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The Way of the Warlock

Chapter 1: Dealing with the loss and meeting strangers

It was the 30th June 1996 as a teenager with raven black hair entered the pub „To the Black Dog"in London.

It was an ordinary muggle pub but it remembered the teen of his late godfather Sirius Black whose animagus-form had been a big black dog.

He felt guilty for the death of him, because he had been lured in a trap by his archenemy Voldemort. Sirius Black had followed his godson with a few others of the Order and fought the Death Eaters to rescue him. Sirius Black had died that damn day. He fell through the Veil of the Death in the Department of Mysteries. Harry had accepted that the whole guilt didn't lie by him alone. Others like Dumbledore, the old Puppet Master, and Snape, the Potter-hating potions master and lastly Kreacher the filthy excuse of a house elf were surely guilty as well as Harry. The fact remained that he was partially guilty though. That, the new knowledge of that prophecy and the wounds his friends received in the Ministry as well were burning him inside out. Nightly he awoke sweating and panting from nightmares. They weren't nightmares sent by Voldemort, they came from his subconscious and let him with a heavy lack of sleep.

To ease his pain from grieving and guilt, he sneaked out at night, cleverly avoiding the guards of the Order, and went drinking.

He had made quite the coup at Hogwarts before they went to the holidays.

He transfigured a simple sheet of parchment into a real ID-Card, an exact copy of his original. Only this copy stated he was born in 1977 instead of 1980 and to whomever he showed this card, he was eighteen... legal in the muggle world.

Sure he had to show his card whenever he ordered a drink, but it didn't only look like original, thanks to his magic it was... except for the fact, it wasn't registered anywhere.

And so he activated his marauder genes, which he had inherited from his father.

He went unknown to the Order and his relatives to a coin collector some few miles away and sold some of his galleons to him. The shopkeeper couldn't recognize the coins and so they hadn't a collectors value but the man agreed to buy them for the worth of the pure gold they consisted of. Harry made quite cash from this and got nearly 350 Pounds Sterling.

Happy with his new money, which meant more freedom for him, he went to the next clothing store and bought some new and more important fitting clothes. Two pairs of jeans one black one blue, some T-Shirts, sweaters, some sneakers and decided to get some contacts and new glasses which he did some days after.

He picked days for that, where his aunt and cousin were out of the house anyway, so he could hide his gatherings behind the loose floorboard under his bed.

And just now, he sat with his dark blue hooded sweater, base cap and contacts incognito at the bar in the pub and ordered ale.

The barkeeper recognized him already and didn't ask for his card anymore. After Harry had found this pub, he didn't go to any other anymore. The name of it remembered him of Sirius and so he drank to him nearly every other night.

He wasn't silly and knew that drinking wouldn't make the pain go away but it numbed it for a short time and that was enough for now. He drank also not too much and didn't got really pissed, but enough to make him forget for a while.

After an hour, a dark haired man sat down next to him and ordered a whiskey, not a glass, but a bottle and an empty glass. Harry stared at the man surprised. The man seemed to be around fifty years old and seemed really fit to Harry, judging by his athletic figure.

He filled the glass to the half and emptied it in one go.

Harry turned his head back to his ale and took a sip too.

As his glass was empty, he ordered a glass of whiskey instead of ale.

The barkeeper shot him a worried look and muttered, „Today was a bad day then?"

Harry nodded, „A bad night again, Will."

Will, the barkeeper, has got to know Harry during the last few days. On some days he would only drink some ales and exchange some words with Will. On other days, like today it seemed, he ordered Whiskey instead of ale and got nearly drunk. But Will knew and valued the fact, that Harry knew his line. He never got really drunk till now.

Will had sympathy for the teen and knew he lost someone near to him.

The dark haired man next to him scrutinized him thoughtful. Harry turned his head to him and looked him in his eyes. In the blue eyes of the stranger he recognized the same hollow look he saw every morning in the mirror.

„You seem to young to have to drink away great pain."the man said.

„And you? Did you loose someone near to you too, like I did?"Harry asked in a sad voice.

The man nodded and filled his glass and after a moment of hesitation Harry's glass also.

They clinked their glasses together and said quietly „To our dears."and emptied their glasses.

„Whom did you loose, if I may ask?"Harry asked, feeling connected to this man through his pain.

„My wife and my little daughter. She was eleven and should enter Hog... a boarding school this year."the man said.

Harry's head shot up and stared the man determined in his sad eyes.

„What?"the man asked surprised.

Harry looked over his shoulder, but Will was serving some guests and nobody was near them to overhear them talking.

He whispered, „You aren't talking about Hogwarts, are you?"

The man was clearly surprised and took a more exact look at his opposite.

„And what do you know about Hogwarts?"

Harry ignored the question and asked sadly, „Your wife and your daughter, were they killed by Death Eaters or maybe Voldemort himself?"

The man winced slightly but less then all the other wizards Harry knew.

„Yes they were. They were tortured by some of his inner circle for an hour and then killed before my own eyes. All that because I refused to join Voldemort."

