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Author's Note: This definitely isn't book verse but I suppose I also took some creative liberty with the musical…but I'm a writer so I do that. And I know my grammar and commas are horrible but I try really I just am not good at that aspect I guess. Sorry if it really bothers everyone. There are sort of spoilers here though so if you've never seen the show you might not want to read. Otherwise enjoy!


Fiyero stepped up next to Elphaba. He wiped sleep slowly from his eyes. "Elphaba, what are you doing up?"

Elphaba continued to stare off into the distance. She was perched peacefully on a high rock in a dim clearing on the off skirts of Oz. She swore if she stared hard enough into the distance she could make out the outline of the buildings in the city that used to be her home.

When Elphaba didn't answer Fiyero followed her field of vision out towards Oz with his own eyes. He absorbed the sight of the sun rising over Oz, casting out pinks, oranges, blues and greens over the horizon signaling the dawn of early morning.

Fiyero broke his gaze to look at Elphaba again taking in the sadness in her posture as she stared at her former home.

"Fae…" he whispered touching her shoulder gently causing her to jump.

"Fiyero…you surprised me." She turned halfway to look at him, "Doesn't Oz look beautiful. It's only been a few days and I miss it so much already." Her voice took on a wistful sound. "I bet you it's Glinda making the sky shine like that."

Fiyero squeezed Elphaba's hand, "Don't do this to yourself Fae. If there was any way we could stay in Oz you know we would but we can't. For our safety and Glinda's."

Elphaba finally turned at looked at Fiyero fully. He took a deep breath when he saw the utter sadness in her expressive eyes.

"Yero, are we ever going to belong anywhere?" She was asking him a question she knew he couldn't answer but had to ask anyway.

"Oh, Fae, C'mere." He gathered the usually strong woman in his arms feeling the fragileness flowing out of her. "Of course we'll find somewhere we belong. Cause no matter what we're going to be together and that's all that matters. We're each other's home."

Elphaba's eyes filled with tears as the full impact of Fiyero's words hit her. She had never had anyone care for her the way Glinda and he did. "I know home is with you, Yero." She blinked the tears away and ventured a half-smile up at him.

Fiyero smiled back leaning over and kissing her softly, "Come on." He pulled her back in the direction of their small hideout. "Let's get some more rest before we start up again."

Elphaba followed Fiyero to their shelter holding tightly to his hand turning and glancing just once more at the shining sun. She could swear it beamed extra brightly just for her at that moment. She smiled widely at it. "Bye Glinda." She whispered knowing in her heart that all of the adventures were just beginning.

The End.

Author's note part two: Just wanted to say I know it was pretty fluffy and sweet I just had this picture in my mind I had to write out. Hope if you're still here reading you liked it!