Title: Fiona

Name: Joy

Email: SleepingBeauty2@ziplip.com

Rating: PG 13

Max had been out with the girls at Crash when she decided to literally drop in on Logan later in the evening. She imagined hot passionate sex. Sort of the Cat Burglar and the rich man. It was an attempt at sexual role-playing to be adventurous.

It took a bit of time to get to Logan's Max but decided to check from the window before entering Logan's apartment to make sure not to give Bling a heart attack. Max was on the roof in minutes. She perched herself where she see & hear what was going on inside. No one was in the living room so she came through the skylight, like the night they first had met.

Max crept her way to his bedroom that fast was becoming their bedroom. She saw a blond wearing the top to be Logan's favorite silk pajamas. "Logan Cale, you better give the pants to this outfit," she said at Logan who just rolled into view. He was taunting her with the pants, snapping them at her.

"Its not like I haven't seen you naked. What are a pair of legs matter?"

"Logan!" she yelled. He through the pants at her and laughed as he rolled toward Max who did not know what to do.

Jealousy was new and the fact that this was the second boyfriend she had that had cheated on her was just too much. Max pushed herself off from the wall and took several deep heated breaths seething in anger. If she turned around she might kill both of them without thinking.

"Logan!" the blond woman yelled. Logan stopped and turned around never seeing Max, who had decided to hide in the computer room, hoping things weren't what they seemed. "Does Max keep any of her hair stuff here?"

// How the hell does she know about me? //

"No. Why?" Logan asks.

"Well I decide to stop by for a friendly visit and you insist on me staying here although you know all of my stuff is at the hotel. I at least hoped to use her girlfriend's beauty products."

"I'm sorry she is not at that point yet of trusting me."

"To keep beauty stuff here."

"To keep anything here that I haven't bought her."

"Where is she?"

"Probably the top of the space needle or riding her motorcycle."

"You don't think she'll stop by…. I really don't want to deal with a scene, with her discovering us in bed together."

"No. She does have the 'concerned girlfriend' thing down by now. If she hasn't come by she doesn't want to risk waking me. She won't be by. Besides, I just haven't gotten to hold you in so long and you're here so rarely. Can't I have one night to hold you like I used to?"

"You're terrible."

Max had heard enough and had her emotions down to a soothing rage. "I am going to get in the bath tub," Max heard the water running. When she heard the splash of the woman getting in she decided to confront Logan alone. "Brodder, could I have some candles? Please."

//Brodder. What the hell is that? Some old nickname? //

Max watched Logan roll into the bathroom with a bunch of candles. He was in there a while and then came back out. The ease Logan displayed in nonchalantly going into a bathroom with a naked woman that was not her made Max's skin crawl.

Logan got ready for bed. By now she knew the routine well. She would wait until he was about to pull off his glasses before she would let him see her. That way he would already be in bed and it would take him a huge effort to come after her quickly.

Logan got into bed and was about to take off his glasses when Max appeared in the doorframe, pissed as hell. In a second Logan read the expression and had the audacity to laugh. Max didn't even get the satisfaction of Logan squirming; he just laughed.

//What a bastard//

She turned around and fled the room heading for the rope she descended from. Logan was in his chair in three seconds and made his way to her even faster. Logan pulled Max down off of the rope and before she had time to really resist him, they were in the bathroom doorway.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? You used to knock!" the blond woman yelled from the bathtub with the screen pulled most of the way. All of a sudden Max realized Logan couldn't see any of the woman's body from his vantagepoint.

"Max, I would like you to meet my sister, Fiona."

"Sister…. You never mentioned you had a sister," Max stammered at the thought.

"Well, thanks Logan. I am glad to see in my absence you have not lost your ability to make me feel insignificant."

"Fi, let me deal with her hurt feelings first then I will deal with yours."

"Actually why not let me deal with her hurt feelings and you go explain to Bling why he is not taking me back to the hotel. I just heard him come in," Fiona said with a dismissive glance.

Fiona's head was all Max could see from where she had situated herself on the counter. Fiona turned to Max, "So let me guess you over heard the conversation and assumed what I would have in your position…The naked thing was reference to changing my diapers, by the way. Oh well. At least you can help get me out of this place. Truth is I really want to head to a bar and relax. I love my brother, but he can be clingy."

"Why don't you want to spend time with him?" Max asked.

"It's not that. It's that Logan really is only a small part of the reason why I am here. I have been here for three days already and I am not staying at a hotel." The glint in her eyes made Max realize she wanted Max to figure it out.

// Not staying at a hotel so she is staying with someone. She said three days. Wait. //

"No way. You and Bling. I should have known something was up; Bling never just asks for time off. Well accept that once a few months ago," Fiona was apparently making a face. "That was you too… Obviously Logan doesn't know."

"No. But I am about to fix that. Want to watch?"

"Yes please."

"Just promise that you will get me out of here and somewhere to have mindless conversation and beer."

"Why don't you want to go home with Bling?" Max asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Well, between the two of them, this is the only moment to myself I have had since I arrived. I am sorry, but I like to be able to go if I want to go…Right now all I want is to go steal some of Logan's clothes and hit the city. I miss the city."



"So why are you living in Europe."

"Well, technically I never resided anywhere but Seattle. I have a house, car, motorcycle, art & stuff not far from here. I just lived my daily life in a house our dad owned in England."

"You own a motorcycle?"

"Yeah so?"

"I just didn't think –"

"You didn't think any sister of Logan Cale would own a motorcycle. I understand. What you don't understand is that Valerie is not a good judge of Logan's type or his background. Truth is he comes from a long for line of wise asses… I wish my mother could have lived to see her obnoxious little boy found his very own smart ass," she said with a big grin. "Honestly my parents did not know where Logan came from. They just looked at him and shook their heads most of the time. It was like he was born with a stick up his butt… Don't get me wrong he has always had a big heart and helped people in trouble, but he also loved to be the center of the universe and that was not my parents. That was however my Granddaddy from Georgia so they chalked it up to the deep Southern roots that seemed to be genetic."

"Logan never talks about his family. I just assumed he didn't have any."

"In some ways, its like he doesn't but we can talk about that later… Could you hand me that towel?" Max handed the towel and then turned around. "Hey would you grab me one of Logan's t-shirts and pair of jeans. Oh and lock the door. Logan hates locked doors; it drives him nuts. Thus being why…"

"…He hacks," Max completing Fiona's sentence.

"That a girl."

"Back in a flash," Max headed into the bedroom and locked the door. Logan heard the click and flew to the door after throwing clothes into the bathroom for Fiona.

"Why is this door locked?"

"Girls need their privacy don't they?" Max called making a face at Logan's sister.

"Not when it is the two of you. What is going on in there?" Logan yelled.

// He yells a lot more then usually when his sister is around. //

"What's the matter Loggie? You don't trust me to be alone with your girl?" Fiona called as she finished dressing. She made her way over to the closet and grabbed a long sleeved flannel as well as a leather jacket Max forgot Logan owned.

"Nice…" Max said under her breath. "You have done this before."

"Several times in my life. Now let the games really begin…"