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Starfire woke up the next day in her room. She walked over to Robin's room and knocked on the door.

"Friend Robin are you up?" Starfire asked.

"Don't.....don't come in Star." Robin said.

"Why do you not wish me to come in?" Starfire asked.

"Because you won't like what you see." He replied.

"Robin, I am your friend, I do not care what you look like." She said as she opened the door.


"I told you." Robin said.

"You have zits!" Starfire screamed running away from the room.

Yes it was true. Robin had so many zits on his face that you could play the box game for 5 hours.

The others ran to Robin's room after hearing Starfire scream and froze when they saw Robin.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ZITS! GET AWAY FROM THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!" Beast Boy and Raven screamed as they fled to the safety of their rooms.

How come you didn't run away Cy?" Robin the zit wonder asked.

"I don't get zits." Cyborg said but as soon as he finished a nut popped up on his robot side of his face.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH! I GOT THE NUT ZIT!" He screamed like a lil girl and ran away crying.

Robin put a paper bag over his face and walked to the kitchen for some breakfast. Starfire was there with a bowl in her hands.

"Greetings Robin! I am making the pudding of zits, would you like some?" She asked as she placed some blue pudding with green chunks floating around in it in front of him.

"No thanks Star, I'll pass." Robin said.

"But you must eat this! It will make your zits go away." Starfire exclaimed.

"I don't like the way it looks..." Robin began but...

"YOU MUST EAT IT NOW!!!" Starfire yelled.

"Never!" Robin shouted and ran to his room, Starfire chasing after him.

Starfire caught him and tied him up to a chair, removing the bag. She then forced fed him the pudding of zits and a couple of minutes after he finished, his face turned orange. The others came in all cheeful except for Cyborg who hid his face under a blue paper bag.

"We're back to our original age!" Beast Boy said as he jumped on the couch.

"Finally." Raven said as she went to read her book.

"I still can't believe I got a zit...me! And it's a nut zit too!" Cyborg complained.

"Get a wrench and tighten it till it pops off!" Beast Boy laughed.

Cyborg growled and chased after him. Beast Boy turned into a cheetah and they ran around the three. Raven flew to her room out of exhaustion, Robin ran to the hospital room and Starfire tried to stop Cyborg from killing Beast Boy.

"Finally. Everything is back to normal." Starfire said.

She then got hit with a green light. Cyborg and Beast Boy stopped running and saw that Starfire turned into a baby.

"You spoke too soon Star." Beast Boy said.

The End......Or is it?
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