The Silver Sailor Moon – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: "Sailor Moon", "Silver Surfer", and other genres belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a semi-fusion, crossover story.

Special note: This "universe" combines the BSSM with that of the DC Comics and Marvel Comics worlds (as the main ones).


In a different time and place, a man would be chosen to sacrifice his very identity and existence to prevent the devouring of his homeworld by Galactus, "The Cosmic Destroyer". Norrin Rand, re-made by Galactus, he would become his herald. This herald, known as "The Silver Surfer", would lead his master to other worlds. Only the kindness of a blind woman named Alicia Masters, and Earth woman, and friend to the costumed adventurers "The Fantastic Four", would allow the 'Surfer to reject his programming, and thus become a champion of all sentient beings in the universe.

But what if Galactus had come to Earth earlier, before Norrin had became the herald of Galactus? What if the Cosmic Destroyer had arrived during the time of the Silver Millennium?

Let's find out, shall we?

Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom sat on her throne. Her court advisors had given her the bad news about their "guest".

"Your Highness," Sailor Pluto said, as she stepped forth. "There is very little we can do to stop this 'Galactus' without risking the safety of our people."

Serenity sighed.

"Then, I have no choice but to use the 'Silver Millennium Crystal'."

Oh, no! Princess Serena said, as she overheard her mother and Pluto from behind the throne room. She knew that if her mother the Queen used her crystal, it could mean her death, even though it was one of the few objects in the universe that could defeat Galactus. She had to do something to prevent her mother's death.

"Princess, you shouldn't be here," said a voice.

Serena turned to see her mother's advisor, Luna d' Mus. At the moment, Luna was in her humanoid form.

"I…I'm just worried about the situation with the Cosmic Destroyer," Serena replied.

"Come, let us go to your chambers and wait for your mother's decision."

Serena nodded, as she turned to leave. She was determined to figure out a way out of this situation.

Late that night, Serena rose from her bed. She was dreaming about the death and destruction of her people. She dreamt about how her advisors and protectors would be forced to sacrifice their lives for her. Most importantly, she dreamt that both her mother and her beloved Prince Endymeon of Atlantis would die a horrible death.

"No, there has to be another way," Serena said to herself. "There has to be."

And with that, Princess Serena left her chambers, and took the royal space craft that was moored near the palace. Maybe she could make an appeal to Galactus to seek sustenance elsewhere.

A short time later…

Galactus sat on his throne with amusement. Here was a slip of a girl trying to plead for the lives of her people. He wondered why he didn't just consume her right then and there, since the girl was a living battery of power.

"Please, sir, spare my people!" Serena begged. "Take me for compensation if you must."

Galactus thought for a moment.

"I CONSTANTLY NEED TO FEED ON PLANETS," Galactus boomed. Being 60 feet tall made the entity an imposing figure. "STILL, YOUR ENERGY WILL BE SUFFECIENT ENOUGH TO SPARE YOUR HOMEWORLD."

"Then for sake of my people, I will sacrifice my life."

If Galactus still had a heart, he would have been touched by the girl's willingness to sacrifice her life. Maybe, just maybe she is the one who can redeem him.


Serena thought for a moment.

"I agree to your conditions…sir."


Serena found herself floating in the air before Galactus. Galactus then, gently, cupped the Moon Princess in his hands. He then began to link his life force with that of the girl's.

Serena felt her very self being transmogrified. Everything about her was being transformed, as she became one with the Cosmic Destroyer. And when it was over, Serena was transformed into…


The 'Moon appeared to appear all in shiny silver, including her hair. Her hair, tied in a dumpling style, was like silk. However, instead of flesh and hair, the Moon's "skin" was made out of an alloy of Galactus' choosing. A small crescent moon glowed on her forehead, while a large crescent was etched on the girl's chest, while roses were etched on her forearms. On her back, wings were etched on her skin, giving Serena an elaborate tattoo.

(A/N: Basically, Serena looks like a silver version of a television Emmy.)

Serena's eyes glowed softly, as the 'Moon resigned herself to her fate. Still, with her life force linked with Galactus's, the Cosmic Destroyer doesn't have to feed on planets as often as he usually does.

However, there was one more thing that the Moon Princess had to do…

"Where is she?" Queen Serenity yelled, as she frantically searched for her daughter.

"It's my fault," Luna lamented. "I should have been there for her-"


Standing before the Queen was the silver form of the Silvery Sailor Scout.

