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Now, this is based on the book only so they could talk about Elphaba's allergy.

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"You know what I feel like doing?" asked Glinda with her trademark humongous smile plastered on her face.

"No, not really," said Elphaba, monotone. She was a little tired of Glinda's craziness. Scratch that. She was VERY tired of Glinda's craziness. They had gone into town and, not thinking much of it, gotten some ice cream. Elphie had gotten a simple and small vanilla. However, Glinda had gotten chocolate with hot fudge and sprinkles. She had simply gone into sugar overload and become even perkier than normal. Perky. Er. Now THAT is scary.

"I feel like singing!" shouted Glinda.

"Sweet Oz, No!" cried Elphaba.

"Why not?" Glinda pouted as she pulled out her secret weapon...puppy dog eyes!

Elphaba couldn't say no.

"Oh!" She threw her hands up in exasperation, "All right! But not too loud!"

Coming into the ice cream shop just then was none other than Fiyero. He spotted the two Shiz girls and headed towards their table.

"Hello, Fiyero," greeted Elphaba politely.

"Hello Elphaba. Hello Glinda," he replied, "May I?"

Fiyero motioned to a chair.


They spoke for a good while before Fiyero had the urge to ask a couple of questions that he was extremely curious about.

"Hey Elphie?"


"Well, I was just wondering, how come you can drink tea when you're allergic to water?"

"Oh. It's simple. It's just-"

"I LOVE PINKY! I LOVE PINKY!" sung Glinda, making Elphaba completely incomprehensible to anyone except Fiyero.

"Oh. Okay." Fiyero said, nodding, "That's really interesting. I would have never thought of that. But how can you drink and eat everything else with moisture, but only water bothers you?"

"It's only a bit of science. I-"

"PINK IS SO PRETTY! I LOVE PINKY!" sung Glinda, making anyone unable to hear Elphaba other than Fiyero...again.

"Glinda, do you mind?" Elphaba asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Sorry," replied Glinda, much like a four year old, guilty of taking a cookie before dinner.

"That does explain a lot. By the way, how can you survive if the body is like 70 water?"

"How in Oz should I know? I was just born this way," Elphaba said, finally unable to answer one of Fiyero's questions.

"Well Elphie, couldn't it just be that-" Glinda said, but a very loud cart came outside the shop just them, causing Elphaba and Fiyero to be the only ones who could possibly hear it.

Elphaba and Fiyero sat, unable to move, jaws dropped.

Glinda smiled, turned on her heal, and skipped off to the dormitories.


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