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Murphy's Law

Star Shadow and Dark Stratos

Chaos surrounded the once proud man. It had started as such a normal day, a day where nothing could go ruin his good mood, or so he thought. Now he only wondered where his good mood had run off to.

So far today, on his floor, he had already encountered three rooms filled with oddly colored shaving cream, he had gotten between two maniacs having a water balloon fight and had seen the once white walls of the halls marred by black sharpie that stated lewd and unlikely things about his origin. Another wave of water came from the men's room as it had been doing at strange intervals today, and the lights flickered again. There was a chocobo in the hall, how it got there he'd never know. Somewhere down the hall another woman screamed. It wouldn't surprise him if she was duct taped to the ceiling too. When he had gone to the copy machine room earlier, he had found the first one and had cut her down after he saw the copier was copying the same pair of buttocks and there was no way to stop it. And last but certainly not least, his potted plat was on fire.

Tears welled up in Tseng's eyes as a small whimper tore from him. His lower lip quivered and his shoulders shook, and Tseng, leader of the Turks, proud warrior of Wutai, leaned over his desk, sitting in his chair with his head on his arms, and cried pitifully. Where had his life gone? How had things gone so horribly wrong?

Damn Murphy's Law…

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