Title: Rivendell Years

Author: MusicDreamer

Rating: G (Rating may change for Future Chapters)

Summary: Slightly AU. Each chapter of this story will highlight an event from Aragorn's life in Rivendell. Chapter One, Aragorn and Gilraen's first night in Rivendell. Please R&R. But please no flames!

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Chapter 1: A Mother's Love Will Last Forever

Gilraen walked cautiously down the hall. She was trying to find her way to her bedroom which she would share with her son tonight. The woman could hear the sound of Glorfindel's feet padding ever so softly in front of her. When they came to a stop, she heard him state, "Here is your room milady. It is the fourth door on the right side of the hall."

"Hannon le Glorfindel." I thank you Glorfindel.

The woman listened to the door as it creaked open upon its hinges. She stepped into the room with her son at her side. She let her right hand grope about in the darkness trying to figure out the layout of the room which was veiled entirely in darkness. As she bumped against something hard, Gilraen leaned down and began rubbing her knee calling out in frustration, "What was that?"

Glorfindel responded apologetically, "I'm sorry milady. That was the table next to your bed. Would you like some help?"

The woman sighed and stared blankly out into the darkness. The woman was about to ask for the elf's help when she felt a gentle tug on her skirt. Gilraen looked down in the direction of her son, "What is it, Aragorn?"

"Mamma, the bed's right here. See?" The boy then crawled up on the bed and began shaking it so that it squeaked. The sound was able to guide Gilraen to the side of the bed. She then turned around, and with her three-year-old son's help sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Thank you Aragorn. What would I do without my big helper?" She could hear the little boy laughing and ruffled his hair with her right hand.

Gilraen focused her sightless green eyes in what she hoped was the direction of the elf standing near the doorway. She spoke cheerfully, "I think I can manage the rest of the night. But tomorrow either someone is going to have to give me a walking stick, or I will most certainly walk right off the edge of a cliff!"

Glorfindel smiled from his place in the doorway. Gilraen was indeed an amazing woman. Despite her blindness she was extraordinarily independent. He looked on as Gilraen tucked her son in for the night, and then as she cuddled down next to him beneath the down covers.

He bade the woman farewell for the night, "Goodnight my friend. I am sure that Lord Elrond will have a walking stick ready by tomorrow. And I'll take you around the house myself."

As the door clicked closed Gilraen rolled over onto her side. She pulled her young son close to her and began to stroke his wavy black hair. It was hard to believe that their lives had changed so quickly. Just a few weeks ago, she and her husband had been celebrating Aragorn's third birthday. Now she and her son were alone in a strange place which was to become their new home.

Rivendell wasn't all that strange for the young mother, but her son had never before seen an elf. The boy had never been anywhere outside of his small home in the ranger's village. It had been the only home he had ever known. That had all changed two weeks ago.

A fight had broken out between the rangers and the orcs. The evil creatures had come to raid the village after discovering that it was the home of Isildur's heir. She and Aragorn had hidden in a secret cave near the river just outside the village.

After hours of waiting an elf appeared at the cave's entrance. It had been Erestor. The two humans had then come out of their hiding place. Gilraen could sense the relief that flowed out of the elf when he found them both still alive. Not long afterward she had discovered that her husband had been killed by the orcs.

Erestor had asked her to come and live in Rivendell. Gilraen had agreed. She knew that her husband would want her to protect their son at all costs from future attacks.

The woman was pulled out of her reverie by the soft touch of her son's small hand resting her cheek. She heard a small voice whisper, "Mamma, you miss daddy too?"

Gilraen pulled her son closer. Kissing him on the forehead, she responded shakily, "Yes, little one. I miss daddy too."

"Mamma, can't sleep."

The mother asked, "Why not?"

"Cause I scared." The boy continued with a hesitant question, "Bad things come and take my mamma away?"

Gilraen soothed, "No little one. Those bad things can't get to us here. Mamma will always be with you to keep you safe."

The little boy spoke through a yawn, "Kay. But Mamma, I still can't sleep."

The woman couldn't help but smile. She knew what the boy wanted to hear her say, "Do you want me to sing you the Shining Star song?"

The little child snuggled deeper down into the covers and replied through another yawn, "Pwease."

The mother wrapped an arm protectively around her son and began to sing.

What is that twinkling up above?

What could this diamond be? ,

which I see now

leading me home

through this cold and lonely night,

While I sing?

I see it shining high above!

So brightly I see it shining!

The ever faithful guide!

The beautiful Northern Star!

I tread a lonely road,

And although all alone

I still have my song,

and this shining star

as I continue to travel along.

I see it shining high above!

So brightly I see it shining!

The ever faithful guide.

The beautiful Northern Star!

This star is ever constant

never moving from its place.

It guides me on through the lonely night,

As homeward bound, I sing,

I see it shining high above!

So brightly I see it shining!

The ever faithful guide!

The beautiful Northern Star!

The child was asleep by the end of the last chorus. Gilraen could hear the slow rhythmic breathing that came when one was asleep. She kissed her son gently on the forehead one final time whispering, "My love will last forever." The mother then closed her sightless eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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