„You say his name? I am impressed."said Harry with a hollow laughter, then he added, „I am sorry for your loss."

„Thanks. What's with you then?"

„My godfather was killed some days ago by Bellatrix Lestrange as he tried to rescue me from an ambush. The irony is, that I went to rescue him in the first place, but it was a trap for me."

„LESTRANGE!"shouted the man nearly and stomped his glass hard on the bar.

„You know that insane bitch?" Harry asked.

„Yeah, I ... kind of hunted her down and putted her to Azkaban."

„To bad, she didn't stay there then."Harry said and ordered another ale.

„Why would Voldemort lure you into a trap, a mere boy?"

„I may be a boy from age, but I have seen much more of his horror, than most ancient wizards alive, I think."Harry muttered quietly.

„An why did he ask you to join him?"Harry asked.

„Because... sorry, I will tell it to you, you seem sincere to me, but I fear, I will have to obliviate you afterwards though."

„Well I could tell you the same, but I am not allowed to do magic outside of school yet. But I agree. Let's talk freely today and do afterwards whatever you must. I don't feel up to secrets anymore. I had enough for a lifetime and you don't seem to be a supporter of Snakeface. So give it a shot!"

„You don't fear him, do you?" the man asked surprised.

„Why should I? He is nothing but a crazy murderer and it is my fate to face him, with or without accepting this fact. I agree, he is intimidating if he is standing in front of you, but for me it's not enough to fear his name. And one day, I will be ready to face him."

„You sound like you did stand in front of him. And you say, you are a minor?"

„Yes I am and yes I did, five times in one form or another."

„Five times?"the man said clearly impressed, „And you live?"

Harry looked him in his eyes with a sad look. „May I?"he asked and pointed to his bottle.

The man nodded, „Feel free!"

„Thanks."he poured himself and the man another glass.

He raised it and looked the man in his stern face.

„Yes I lived. I am the bloody boy who lived."he said bitterly, emptied his glass and stomped it down on the table.

„You're the B... Harry Po...?" the man asked aghast.

Harry laid his finger to his lips.

„Okay. Show me!"the man demanded.

Harry lifted his base cap and pulled his hair away, so that he could see his scar.

The man nodded, „Now I understand. Your godfather was Sirius Black and the battle you spoke of was that at the ministry. I am sorry for your loss, Harry. Sirius was a good man."

„You knew him?"

„Not personally. I heard of him and his adventures at school. I never believed that he was guilty."

„You never answered my question."Harry said after a thoughtful minute.

„Ah, yes. I was an Unspeakable."

„Unspeakable? And why 'was'?"

„Because I left. I had enough to work under such an incompetent minister."

„I second that. I wanted to become an auror, but I have no wish to work for a fool like him too."

„Why did you want to become an auror."

„I have to prepare to fight. That's why."

„I understand. Do you know, why Voldemort was really after me?"the man asked.


„Unspeakables are specialists. Much more capable than every auror but every Unspeakable is a specialist in his own branch. Some are weapon experts, some are scientists, some are warriors of a kind."

„And you?"

„I am the last true Warlock."

„A Warlock. That is a warrior of some kind, isn't it?"Harry asked slightly amused.

„Yeah, you could say that." the man smiled a bit.

„Warlocks are Mages specialized in Battle Magic and Warfare. They are schooled in tactics, strategy, dueling, stealth, and the most powerful curses, hexes and shields that are known to wizard kind. They are the only ones allowed to use dark magic, because Battle Magic is mostly dark if only slightly. The Unforgivables are of course the exception and are only allowed to use at special orders of the Ministry approved by the Wizardgamot.

To become a Warlock, you have to be of exceptional magical power, willpower and intelligence. It has to be approved by the department of mystery and the file is then top secret. An apprentice to a warlock will also be educated in his special talents if he has some."

„For instance Animagi?"

„For instance. So..."the man seemed to be in deep thoughts.

„If you don't want to be an auror, you could become a Warlock. I can nearly sense the power radiating of you. Are you interested?"

„Sure, I am."Harry said excited.

„I could be your master and you my apprentice. Apprenticeship is a very traditional form of education and you'll be taught only by me. You will have to live with me and will follow any orders I give you, exceptions are orders against moral and ethic of course."

„Sounds fair. How long does it take?"

„From one, but that's the theoretical exception up to ten years. I achieved my master after five. With the proper incentive you may get it in three, maybe less."

„I tend to believe, a dark lord after your arse is a proper incentive."Harry replied sarcastically. „Okay. Were do I sign? How about Hogwarts and living arrangements? And do you wish to take me as your apprentice in the first place?"

„Hmm... yes I do. I want to help you to erase the filth who killed my family from earth."

„That I will. I promised it to my dead parents and to Sirius. I will avenge them and I will protect my friends."

