Ashy-boy and Misty were the best of friends

All through their Trainer Journey days

And even though they seemed to fight a lot

They liked each other anyway

Well after winning Johto Ashy-boy went off

To train some more with Lorelei

Misty looked all around Pallet Town

But all she found was Gary

It wasn't two weeks after they got married

That Misty started getting abused

She wore dark glasses and long sleeved blouses

And makeup to cover her bruise

Well she finally got the nerve to file for divorce

She let the law take it from there

But he walked right though that restraining order

And he put her in Intensive Care

Right away Ashy-boy flew in from Saffron

Via Pidgeot midnight flight

And he held Misty's hand as they worked out a plan

And it didn't take 'em long to decide

That Gary had to die

Goodbye Gary!

Brock's lemonade?

It only tastes weird cos it's homemade

You're feeling weak?

Why don't you lay down and sleep, Gary?

Ain't it dark?

Wrapped up in that tarp, Gary?

Officer Jenny came by to bring Gary in

She searched the house high and low

Then she kicked Brock off and said "Thank you Misty

If you hear from him let me know"

So Ashy-boy and Misty decided to get married

Cos love had risen from their fights

And then they had a baby, and they named it Tracey

And they don't lose any sleep at night

Cause Gary had to die

Goodbye Gary!

We need a break

Let's go for a dip in the lake

I'll go in with Ash

And you in a plastic bag, Gary

Is that alright?

Good – let's go for that ride.