Written for Jeshi-chan (Mentality at its Worst) in my request a drabble post in my journal.

Yay for crack pairings? X3

Anyways, onto the fic. And I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, either.

It was Gluttony's birthday when they first met, and Gluttony had fallen in love at first sight.

Envy was quite proud of himself, since Gluttony was never away from their side, and it had been Envy's gift.

Lust was jealous. Not because she liked Gluttony, but he was supposed to like her, and he had ignored her since he had received Envy's gift.

That Person was annoyed, because he was never away from the gift and refused to listen to them anymore.

At least, not until he ate 'the pretty pink' as he affectional called it, and thanked Envy for the ton of strawberry yogurt.


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