Chapter 1: Broken Spirit

Hermione walks on the platform 9 ¾ in her usual outfit, a pair of jeans, t-shirt, jacket and a pair of sneakers. She doesn't exactly look sexy, but at least she doesn't look too sloppy. Her hair is straight, silky, and falls down to her middle back. Her make up is modest and just a bit highlighting, because that's all she needs.

She spots her three best friends across the crowd. There's a jet black haired boy with emerald eyes and a lighting bolt scar, a boy with scarlet red hair and reaches a height of at least 6'4, and a beautiful red haired girl that could pose for playboy if she really wants to. She joins them and they all greet her with affection.

"Hey Hermione, where were you all summer? I sent owls to your house but I never got any responds." Harry asks.

Hermione smiles and tells them the exciting news. "God I have so much to tell you guys about my summer. Lets get on the train and I'll tell you the whole story!"

They find an empty compartment and Hermione and Ron sat on one side while Harry sat with Ginny in his lap on the other; they hooked up at the end of last year.

"Okay," Hermione began, "When I get home for break, my parents take me out to my favorite restaurant for dinner because they had some news to tell me." They all look at her with curiosity in their eyes.

"So we sit down and order then they tell me, "Hermione, I know we should have told you sooner, but your adopted." They all gasp. "I know, they just bluntly told me just like that in public. I lost my breath when they said it. But anyway, they go, "I know your surprised, but you have to realize it doesn't matter who your blood comes from, we're your parents and we love you with all our heart," Which I knew, but I was still shocked."

"So anyway, they decided to tell me then because my real parents have died a month earlier and left their entire fortune to me!"

"How much?" Ron asked in amazement.

"3.5 million pounds so we spent all summer on a yacht in the south of France." Hermione told them.

"OH MY GOD!!" They all stated in unison.

"Yeah, and on top of that, they were one of the most powerful pureblood family in all Europe. I mean they are in equal to the Malfoy family."

"Talking about me Granger." Said a familiar, cold voice.

"Go away Malfoy." Ron told him.

"Can't, I need Hermione for head business." Malfoy coolly replied.

"It's okay guys, I see you later." Hermione told them and followed Malfoy to McGonagall's compartment. They sat down and listened as she told them the normal. Be the example for the first years, lead the prefects, blah, blah, blah. Then, she said something that shocked the both of them.

"As you've heard, the heads share a dorm."

"What! I thought that was just a rumor." Hermione asked with a tone of shock in her voice.

"No Miss Granger, that's why I want to talk to you two. I know you two have had some problems in the past," Malfoy and Hermione look at each other, but for some reason Malfoy had a smirk on his face, nothing like the resentful glare on hers. "But I hope you two can look past that now. You two are the brightest of your class and I hope you two have matured enough to look past your differences and get along."

"I can if he can." Hermione gestured to Malfoy who just smirks.

"Good, you'll find your portrait of a dragon if you go pull the axe on the suit of armor outside my office, go through the corridor, tap the middle stone block of the dead end wall, and your password is 'fire'.

"Why is it so complicated?" Hermione asks.

"That way, the shared dorm remains just a rumor." McGonagall smiled.

Hermione and Malfoy start to walk away when Malfoy suddenly grabs Hermione and pulls her into a nearby empty compartment and throws her down on the bench. He hovers over her and he can feel the anger coming off her body.

"What the fuck is wrong with…" But her mouth was completely covered by his hand. He lowered himself on top of her, pinning her with him body weight.

"Shut the fuck up Granger or you'll be fucking sorry." He growled in her ear. She was starting to become afraid. She tried to sneak her hand in her pocket and pull out her wand, but he grabbed her wrist and held on so tight he was bound to leave a bruise.

"Bad idea bitch." He tells her.

"Why are you doing this, what did I do?" She asks on the verge of tears.

"I just love to watch you squirm." He whispered against her lips as his free hand grabs her thigh and slowly creeps up. She squirms and whimpers but it's no use against his body weight plus his muscle. So he just laughs at her failed attempts to break free.

"Why bother, you're not going anywhere."

"Please, just let me go." She pleaded.

Suddenly, the train slows and Malfoy lets out an annoyed breath and looks at her once again. He leans down and whispers in her ear, "If you tell your friends, you'll be even more sorry than you already will be." With that he gets up and leaves.

Hermione stays there and lets a few tears drop from her eyes. Then she gets up and walks out.

Hermione was so upset she decided to skip the welcoming feast and just head for her dorm. She told her friends she had to do some head duties so she couldn't stay.

As she entered her dorm she saw a magnificent common room. The fire was blazing away and it light up the entire room with a dancing light. All the furniture looked like you could sink into it, but the best part was the humungous bookshelf filled to the brim with great books, magical or not.

She grabs a book and sits in the oh so comfortable looking couch and get engulfed in it. She was so caught up; she didn't hear the portrait hole swing open and Malfoy walk in.

He stares at her. She had taken off her school robes earlier so she's wearing her t-shirt and jeans again. She looked perfect. He couldn't stand for that. He walked to her and as he got closer, she noticed the noise and looked up. Malfoy could see the instant fear overwhelm her body and her breath became ragged as he lower himself on top of her once more.

"What do you want from me Malfoy?" She cried.

He smiled, "I just want you to look less than perfect, is that so wrong?" He growled.

Hermione suddenly got furious and the adrenaline made it possible to push Draco off her and fall flat on his ass.

Hermione quickly stood up and looked down at him with disgust. "How dare you Malfoy. You have no right to touch me. What makes you think I would allow you to ever touch me?"

Malfoy stands up and smiles, "Well my father told me you turn out to be a pure blood and guess what babe, we're betrothed."

Hermione's heart stops. She swears to God it stopped, but she's still breathing. Her parents would never betroth her to him, but her biological parents might.

"That's right Granger, you're my wife to be. So if I'm gonna marry you, you need to understand who's boss.

"I'm not your plaything Malfoy, you can't just fuck me whenever you want."

Malfoy walks so close to her, she can smell the cigarettes on him. He grabs he upper arms and shakes her hard. "Wanna bet, guess who's stronger. I can have you whenever I want and there's nothing you can do about it. You can tell your friends, but in the end we'll be married and I can make it a nice, or it can be painful." He leaned down and planted a forceful kiss directly on her lips, slightly bruising them.

She pushes him off and slaps him hard across the face. He returns the favor and slaps her across the face, knocking her to the floor. He leans down to her and whispers, "Every time you do something stupid like that you'll pay, every time you look at another man both of you will pay, ANY time you tell ANYONE about what does on between us, they will die!"

He turned and went to his bedroom. Hermione curled into a ball and cried hysterically.