Chapter 11


By: Athriarcia

Hinata looked at Sasuke. She was scared when she heard him shout. His hand was hurting her. She tried to pull her wrist from him but he tightened it even more.

"Let go." She said.

Sasuke's other hand grabbed one of her shoulders and pushed her on the couch, still he made sure she will not be hurt by what he did.

"Let's talk, ok?"

Hinata didn't answer but she composed herself.

Sasuke stood before her. He didn't know how to start the conversation. He looked at his wife intently. She had gained weight because of her pregnancy and still she remained beautiful.

"I thought we're going to talk?" Hinata suddenly asked, looking up at him.

Sasuke sighed; he should not be day dreaming when he's in front of his wife. "When… I told you what happened between us…" he started that made Hinata's heart beats faster. "It bothers me…" he said and kneeled down to Hinata.

Hinata was shocked on what Sasuke did. Now, Sasuke was looking up at her.

"Your reaction bothers me…" he said again. Sasuke then grabbed Hinata's hands and placed it close to his face. "You can hurt me and say bad things to my face… but why aren't you doing the things like that…"

Upon hearing Sasuke's words, Hinata didn't know what to do. She never really thought of hurting him or even say bad things to him. All she wanted was to leave him but she could not do it because of her children.

"I can arrange our divorce if you want to leave me now." Sasuke suddenly said.

Hinata was shocked. It was as if Sasuke could read her mind.

"I know you want to leave me."

Her heart sank as she listened to Sasuke's voice. The tone of his voice was very hurtful. It was the first time she saw him like that. She pulled her hands from his hold and placed it on her lap.

"I don't know…" she answered. "Even I really want to leave you now I still consider being with you for the twins. I don't want them to grow up without a father."

Sasuke's heart was jumping for joy. He could not explain how happy he was because of what Hinata said. She still considered of being with him. He tried not to smile in front of her.

"I will stay here and take care of the twins with you…" she said and placed her hands on top of her tummy. "I love them so much."

He watched his wife. He could see how much she really loves her unborn twins in her eyes. He suddenly thought how her mother looked like when he was still in her womb. Would her mother also treat him the way Hinata treats their unborn twins? He could barely remember how his mother looked like.

To be continued….

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