"Mother," the 'Moon said, as she floated down to the queen. "I've come to say good-bye."

"What happened to you?" Serenity asked.

"Galactus will no longer be a threat. You all will be safe."

Sailor Pluto steps forth.

"Princess, you cannot do this. You will be needed in the future."

"Perhaps, but Galactus is a bigger concern. I'm sorry."

And with that, Serena disappeared in a flash of light.

"Serena? Serena!"

For the next five thousand years, the Silver Sailor Moon performed her job as the herald of Galactus well. She saved countless lives, as she scoured the universe looking for planets for her master to consume. She did meet some people from her old home over the years, like the Evolutionary, the Celestials, Hercules of Olympus, Thor of Asgard, , the Justice League, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Superman, the Green Lantern Alan Scott and Hal Jordan, Adam Warlock and many others. She has helped these heroes as much as she could, so long as they did not interfere in her missions. In turn, she would be invited to visit Earth. However, Serena was reluctant to go home for a visit, out of a sense of shame and guilt.

Sadly, Serena was unable to prevent the destruction of the Moon Kingdom after all. Queen Serenity, distraught over her missing daughter, was not strong enough to prevent its destruction at the hands of the Negaverse. In effect, her people had died, leaving only the so-called "Blue Side of the Moon" as the only sign that the Moon Kingdom has ever existed.

Sigh, Serena thought, as she admired the view of the pulsars. She was lonely, even though Galactus was her only constant companion.

"Princess Serena…"

Serena blinked, as she stared at the holographic image of Sailor Pluto. Pluto had been watching over Serena for years, until it was time to actively intervene.

"Pluto, it's been a while."

"That it has," Pluto responded. "Princess, you are needed on Earth."

Serena turned away.

"How could I? I'm all alone."

"No, you're not."

Serena looks at Pluto.

"What do you mean?"

"Our people have been reincarnated. And the ones who destroyed them have returned."

Serena thought for a moment.

"Then, I guess I have to return home, then."


And with that, Sailor Pluto's image disappeared.

Serena stood up from her asteroid. Since she has just fed Galactus, then she'll have some time for herself. Perhaps…perhaps she can make amends after all. Thus, the Silver Sailor Moon took off for home.

At the same time, in the netherworld, an old enemy looks his foe through a viewing globe.

So, Scout, Mephisto the Deceiver thought. You decided to pay a visit your old world after all.

Mephisto was an entity from a time when "the Old Gods" roamed the cosmos. In fact, both he and Gaia, the Earth guardian, were members of this illustrious group, having survived the destruction of what would one day become "New Genesis" and "Apocalypse", the homes of "the New Gods". Mephisto has been trying to collect the souls of his victims for years, using various guises to do so. That is, until he ran into the Silvery Sailor Scout. So far, Mephisto has received one defeat after another at the hands of the Moon Princess.

"I think it's time to be a bit more pro-active," Mephisto says with an evil grin. "I would think that my sister Metallia will need my help in resurrecting the supremacy of her Negaverse."

Earth: New York, New York.

Steve Rogers, also known as "Captain America", was working out, when Jervis the Butler informs him that he has a visitor. Steve was shocked as to who that visitor was.

"Moon, I didn't think you would accept the Avengers' invitation to join us," Steve says.

"I am not," Serena replied. "However, I am willing to be at your disposal while I am here on Earth."

"Fair enough. So, what can I do for you?"

Serena asks Steve if he could arrange to have a secret identity during her stay, so that she could best interact with humans.

"Well, that could be arranged, but based upon your appearance-"


Serena now appeared to be a normal looking girl. Her cosmic level powers allowed her to alter her appearance at will.

Steve smiles.

"I'll see what I can do."

A week later, Serena Moonchild arrives at Narita International Airport. It's been arranged that she would live with the Tsukino family as a foreign exchange student from New York.

"Hello!" Ken Tsukino says, as he greeted his guest, along with his wife and son.

"Welcome to Japan!" Ikuko, Ken's wife, exclaims.

Serena smiled. Maybe her mission will be a success after all.

Tbc? Basically, this is Sailor Moon as "the Silver Surfer", set during the first season of Sailor Moon. Also, who should be Serena's love interest? Remember, even though she is 5000 years old, her experiences with humans are limited (think of her as a mature teenager). Later!