„That's the right way, boy... sorry. You are no longer a boy, Harry, not after what you went through. You know, after the old laws, you are no longer under the restriction of underage magic, because I as your master am then responsible for your actions. If you agree now verbally, I will remove the tracking charm of your wand. I will go to the ministry and get the paperwork done, but you have to accompany me to the department of mystery for a test of your abilities and your power level. I have no doubts though. You will stay where you are for now and you will attend Hogwarts for now too. You will take your NEWTS as fast as possible, before the end of your sixth year. That is your first test. The faster you accomplish that, the faster we will begin the real training. We will look for a place to stay then. For this time I will teach you some things and I will stay in Hogsmeade during this. You only have to find a way to Hogsmeade, that you can get out unrecognized."

„You're kidding me right?" Harry asked amused.

„What do you mean?"

„Have you ever heard of the marauders?"


„Well, my dad was one and Sirius another. The other two are also known to me. One is Peter Pettigrew, alias Wormtail. An illegal rat animagus, and he is alive and serving Snakeface now."

„That is interesting. So you are trying to say, that you do know of a way from School to Hogsmeade?"

„Well... two secret passages, that are usable now."answered Harry grinned.

„That's settled then. Fine. Any Questions?"

„Are you versed in laws?"

„Yes in the common laws and in all laws regarding dark magic and battle magic."

„I am a minor yet. When can I get my full inheritance? There must be more than my fault, at least the deeds for Godric's Hollow. I also don't know, to whom Sirius left his property. Maybe we can find in this way a place to stay and to train."

„That is a good idea, Harry. I will look into it. I think, there was a passus, that you could be technically of age, through the apprenticeship."

„I don't intend to be lazy, but what about holidays and free time... maybe to visit friends, once I leave school?"

„Have no worries. The master decides about free time, but I value friends and love, if you are in love. When you can apparate or make a portkey and are up to your work, you only have to ask me. We will have to look after your safety though."

„That's fine by me. For now I have people who look after me."

„I know. The Order of the Phoenix. Tend to are not very watchful, if you are here now, aren't they?"

„It seems so."Harry replied grinning.

„Do you think, you could sneak out tomorrow, to accompany me to the ministry for the test? Maybe in the morning? I will guarantee your safety, but as I said. Warlocks and those in training are on top of the secrecy in the Department of Mystery, even if they don't work actively for them. They do it, that they could call you in an emergency because you owe them so much. Our codex demands it though."

„So you don't work for them, but you do?"Harry grinned.

„If you put it so... yes." the man grinned too, „By the way. I am Richard Weller. Please be so kind and call me Richard or Rick."

„Sure. I am Harry, just Harry, by the way."Harry grinned. He was now in a better mood, because of the new perspective in his life.

„Nice to meet you, just Harry. Do you think, you can make it?"

„Let me think... yeah. We will meet at the park near the swings... as early as possible. Lets say six?"

„Why so early?"

„I tend to get not much sleep because of nightmares and so I can sneak out of the house without alerting my dear relatives. By the way, I started running at this time, so no one will notice something unusual. By the sound of breath behind me, I can mostly recognize, who watches after me and he or she is then in for a surprise. Hmm... or I could use a detection spell and a sleeping spell to make it easier when you remove the charm."

„You have a cunning mind my friend. That could work."

„Why thanks. The sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. Some times I think he was right myself."Harry grinned and was joined by Rick.

„Then let's stop drowning our grief in Whiskey now and start moving on and go after the cause of it, but with a cool clear mind, free of rage and thirst for revenge." Rick said and raised his glass.

Harry did so too and they saluted, „For the cause!"they said and emptied their glasses and gave the half full bottle back to Will.

He said goodbye to both of them with a small smile and knew... he wouldn't see them again anytime soon and for once, he was happy about it.

„It's good you start running. You will need endurance and strength too."Will said outside and removed the Charm from Harry's wand.

„What can I do to further accomplish that? What can I learn during the holidays?"

„I will not be able to come to you and teach you. You can however learn the theory of Occlumency, Legilimancy, Apparition and Battle Curses along with the according laws by yourself. If you have the gift, you can also learn the basics of Animagus and maybe others. For your physical fitness, continue jogging."

„Maybe, we could get some weights tomorrow. If you show me, how to expand my room magically, I can set them up and train. I could also use a secret expansion of it, to store the necessary books and such so that never anybody would guess, all that is in my room. Is that possible?"

„It is. As I said, you are clever if you put your mind into it. I will teach you tomorrow the expansion-charm and an illusion spell to hide the expansion in such a way, that not even Dumbledore would find it."

„Why not simply divide the room physically through a copy of the original wall with a secret entrance through my closet?"asked Harry.

Rick shook his head, „That is even better. I like your kind of thinking already. We will have so much fun!"

„I hope so. Now I will head home, and look if I can get some sleep for an exchange. Today was a really good day. The new education will help me and it is a positive outlook. Maybe I will have a peaceful sleep, because just now I made my peace with Sirius. What about you?"

„I think I have a long way, before I can say that, but it looks certainly better, thanks to you, Harry. Rest well then and we will see each other tomorrow at six."

„Bye then!"