Seven woke to the sound of the annoying chirp that the computer did when someone was asking to enter a person's quarters. She really didn't feel like dealing with anyone right now. She got to her feet however and pulled on a robe that she had placed next to the bed. She went to the doors. They opened to reveal a very awake B'Elanna, who was smiling.

"Good morning." B'Elanna said cheerfully. Seven clasped her hands behind her back, standing to her full height.

"May I help you Lt.?" Seven asked.

"I was just wondering if you would like to join me for breakfast in the mess hall." B'Elanna commented.

"I do not plan on going anywhere currently. Good day Lt."

B'Elanna sighed. "Seven, you need to eat. If I have to I will carry you there, but I would rather not. Come on, let's go get breakfast."

"I said no."

"How about we eat here then?" B'Elanna suggested.

"Enter." Seven said leaving the doorway. She went and sat on the couch, tucking her feet under her. B'Elanna went to the replicator.

"What would you like? I plan on having eggs. Computer four eggs scrambled." The food materialised in front of her.

"Computer, Nut-"

"Real food Seven, not a nutritional supplement." B'Elanna cut in.

"Computer, a... fruit salad." Seven said hesitantly. B'Elanna carried the bowl to Seven, who took a few small bites.

"Seven, will you tell me now?" Seven didn't say anything. "Please tell me what's bothering you Seven." Seven looked at the half-klingon, a sigh escaping her lips.

"I do not feel as though I fit in."


"You do not fool me Torres. I can hear anything anyone says near me. I know you dislike me, so please, stop pretending to care." Seven replied. Her tone was clipped again and her Borg mask was in place.

"What?" B'Elanna said.

"My hearing is Borg enhanced. You already know that, but you probably don't really think about it. I overhear conversations not meant to be heard. I know what everyone thinks of me." Seven said coldly. In her steel blue eyes something flickered there.

B'Elanna paled. "Seven, I'm sorry. I didn't really know you before." She said.

"And you don't know me now." Seven paused. "You want to know what is bothering me? I don't fit in, no matter how hard I try. I try to adapt, but I can't change who I am and that seems to be the only way that I will be accepted. No matter how much I try, the one I care about most regards me with loathing. I can never tell them how I feel, because that would ruin what little I have left. At least as The Ice Queen I can have peace from everyone else. After all, who wants to be friends with a heartless machine?" Seven grew sadder at her telling.

B'Elanna felt her heart give a painful squeeze. "Seven, I know you aren't the Ice Queen you pretend to be. Why don't you let other see you for who you are? I am sure they would like you for who you are."

Seven smile and B'Elanna smiled in return. Her eyes caught the beauty in Seven's smile, so unlike the expression she normally wore. She seemed so much more alive. B'Elanna suddenly wanted to lay claim to Seven. She fought the urge and decided that she needed to get to engineering or something.

"I got to go Seven." B'Elanna said. She rushed out of the room, leaving a confused Borg behind her.

"Hope is irrelevant." Seven said softly to herself before she sat on the floor with a meditative candle in front of her, falling into a deep trance.


B'Elanna eventually found the holodeck, and started a klingon battle training program. She found the physical exertion calming. The five minute warning passed when she had worked herself into a good sweat. She didn't really notice the warning and was surprised to hear someone speak.

"You lack flow." Said the icy voice. B'Elanna dropped her Bat'leth and whirled. Her enemies Bat'leth reached close to her skull before the icy voice spoke again. "Computer, end program." Everything disappeared. The voice had picked up a trace of fear.

"Seven! I didn't realise you had reserved the next hour." B'Elanna said, blushing. Seven wore casual pants and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination.

"I have." Seven hesitated for a moment. "Would you like to join me in Seven-Nebula-Last?" it sounded like she didn't expect B'Elanna to accept.

"I would love to." B'Elanna said, surprising the Borg. "Just as long as you don't mind me being sweaty."

B'Elanna swore she heard Seven say that she never minded her, but she just thought it was her imagination. Seven activated the program.

B'Elanna gasped. When Seven had sad a closer look, she had thought that she meant a closer view. They were immersed in the beautiful nebula its gases cool to on her skin. It was a miracle of programming. It was so realistic that B'Elanna almost thought she was dreaming.

