Chapter 8 - Of Learning Life and New Habits

"Gentlemen, this is who you will be housed with. Her name is Kurenai. Yuuhi Kurenai."

One thing Harry could distinctly remember in the muddle of his thoughts that day, was when he and Sirius were introduced to their new home: it was a somewhat plain, small flat, -nothing out of the ordinary- until Harry noticed one thing, and then spotted another, and the domino effect continued. Aside from the obvious difference in the furniture and decorating styles, there were subtle differences slipped in here and there. The whole apartment was like a spot-the-difference picture book. A knife like object in a pencil pot, scrolls, books, and magazines stacked messily up onto a single shelf, some half- rolled.. Everything was very discrete, but all one had to do was just look.

Stepping into the main room, Harry noted that everything was rather squashed. The kitchen unit was integrated into the living and dining rooms, and there were only three other doors opening on to different rooms. Harry assumed that one of them led into the bedroom, and another into the bathroom, he was intrigued as to what could possibly be behind door number three. Harry was brought back to the present when he absently noticed their new host taking off her sandals and tucking them away into a wooden shoe-rack. Peering out curiously from behind Sirius, Harry frowned. All of the floors that he had seen so far in the apartment had wooden flooring, so why was she taking off her sandals? Perhaps it was a custom that he didn't know about? Deciding it was safer to imitate the young woman, He slid out of his too-large shoes, (Dudley's old ones, naturally..) peeled his old socks off, tucking them into the shoes and hesitatingly put them on the rack. His eyes met hers, and she nodded, softly saying a few words in that language he didn't understand. He put his shoes on the wooden rack anyways.

Lunch that day had been an awkward affair for Kurenai. She could easily tell the foreigners (What were their names again?) were nervous and unsure of what to do, how to act. She couldn't really blame them. It the same position she would've probably felt the same. They were both lost in a country not their own, unable to communicate, and being ricocheted around between people who didn't particularly want to take care of them; much like stray dogs. She probably wouldn't have bothered to take in these two men -one boy, one man- unless it wasn't a mission, and one ordered by the Hokage.

She had cooked up a simple meal, consisting of white rice and leftovers of the plain meat dish that she had made the day before. There wasn't much time today to make something new, so she had to make do with leftovers. The first problem had started when the two men were left clueless about how to eat with chopsticks. Kurenai was stumped about how to explain two the pair how to use the eating utensils. Asking them hadn't improved the situation by any because they didn't understand a word she said, and she only had a few spoons, (all dirty that day,) so was resigned to miming out the whole process. It had actually turned out to be very interesting and funny to see the two try to scoop up the rice. The younger of the pair had lost his temper and had ended up stabbing the chopsticks into his rice, eyebrows knotted together in a displeased expression, muttering not-so-pleasant-adjectives about his meal. Kurenai had never been so glad she was good at concealing her emotions. Any other regular non-shinobi person would've cracked a smile, at the very least. Besides, it would have been rude to laugh at her guests. The blue-eyed man on the other hand, was openly laughing at the younger boy (perhaps his sibling?) despite the fact that he hadn't done a much better job with his own rice and chopsticks. Eyes laughing, Kurenai went to clean a spoon for the young teenager.

Harry had stretched and rolled over, slowly waking up to a new day in his new life. He groaned soundlessly and cracked his tired eyes open, squinting at the light. The white ceiling stared back at him as bright sunlight lit the room. Sitting up, a suddenly puzzled (but very sleepy) Harry looked around the room. Where on Earth…He frowned, but remembered quickly enough that he was in the bedroom of his host, and that it was actually quite late. The clock on the bedside table beside the only bed of the room read nine a.m. Mounted on a low-rise wooden frame, the mattress Harry was sitting on was rather hard, in his opinion. He had previously found out the hard way that mattresses on this particular side of the universe weren't made with springs.

The two sleeping bags that had been used by Kurenai and Sirius had been tucked away somewhere out of sight. Harry assumed that Kurenai liked her rooms to be neat, as it mirrored the rather Spartan way the rest of her apartment was furnished: with the bare essentials. Fortunately, she had managed to find an old foldable chair for last nights dinner, or else the trio would have been eating on the floor. Getting up, Harry made the bed as well as he could, and trying valiantly to straighten out his slept-in clothing, walked quietly into the main room of the apartment.

