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Love Urges All

Summary: When Hinata woke up one morning she felt like fainting when she realized that she was not in her room and the worst of all Sasuke was beside her...NAKED!!! What happened?

Chapter1: Early Morning

Hinata felt the sun's rays touched her pale skin. She wondered why does the sun's rays reached her skin if her bed was far away from the window but her eyes were too heavy to open up. She suddenly felt an ache between her legs and decided to open her eyes. Her body was a bit weak and stressed out so when she tried to sit up she fell down again. The dull eyes of hers looked up to the ceiling.

'When did my ceiling have been colored with blue?' she wondered.

Suddenly her hand touched something warm. She moved her head to see what it was. Her eyes widen. Hinata forced herself to sit up and rubbed her eyes. She looked again to the warm thing she saw. Her eyes and herself cannot believe on what she is seeing right now. It was a man and not just a man it's Uchiha Sasuke!

"Oh God" she whispered into the air.

Hinata felt like fainting when her eyes glanced at the sleeping form of Sasuke and herself, they were both...NAKED! She looked away from Sasuke and slipped off the bed. One by one, she gathers all her things and immediately wears her clothes. Her hand reached the knob of the door and stepped outside.

While walking across the street, she held her head and felt like fainting any minute. Her whole body was weak but she successfully reached the Hyuuga main branch's mansion. She entered the house and luckily nobody saw her. Hinata opened the door of her room and hurriedly jumped onto her bed.

"I wish this was only just a dream." She muttered and she didn't notice that her eyes closed due to her stress.

Sasuke slowly opened his eyes and sat up on his bed. He looked around his bedroom. He stretched out his hands and arms high above his head. His eyes looked outside the window which was just two feet away from his bed. He shook his head and pulled the blanket up to cover his body and lied down to his bed again.

A knock on the door made Hinata woke up. She immediately got off her bed and reached for the knob.

"What took you so long?" Neji said as the door revealed him. "It's two o'clock in the afternoon." He continued.

"Two?" Hinata can't believe herself. She's been sleeping the whole day!

"You're a 19-year old lady now and you should act like one." Neji lectured.

"Y...y...yes Neji-niisan."

To be continued...................

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