"We're going to be late!" Tristin said impatiently.

"Why are you so huffy?" Rory asked him. She rolled her eyes at him as she emerged from the bathroom. She wore a dark red chiffon dress that turned black when the cloth bunched up.

"You," he said, "Are exquisite." He punctuated each word with a kiss.

"Oh, you better lay off, caveman," Rory said. "if you want us to be really late, this is one way of getting behind."

"Maybe my thesis is not that important," Tristin muttered. He hugged her and started playing with the spaghetti ribbon tie that held Rory's dress together.

"Be good!" she warned him.

"You're a grinch," Tristin moped. "Is it too late to date your mother?"

Rory punched him on the shoulder. "I want to point it out that you are lusting over my mother."

"But she could be so much cooler than you sometimes," Tristin pointed out to Rory.

"Agh!" she responded walking out of the front door.

Rory and Tristin headed to the Architecture Building at Princeton. The spring air swirled around them as people walked in and out of the large doors. The couple was met at the design studio by familiar faces.

"I thought you guys would never show up!" Paris groaned as she sipped some punch.

"Yeah, if you guys didn't show up in five minutes, she was going to send a search party," Jaime said in a stage whisper.

Paris and Jaime got back together after Rory started driving to New Jersey every other weekend and when she had free time since her sophomore year at Yale. Paris hitched a ride once to annoy the happy couple only to accidentally bump into Jaime. And everything, as you say, is history.

"And I think she would've employed us. Can you see my new Jimmy Choos scuffed?" Madeline added, aghast.

"You know I won't allow her to drag you away from me," Graham said, wrapping his arms from behind her.

Graham was smitten with Madeline and decided to woo her after his trip back from DC. He was a good influence on her. Madeline thought that Graham was just another guy who wanted a good time. When she realized that he wasn't going anywhere, Madeline got knocked off her feet. Graham helped her get refocused in school. She was graduating in a year and a half from Albertus Magnus College. She decided to take up international business. With her new dedication in her academics, Tristin's father's firm decided to take her in during the summers as an intern. She hated the clerical work that accompanied the territory but it gave her confidence to be on her own.

"Have you seen Louise?" Rory asked.

"She and Logan will be late," Paris responded. "When were they ever on time?"

Louise snagged Logan Huntzberger a year after she and Madeline have separated. She got into Sarah Lawrence as she promised her father in the fall of 2004. She came into town to check up on the gang when she bumped into Logan and challenged him to a game of pool. Three pitchers of beer and two years later, the couple had become the poster child of "Children Gone Wild". Surprisingly, they became the first couple in their group to announce their engagement.

"Ooh, Rory, I almost forgot to give this to you. It's courtesy of Louise," Madeline told her.

It was Louise's invite to an engagement party. It was addressed to her and to Tristin.

"Hmm, is that what I think it is?" Tristin asked Rory over her shoulder.

"Our little girl is growing up," Rory let out a mocked sob.

"Ball and chain; what has our world come down to?" Graham asked, shaking his head.

The room was called to attention as the Dean of Architecture announced the Scholarship winners of the year. The cheers within the room echoed all throughout the studio. Rory could have not been prouder standing next to Tristin knowing they have toughed out anything that was put up against them.

"... And before we leave you to view the exhibits by our senior class, I would like to point out the work of one of our brighter students, Tristin DuGrey. He didn't win any scholarships but he has gotten the attention of the Guggenheim corporation," the Dean said. Chuckles throughout the room reverberated. Rory's eyes bugged out.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked him in hushed tones.

"I wanted you to be surprised," he said with a smile.

"Well, I am," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"So, you cannot just turn a blind eye to the young man that one of the most architecturally prestigious museums, so I bring your attention to Mister DuGrey's work," the Dean ended his speech as the spotlight lit over Tristin's work. The design is reminiscent of the wave patterns the Guggenheim is known for. The sleek lines and the bright lights made his mini infrastructure surprisingly warm and welcome.

"Come here," he ordered her, tugging her hand.

He took a remote control next to his exhibit. He turned it on and a little red car popped out from the garage of his exhibit. Right before the car made a turn towards Rory, a little ribbon shot out of the trunk of the car. Oohs and ahhs escaped the lips from all those who viewed his exhibit. Rory's hand went on her mouth. Tristin was laughing.

"Oh my God. Yes, yes!" she shrieked.

She handed her cup to the person next to her and ran to Tristin. "Yes, I will marry you!"

Her arms went around Tristin's neck. They kissed and the room erupted in claps and congratulations. Tristin pulled her arms down. He walked towards the car that had the message 'Will You Marry Me, Rory Gilmore?'. The convertible top on the car came down. The car revealed a square cut diamond on an antique set ring. He retrieved the family heirloom and looked at Rory. He genuflected in front of her. "Will you do me the honor?"

Rory nodded yes as he slipped the ring on her left hand. The diamond winked back at her.

Madeline, Graham, Paris and Graham all yelled in excitement.

"Did we miss it?" Louise asked as she dragged Logan behind her.

"As usual," Paris said drolly.

"Now if we could just convince these other boys," Louise said as she kissed Rory on the cheek. "Congrats, lady."

Paris handed Rory some tissue to dab her eyes. "Thank you, Paris."

"You owe me one," she said, smiling. "Congratulations."

Rory gave Tristin a kiss on the cheek. She excused herself from the room, receiving words of wisdom and congratulations from everyone she passed. She just wanted to share the good news with her mother.

"Mom!" Rory greeted when her mother answered the phone.

"So, has he popped the question yet?" Lorelai asked.

"You knew?" Rory asked.

"Yeah... Like a month ago. He came to ask for permission. It's about damned time he asked you," she responded.

"He asked permission?" she squealed.

"Yeah. I almost spilled the beans several times. Now I don't have to worry about that," she chuckled.

"I'm getting married!" she yipped.

"Yes, you are!" Lorelai commented. "Now, what are your thoughts on a fall wedding?"

"Why fall?" Rory asked.

"Because Luke asked me to marry him, too!" Lorelai revealed.

"He did?" Rory asked. "When?"

"Two weeks ago," Lorelai confirmed.

"And you were waiting to tell me, why?" Rory queried.

"Because I want to share my wedding day with you. You'd be my maid of honor and I your matron of honor," she said.

"Oh you're so wicked," Rory commented dryly.

Lorelai laughed as she hung up the phone. Rory smiled as she folded her flip phone.

"There you are!" Tristin called out from behind her.

She faced the man she loved and gave him a hug. He gave her a long kiss, nibbling the pink flesh when she protested his amorous kiss.

"Tristin DuGrey, I love you," she muttered.

"And you get to say that all the days of our lives," he said. "And you know what?"

"What" she asked.

"I love you, too," he added. "And twice on weekends. So what do you say we get everyone together and celebrate?"

Hand in hand, they walked back into the studio and meet up with all the other people that loved them back.

"Any requests before we get to become each other's ball and chain?" he asked.

"Call me 'Mary'," she sighed. She hasn't heard that name in a long time.

"Your wish is my command, Mary," he growled, swooping down to catch her lips again.