"Seven... it's absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job!" B'Elanna exclaimed. She heard a soft thank you. She looked around into the mist-like gas, searching for Seven. "Seven?" she called.

"Lt. I have a confession to make." Seven's voice whispered through the brightly coloured mists.

"Seven?" B'Elanna said in confusion, trying to see Seven's wiry form in the mist.

"I... this is more difficult that I calculated... I love you B'Elanna. Forgive me." Seven appeared beside her suddenly. With a swiftness that startled B'Elanna, Seven wrapped her arms around her, and brought her lips down to meet B'Elanna's.

B'Elanna's klingon urges roared back to the surface and this time she could not contain herself. She growled deep in her throat and pulled Seven closer to her, possessively holding her. Seven moaned softly and that was the only encouragement B'Elanna needed. Breaking the kiss, she breathed into Seven's ear. "You're mine now." She whispered, sinking her teeth into Seven's jaw, tearing the tender flesh. Blood trickled from the wound and into B'Elanna's mouth. She licked the wound clean.

"B'Elanna..." Seven murmured, recapturing B'Elanna's mouth. The mists enveloped them, the wispy fluorescent coloured gases wrapping seductively around them.

"The view is beautiful." B'Elanna said, looking directly at Seven. Seven smiled again and drew the klingon into a crushing hug.


"Where are B'Elanna and Seven?" Janeway said at the morning briefing three days later. The others didn't reply. The captain sighed. First Seven said she had needed a few days off and then B'Elanna had said the same. She waited a few more minutes before she finally got fed up and tapped her comm. Badge. "Janeway to Torres."

It took a few moments for Torres to answer. "Torres here." She said huskily.

"You're late." Janeway snapped. "Get you butt down here right this minute Lt.!" the captain shouted.

"Yes Captain." B'Elanna replied. Everyone in the meeting room heard her giggle. "Sh Seven! I'll be there in a few moments. Torres out!" B'Elanna said.

Janeway had the most shocked look on her face and for the second time in a week, she stared at her comm. badge as though it was responsible. When she looked up, everyone in the room was looking surprised... except Tuvok, who had the smuggest look on his face that Janeway had ever seen on him. He turned to the Doctor.

"I do believe I have won the bet Doctor." He said calmly. The Doctor grumbled.

"I don't know how you do it Tuvok! Really! I don't!" the Doctor complained.

"Bet?" Tom asked.

"We bet once we knew that you had broken up with B'Elanna that she would finally look at Seven the way Seven has always longed." Tuvok said. "And I do believe you have to be a mime for a week." He said to the doctor who frowned, but was silent.

"But... how...?" Tom said in confusion.

"Lets not discuss this here I am confused enough as it is." Janeway said, halting any further comment on the subject. "Do I even want to try and contact Seven?"

"I would recommend against it Captain, it sounded like we disturbed them. I am sure they will be here in a few minutes." Tuvok replied. Janeway stood and allowed the small conversations to start up.

Seven and B'Elanna walked in about twenty minutes later, hand in hand. Both Seven and B'Elanna had a bite mark on their jaws. They sat down at the table and calmly waited for the meeting to begin. The doctor eventually had to give up on telling his report and simply handed the captain his report in written form. It was a peaceful time and the captain dismissed everyone.

"Err... just for peace of mind, you two just started this up right?" Janeway asked. It would have bothered her for weeks if she didn't ask.

"That is correct Captain." Seven said, smiling at B'Elanna, who smiled lovingly.

Janeway looked at the two of them and decided not to inflict them upon the rest of the crew just yet. "I am giving the both of you the rest of the week off. No objections." Janeway took on a small smile. "I am happy for the both of you. Be warned though B'Elanna, you behave."

"Hey I'm not the one who-" Seven silenced B'Elanna with a kiss.

"I do not think the captain wishes to know that information." Seven told her lover. B'Elanna got a wicked grin on her face and whispered something into Seven's ear, who blushed a bright red.

"B'Elanna!" she said. B'Elanna nodded to the captain as Seven dragged her out of the room, saying something along the lines of holding her to that promise. Janeway almost shuddered to think what B'Elanna had in mind.