Aha, just a crappy fanfic I wrote very late at night. I'm not even sure this makes sense. Eh, whatever.

Gunpowder Smoke

Riza has always been pleasing to his senses but what Roy has discovered -- as he buries his head in the curve of her neck after she returns once the fighting for the day finishes -- is that what he adores most about her is her scent. It in itself is unique. Though everybody has smelt the perfume that Hawkeye wears, few people know of the other fragrance she smells of. Few people know that Riza Hawkeye has two scents.

The first is the eau de toilette perfume Roy remembers that she used to wear each day. She would always dab a little on her wrists and behind her neck in the mornings before coming to work. The fragrance she wore smelt of lilacs and spice and it was always light and subtle, never overpowering. However, that was before the war started and Hawkeye's scent was replaced with a new one; that was before she begun to smell of gunpowder smoke.

That is the second perfume of Riza and it could not be any more different from the first. It is acrid, sour and strong, but he finds it not at all unpleasant. He acknowledges this smell as Riza, also, just as he thinks the perfume she wears is Riza.

Though the smell should remind Roy of the war and the killing, strangely it does not. This is probably the case because the scent comes from Riza; it clings off her skin. It isn't as harsh or as bitter as the one he remembers from the frontlines.

Roy doesn't mind the smell as he holds her; in fact, he enjoys it, even though he knows she hates it. She tries to push him away, saying that she needs to shower, but he silences her pleas mid-sentence with his mouth and kisses her hungrily, wanting to swallow those half-formed words and steal her breath away. His passion takes her by surprise, but she has no trouble in keeping up with his mouth.

When they finally part for air, her voice is breathy as she tells him that he shouldn't kiss her while she smells that way, but as always he ignores what she says and kisses her again.

To him, it doesn't matter whether she smells like lilacs or guns. Because she is Riza Hawkeye and he'll kiss her anyway.