you now."

"You're not prepared to be alone. I know you." His voice was honey.

"Don't project yourself on me. You're the one who can't handle being alone. Good-bye, master." She had already started walking away.

Alucard suddenly went mad. "Little bitch! You ungrateful little bitch!" Pounding sounds came from the doors again. "I saved you! I gave you a home, I fed you!"

Seres continued to walk but not without glancing over her shoulder every few seconds. It was never safe to assume Alucard had run out of aces up his sleeve. Yet, the doors remained shut in the mausoleum and she had no desire to linger in the cemetery.

She was her own master now and the mansion was her's. From now on, everything was going to be done her way.

Alucard's casket was gone, thrown in the garbage along with the soil from his homeland. And Sir Integra's room was locked and it would remain that way. It was a tribute to the reign that had been Hellsing and the glory of all their victories and the victories of their loyal soldiers. She certainly didn't feel safe returning to the Hellsing cemetery to pay her respects.

She would contact MI5 in the morning. Seres was resolute, knowing she didn't feel right about doing anything with her existence but fighting against vampires. Creatures like her master did not deserve to live in the world. It was her duty to prevent what had happened to her from happening to any other young girls or to anyone for that matter. And no person should be reduced to a meal.

She sank down on her bed, looking at her feet. It had been a long, long night. Her bones still hurt. "Maybe I should call MI5 now. I'm really hungry. I bet they could get some medical blood." She looked over at the nightstand where there was an old, black dial phone. She thought about picking it up. She thought about it for a long time but never really moved. Then, her eyes closed and she was asleep.

In the warm dark, with golden streaks of dawn peeking through the drapes, Seres Victoria twirled the phone cord in her delicate fingers. She listened and spoke. It had been a long time since she had talked to a living creature and it felt awkward, as if she were speaking to a child that wasn't all together there.

"I can't believe you're alive, Miss Victoria. Our sources from the Round Table reported that you and the other vampire fled."

"No, we were here, Major. We've been here the whole time."

"That's amazing. What's more amazing is that you've chosen to make contact with us after all this time. What prompted this?"

"I'm afraid I'm alone now. Alucard is gone. Went mad and killed himself."

"Are you all right?"

"We...we weren't especially close. But I've grown terribly lonely, which is why I want to work for her majesty once more. That is, if she'll have me."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. And again, I'm sorry about Alucard, I never would have expected that from him. Well, I never met him, but the stories get around. Perhaps it's better this way. I mean, you're very welcome to join up with us, but we could have never extended the same invitation to him."

"Why not?"

"Orders. Sir Integra wasn't able to finalize the Search and Destroy charge, but we still had strict instructions."


"It was outlined in Sir Integra's final will that Alucard was to be 'destroyed' after she died. She thought he would do horrible things if he were left to his own devices. The only options she had was to either lock him away or to destroy him. She didn't want him to waste away and suffer, as she put it, she thought it would be best if his death was quick and painless."

"I...didn't know anything about it."

"Maybe. She ended up in the hospital before she could complete the paperwork, and I know we certainly couldn't charge into that house without knowing how we could take him down. I understand he wasn't... normal."

"He wasn't."

"It's sordid, I think. But if the poor bastard killed himself over her, well then I'm glad he never found out what was in store for him. Terrible. It's so complicated, this sad, sad business."

"He knew."

"You think so? Really."

"Yes. I'm sure of it now."

"That makes it even sadder."

"I don't think it's sad, major. Now Alucard has the rest of his afterlife to sort out his issues with Sir Integra. I know they're together, wherever they are."

In the dark, his fingertips traced over the cold stone.

"You're an ungrateful bitch. I hate you."