Metroid: The Fanfiction

by jammin2099

Hey guys, Just picked up Super Metroid again, and thought I would give it a shot at trying to write out a story with it. Forgive me if this isn't the best thing I've written. As always, C&C is welcomed, and Flames will be handled personally by Zero and X. Because nothing says "Be nice" like a fully charged and primed Plasma Buster Cannon in your face.

Chapter One:

Every Story has a Beginning.


Return To The Beginning

by Samus Aran

Hello, my name is Samus Aran, and this?

This is my story.

It is who I am, and Who I have been, and who I will be, until my death.

I have seen death, and destruction.

I have embodied the same.

I have brought to justice countless pirates, rogues, and theives.

However, none of these criminals compare to my greatest threat, the Zebesian Space Pirates.

Led by a strange life form known only as "Mother Brain", these insect-like creatures went on a rampage across the galaxy for decades, pillaging and stealing, killing and looting, and wiping out any colonies that dared to oppose them. My own included.

I don't know why I was spared that day when the Zebesian raiding parties descended on our Mining colony, perhaps they saw no reason to execute a child, but I do know the only reason I survived was because of the Chozo.

The ancient Chozo, a benevolent bird-like race from across the stars. They found my body, burned and broken from the flames of my dying home. They brought me aboard their ship, watched over my recovering wounds, taught me their strange language. A small child such as myself soon repressed the horrible memories of the raid, gathering new, better memories from the kind avian race.

However, all too soon, the memories came rushing back, as the Chozo and I watched from afar as another colony was razed by the marauding Space Pirates. It was then I made my decision.

I asked the Chozo to rebuild me.

To give me the strength to fight this evil...

...and they did. My life would never be the same.

The Chozo had trained me from the moment I had fully healed, the Chozo blood they had used to save my life, now making me stronger and faster than your average humanoid. The training was rigorous, but necessary to learn to control this newfound strength. I had learned quickly, my movements ever more graceful and deadly.

But it was not enough.

That was when I asked them to make me a warrior. To give me the weapons I would need to fight evil. They were hesitant at first, but were soon convinced when I passed their trials of adulthood.

Soon after, they gifted me with the Powersuit I now wear. The price I paid for this request was high. My entire right arm, up to the elbow. But it was a price I paid eagerly, to gain my revenge upon the evil that had destroyed my previous life.

And so, having been outfitted with the Chozo's technology, and protected by the wonders of my Chozo Powersuits armor, I began my search, tracking the pirates to the ancient planet Zebes. A long lost relic of the Chozo race. Ancient homeland to a species that had no true home. A majestic planet, defiled by the smooth-bored tunnels the Pirates excavated to build their base. It only fueled my righteous anger further.

I wiped them out. Destroyed every last one of the Pirates. I could hear them over the communicator in my helmet, as the translator unit struggled to keep up with their chatter. I heard them as their cries of fear began to rise as they uttered my new name for them, "The Hunter." I listened as they began running when they saw me, but my revenge was not to be denied. I was as a Fury, my Power Cannon ripping through their exoskeletons and laying them to waste, their remains being crushed underfoot as I 'Hunted' the others down, one by one.

Hours later, after escaping the deadly grasp of the Metroids and my first encounter with them, and killing Mother Brain herself, I emerged from the planet. Surprisingly not far from where I had landed. As I stood beside my ship watching the entrance self-destruct, I finally gave in to my grief. After seventeen years, I finally fell to my knees and wept out all my sorrows of my lost home and family. 'Finally, I have brought them retribution.' I had thought.

But it was not to last. Soon after leaving the planet, I picked up their trail again, heading for a planet far on the edge of the system. A planet named Chozoniam by the Chozo race. It had been a paradise for the Chozo. However, this paradise too, was not meant to last, being infected with the plague of the comet that crashed down into it's core, Bringing what they called "The Great Poison", or as the Pirates named it, Phazon.

This planet was where I finally read of the Chozo's ancient writings, finding them scattered far and wide across the planet, etched upon the great slabs of rock for eternity. I learned of their lives before the Phazon took root, and of their slow slide into madness as my benefactors were slowly driven to insanity by the vile poison. All this I learned, and kept with me, even as I faced the Pirates and their experiments, the Metroids. After a desperate battle with Meta-Ridley, a cybernetic rebuild of my evil foe, I descended into the core of the planet itself, where I faced Metroid Prime.

