Metroid: The Fanfiction

by Jammin-2099

A.K.A. Zero: The Dimensional Traveler

Hey guys, got another Metroid chapter for ya. I've gotta apologize about the chapter naming explanation on chapter two. I thought the name of the song from the RLH(Run Like Hell) Soundtrack was "On Station" but the name of the song was actually "Forseti Station". Either way, the song still really does fit well with that particular chapter. Well, it's been a while, but I'm finally trying to get this story going again. I've had a few problems in that I am in the process of changing out OS's on my computer, and I don't have access to my Emulators right now. So it may take a little longer for me to get chapters out. But for now, on with the story!


Chapter 5

The Underground Rainforests of Zebes


It was silent as I returned to the shaft leading down to the old Tourian, not even the sounds of the local wildlife were there, and that's when I saw it. Down at the bottom of the shaft, Pirates were coming up through the escape hatch, and the Zoomers and Rippers had all retreated to their underground nests. I could tell they were searching for me, as they scanned the walls of the shaft with their tracking equipment.

Suddenly, in the path of one of the scanner beams, a pair of footprints and a handprint was illuminated on the wall. The spot I had kicked off of when I was getting away! I started to circle around the shaft, looking for another exit. There had to be one, since they wouldn't be using this area as their main base in the state it was in.

I was sliding across the wall, looking for another exit when I suddenly fell through! I stood up, looking at the smooth-bored tunnel I was now in, and the rocky face that was in front of me. I reached a hand up to it and was surprised as my hand passed through the illusion and I pulled it back. "Holographic projector systems...Great...that's all I need right now is another way for them to hide things..." I said sarcastically to myself as I turned and walked towards the now apparent door at the end of the tunnel.

It opened on a tunnel leading downwards, a path spiralling slowly down toward the heart of the planet. As I slowly made my way down, I noticed almost immediately the absence of natural sounds. The wavers didn't make noise anyway, something about their physiology, but the strange rippers I saw along the way should have been making a chittering noise, the sound of their mandibles coming together. The few I saw weren't making any noise at all, but they seemed different, and seemed to give off a metallic sheen.

When I saw one of them spin suddenly when a rock fell and clattered off the ground, and sweep the area with a highly focused scan field, I realized what it was. "They made a security device that looks like a Ripper." I said dryly to myself. "I'm not giving these guys enough credit. Before that Security eye, I would have walked right into that."

I made it a point to avoid those as much as possible, noting the extra shimmer of their armor that indicated an anti-beam coating. "If I only had my grappling beam, I could fry it's circuits..." I thought to myself as I snuck past the last of them. I noticed as I came to the end of the tunnel that the walls were becoming more well-designed, and there was less bare rock and more metallic panels.

As I came to the door, I noticed something lying in an alcove on the floor. I reached down and pulled it out, looking at the small cube, it underside lined with small connector pins, and the top of it marked with Chozo heiroglyphics. As my suit translated it, It activated, and my suit finally recognized it. It was a Chozonian Energy Tank! I hoped it was still operational, as I reached around and plugged it into a slot on the back of my suit. I moved over to a darkened corner of the hallway, and watched my suits diagnostic as it ran over the cicuitry in the tank. After a moment, a prompt came up telling me it was reconfiguring my energy usage protocols for the shielding system, and I saw the faint glow of my shield on my visor fade out. Another moment later and the tanks at the top of my hud reappeared, an extra meter showing on the display, and I saw the meters fill up as the slight amber glow returned.

I stepped forward and through the next door after opening it, taking note of the increased finish of the hallways. The one I was currently in looked as if it had been taken from a ship. With it's gleaming surfaces, and straight lines, there was no doubt. Someone had rebuilt a new base here, and I had to take it out.

A little while, and a few missles later, I was stepping into a gravi-lift room, and the energy plate was set to go down. I stepped onto it and activated the lift, watching as the ground began to seemingly rise up around me, and I was swallowed by the darkness of the shaft.

The lift dropped slowly through the packed earth around me, and the lift stayed relatively stable as it descended. It wasn't until I noticed the earth was beginning to be replaced by vines and plantlife that I began to realize this wasn't the same Zebes I had assaulted a few years ago. I was amazed at the structure of the plants that had grown to support the massive cavern above, and I saw below me the lift began to open up.

The platform dropped down, and stopped on a platform of vines, reinforced of course with metal plates and supports from the pirates. As I stepped off the lift I noticed the ground was not entirely stable, the vines giving way slightly as I stepped across them, and after a moment, I was forced to step back onto the metal ramps and platforms that had obviously been installed for just this purpose.

I took my time going down, watching for enemies, but nothing was apparent with the exception of the natural wildlife that had taken root down here. I came across several doors on my way down, the last marked "Navigation Room". This one gave me pause, and I stopped to examine it a bit closer. When I came to the doors however, I was put on alert as the doors slid open noiselessly by my approach. Inside, I found several computer terminals setup, along with a holographic map. kneeling at one of the consoles, I interfaced with the machine, and began scanning through the records.


-Translated from Space Pirate language.-

Stardate 85.4.2593

We have finished the access tunnels through Brinstar.

Are now beginning the research on the indigenous lifeforms of the Brinstar Area of Zebes.

Several of the lifeforms from this area of the planet show remarkable abilities, such as a strange creature similar to a kranar'kat'leth bird from our homeworld which travels at an amazing speed. It showed a very protective nature towards it's eggs which it gaurds from us using it speedy movements. To this day we have not been able to acquire any eggs for research.

-End of File-

Several more entries of this nature are also present, as well as the final report.

Stardate 13.56.2734

We have completed our research of the area, and there is nothing more to learn from this station. We have closed down most of our power, and have finished removal of the more important equipment. I have heard the explosions from the other end of the base, more than likely the equipment we just sent back to the others is being destroyed in the explosion. We're pulling out and heading for the research facilities on Tallon IV, thank the Mother, so we won't have to deal with whatever the main base is dealing with. Stupid half-moults, screaming this and that about "The Hunter" over the comm-link. The Hunter is a child's story. A scary story told to larvae to keep them in line. This is research base Kari'lith. Closing down.

-End Of File-


I downloaded and looked over the data they had left, but not much was of help. Noticing a terminal against the wall that was still relatively active, I walked over and connected my blaster interface to it. After a moment or two I got the connection working and the computer uplinked to the pirate network. It started downloading files automatically, and after a moment it released the connection automatically, as my systems indicated I had received a map download. I checked my Map on the HUD, taking note of where it marked the Energy and weapons storage. Closing down the systems again, I walked out the doors, and moved on to the storage facilities it had marked.


End of Chapter


Well, heres another chapter for you. And this time I explain where the Title "The Hunter" Came from. With any "Demon" theres going to be those people that don't believe in it. And the pirates had to draw the name "Hunter" from somewhere. and usually those names come from an old folktale about a rampaging Demon. So I went with it. Yes, For those of you that couldn't realize it from what I had said there. The research station and the Brinstar Tunnels were there in the first mission, Samus just couldn't get to them.

As for the tech:

Energy Tanks: These are those E tanks you find on the floor and in various other places, In this story, they're actually about the size of a small apple. and they connect into ports on the back of Samus's suit, providing extra energy pathways and new circuit layouts, providing her with a more efficient method of using her energy, hence there is more energy to be used.

The Pirates Research station: hey, The Pirates had to do some exploring too. and the "Navigation" room I was describing there, was basically one of those rooms in game where Samus downloads a part of the map. Specifically, the Brinstar Map.

In the Memory of the Chozo!

Ja, ne?