Lexi: I just thought of this story about five minutes ago. So yeah it might not be good but read it anyways.

Beast Boy: Man I can't believe I'm turned into a mmpfh!

Lexi covers his mouth

Lexi: Silly Beast Boy pinches cheek you can't tell them until the end of the chapter!!!

Beast Boy: Fine! Just read the disclaimer and the story already!

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Chapter One: The Toddler Titans

In town

"Titans Go!" yelled Robin as his team and him advanced on the robo slades ( I like to call his minions that, even though that's not their real name).

One Robo Slade had a bazooka (sp?) and aimed at Starfire. She saw this and dogded just in time to miss the green ray coming from it. It aimed again and hit Raven in the chest. She went flying in a building and through a swinging door. She blacked out at impact. The male titans went to assist their friend when they too got hit with the green ray bazooka and ended up in the same spot as Raven. Starfire seemed pissed and her whole body glowed green. She yelled and destroyed the robo slades in a mather of minutes. She then flew towards the swinging door and found her friends only....

"BABIES!!!" She cried as she picked up the 4 teen...err toddler titans and hugged them.

They all were gasping for air since Starfire had a powerful hug. She let them go and put them on the ground to realize something...

"Your all naked!" She screamed.

The toddler titans all laughed and crawled around in a circle. Starfire then heard a laugh, a laugh she knew far too well.

"Slade." She said.

She quickly gathered up the toddler titans in her arms and flew back to the tower unseen.

Back at the Tower...

Starfire paced back and forth in front of the couch. The tt (toddler titans) were watching her and poking each other. She stopped pacing and looked at them. Beast Boy seemed to be green still, also his uniform pattern was on a diaper he was wearing. His eyes were huge and cute (like his kitten eyes) and he had a maroon pacifier.

Cyborg looked the same only way smaller. His teeth weren't there anymore and he had a gummy smile. Also he had a blue diaper on him.

Raven was wearing a dark blue bonnet and had a dark blue pacifier in her mouth. Her eyes were small and she was wearing a black leotard that was covered at the end with a black diaper (No idea why I wrote that, and also ppl, it's not black for other reasons..).

Robin had his mask on still but he was bald. He had on a white diaper and a red t shirt that had a R on it. He had a yellow pacifier in his mouth.

Stafire floated back and forth thinking of what to do. She then stopped and snapped her fingers. She could call a babysitter! But who in their right mind would babysit toddlers with freaky powers? Only one person she knew would do such the thing for her.....

"I give you many thanks for watching the little gerodles!" Starfire said handing the tt to none other than...Aqualad!

"Umm..no problem..I guess I'll get the baby stuff..." Aqualad said as Robin drooled on his shoulder.

"Yes well when I return with the baby supplies, then you may get them." Starfire said as she flew off.

"Wait! How can I do this without baby supplies right now?" Aqualad asked but Starfire was too far away to hear him.

"Great, this can't get any worse." He said.

Then Cyborg threw up on him.

"Ok, it just got worse."

Lexi: Wow, you were cute when your a baby!

Beast Boy: Really?

Lexi: Yeah, especially with those big bug eyes! hahahaha

Beast Boy: Hey!

Lexi: Well what should Starfire get for the toddler titans?

Beast Boy: A. Mortrin

Lexi: B. All the baby stuff from her world

Beast Boy and Lexi: Or C. A camera so she can take funny pictures and a guide to babies.

Lexi: She will get them the baby things, so don't worry. Tell me in a review! I hope I get tons!

Beast Boy: Will be back after these reviews