Until then, never had I know such a fierce foe, and never had I been taken so close to the edges of my endurance. In the end, it was only by the unseen blessing of my suits viral Phazon corruption that I was able to defeat it.

And even now, I feel that it is still out there. That we are somehow linked, joined together by an unbreakable bond, and that the end of one of us would surely be the end of the other.

After I had defeated the Prime metroid, I left for deep space, and the United Space Military Core base for repairs, and to claim the bounty on the Pirates of Zebes. However, upon my arrival, I made a dreadful discovery. The scientists there had discovered the origin of the Metroids, an asteroid that had been designated SR-388. I was immediately dispatched to the mission they had to wipe out the Metroids from the galaxy. At least, they gave me the mission after I had run out and left for the asteroid as soon as my repairs were completed. They had only finished the main systems to my suit and ship, so I had once again been left with only my Powersuit and my main Power cannon.

SR-388 was a hellish place. Devoid of features upon it surface, I discovered that like Zebes, the asteroid had a labyrinthine maze of tunnels below it's surface. The Chozo had been here as well it had seemed, as I found many duplicates of my old weaponry stashed amongst the myriad chambers.

Finally, after days of traveling below the surface, I had finished all of the metroids. There were no more Metroid readings appearing on my scope. On my way out though, following my HUD's navigation system to the nearest exit it detected, I heard a loud roar, and a massive reading appeared on my scope. One last metroid had appeared, and when I found it, I was taken for a moment in fearful awe. A queen metroid, in all her glory had been resting, until my genocide of the metroids had disturbed her sleep.

The fight was fierce, made even more so by the closed quarters we fought in, her draconic form lashing everywhere at once it would seem. In the end though, I was victorious, detonating my missiles inside her body, and killing the majestic beast. I sat down, thinking on what I had done. Was I really justified in this? Was I right to decide the fate of a race of creatures that were only acting on what they understood was necessary to their survival? These thoughts and more plagued me as I sat in the chamber of the queen metroid, her broken and shattered eggs littering the rock floor.

After hours of thought, I was no closer to an answer than I had been after the battle. But I picked myself up, and moved towards the exit, ready to leave and return home. As I stood, I heard behind me a pitiful, but frighteningly familiar chirp. As I slowly turned around the sound got closer, until I turned fully and found myself face to face with a newborn metroid, just hatched from it's shell. As it swarmed around me, I instinctively brought up my cannon, prepared to blast the creature into oblivion like all its brethren.

It floated around me for a moment, chirping that same pitiful note, and though it landed on me several times, it never latched on to begin draining me. It was floating about me as if it were some small bird that thought I was its...

And then the thought hit me. 'It thinks I'm its mother?!' That thought coursed through my mind, rendering me speechless as I watched it's flight which made it cling to me as though I could make everything alright.

So I left the planet, and took the young one with me. I thought it could be used for the good of the universe. I took it to the BSD Labs, and left it in their care. I was told they would care very well for the Metroid and that their research would bring a hopefully unlimited source of energy to the universe. I left, secure in the knowledge that the work was for the good of mankind.

A few lightyears out from the center I suddenly received a distress call...

The research station was under attack!!!


Well, this is the first chapter of my Metroid Fanfic. Hope you like it, It's hopefully going to be a sort of novelization of the Super Metroid game. Sorry this chapter doesn't have much Super Metroid Storyline to it, and it's mainly the back story to S. Metroid, But I had to start somewhere, and this is where my mind took me. Every story I write is a journey of my own mind into the universe I am writing about. I am Glad only that I am able to describe my journeys. As I know, some individuals tend to take a series more seriously than others, please if you are one of these people, remember what I have said above. I only describe the Journey, It's up to your mind to interpret what that Journey looks like.

I don't own Metroid, It belongs to Nintendo. For Continuity, and since it's not out yet, This Fanfic plays out as if the new Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has not happened yet. Also Since the storyline is set that way, Fusion also has not happened yet.

Next chapter...

--As I stepped off my ship into the Zebesian air, I took in the sites of my landing zone. I had landed within a few metres of where I had been when I first left Zebes years ago. I could see the corroding metal of the doorway to the Tourian escape tunnel I had used years ago when I first destroyed the Zebes Pirate base....--

Stay Vigilant, Hunters.