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Harry Potter - Prelude

All was quiet that summery day on Privet Drive, except from one boy, who was mentally screaming at nothing in general. He seemed to be on the verge of exploding due to the mind-boggling boredom that reigned the house. It is a known fact that if a teenage boy doesn't get enough exercise, he will spontaneously destroy the house if un-restrained.

Although this might seem perfectly ordinary behavior from someone who was "bored to bits," what this messy black haired boy was silently ranting about, was not. Besides, what could reading and staring at cheaply painted, beige walls do but increase boredom?

Fortunately for this "scruffy, ill-mannered criminal," his relatives, (whom he lived with,) weren't able to hear or see what he was doing, or he would have been punished faster than he could have said "Maddest of Muggles." It was a good thing he actually had a room, and didn't live in the cupboard under the stairs any more, or the no-meals-and-stay-in-your-"room" punishment would have been a killer. Literally.

On the other hand, if the patch of not-so-clean, beige carpet he was currently intently staring at had burst into flame, his punishment would have been far, far worse.

You see, this boy wasn't very much ordinary. In fact, what he knew, could have been, (and was,) considered to be completely insane, and a criminal by almost all of the residents of the quiet, and normal, (Thank you very much,) Privet Drive.

Not to mention that what adventures he had survived so far, were probably more than any ordinary person would encounter in two of their lifetimes put together.

Besides the fact that this young man had a crazed Dark Lord trying to kill him at every turn, an Uncle who neglected him and belittled him all summer, an Aunt who wanted him dead, two already dead parents, (Lily and James Potter,) Draco Malfoy as an enemy, (heir of one of the most powerful pureblood families,) and a godfather who was an escapee from Azkaban, (a feared prison,) to be simply put, Harry James Potter couldn't be considered normal, because he was a wizard.

Therefor, according to his slightly tempermental Uncle of his; Harry and "his kind" were most certainly not to be looked upon as normal

And the funny thing was, that he liked it.