A few days later of washing the pair's clothing over and over, Kurenai had decided to take Harry and Sirius to purchase some much needed clothing. That day's afternoon found the group ambling down one of Konoha's main streets in the shopping district, and Harry looking curiously at his new surroundings, appearing even more like the newcomer that he was. Sirius, on the other hand, didn't look very awake. He was trailing behind Kurenai and Harry in a sleepy daze, not really paying attention to where he was going: it was obvious that he was not a morning person. The trio were out shopping for clothing, since their original clothing looked rather foreign, and since Kurenai hadn't much to lend to Harry and Sirius. Harry couldn't bring himself to imagine him wearing the rather short, red dress that was the usual clothing that their minder wore. He shivered. I never want to imagine myself wearing that, or worse, Sirius!

Brightly coloured signs of all sorts lined the street shop windows and walls, contrasting with the duller exteriors of plaster and wood. Pipes and wiring of all sorts ran along the concrete walls of the shops and what could have been living quarters, slithering throughout the maze of streets and alleyways that made up the village of Konohagakure. Stands and booths selling all the things possible and imaginable (in Harry's opinion,) were squashed side by side, the vendors holding them trying to attract as many customers as possible. Some shops had dusty windows, but the majority were kept shiny clean and well stocked. Grocery stores were mashed in with weapons stores, and antique furniture shops. Harry let his eyes roam over bizarre, foreign letters, wondering what they could possibly mean.. Strange curves, arches and lines stood out on the signs, posters, and advertisements that were pasted -sometimes messily- along the walls and glass shop windows. Noticing him staring at his surroundings, Kurenai spoke.

"It good." She spoke slowly, using the minimum of English words that she had been previously taught by the Hokage in a brief meeting, Harry, and Sirius. "Now is time of ---" She said a different word that Harry didn't recognize. He frowned, confused and shrugged, showing that he didn't understand. Kurenai tried again.

"Time of.." She paused, trying to think of an easy word, "little price." Harry was still puzzled, but then realization soon dawned upon him. Ah.. It is the sale season. I guess that will make her job easier money wise…

They turned off of the crowded main street and into a less busy alley, inching their way through the thick crowds that seem to invade even the smaller, much more narrow streets and the less popular marketplaces. On several occasion Harry had found himself about to trip over something in his path, or bumping into a stranger. He hoped that there weren't any pick pockets around here, but even if there were, he wasn't carrying any money, and his wand, (on the Hokage's insistence) had been safely locked and hidden away in one of Kurenai's "hiding spots." Speeding up to catch up to Sirius (who from the back looked nearly exactly like everyone else crowding the street,) Harry quickly forgot about his locked up wand. After all, he had only owned it since he first encountered the magical world. The remainder of his life had been spent living as a muggle in his Aunt and Uncle's household. It was not pleasant to be reminded of his childhood. And maybe it is best that I leave it at that: dusty memories at the back of my head!

Sirius, on the other hand, wasn't quite as stunned as Harry was with the rather obvious indicators that this was indeed a wholly different culture and peoples. As a child of a wealthy and well-known pureblood family, Sirius had had the privilege to take holidays to all sorts of countries, especially in Europe, for it was the closest continent to the United Kingdom in which his family owned several large holiday homes. One trip in particular that Sirius had been part of, had been a holiday in China, while his family was reacquainting themselves with some distant relatives- or was it friends of family? It didn't matter: he couldn't remember anyways. Surprisingly, Sirius found many similarities between the two places: clothing, buildings, and a few other subtle aspects. Although there were major differences between the China he had visited as an eight year old and the place he was in now, he could see similarities here and there. Sirius found all of this quite interesting. It would be fascinating to read more about the history of this place… he thought, but on the other hand, I think that Moony has influenced me much more than I thought! Honestly! Sirius Black! Reading! Hah!

As Kurenai expertly weaved in and out of the various people bustling around her, leading her guests to the clothes shop she had planned to go, she noticed that the boy was lagging behind. He must've been overwhelmed by all of the different things assaulting his senses, but nevertheless it wouldn't do anyone any good if they were caught by an enemy daydreaming. She sighed. It was pretty tedious, taking care of two practically crippled men. Without proper speech, they were indeed practically useless. She would have to teach them how to speak properly in her language very soon, otherwise the situation would further delay the pair's assimilation into the world of Konohagakure and it's surroundings. Besides, Kurenai didn't particularly want to keep these two strangers in her house and living off her food any longer than was necessary.

They turned to their right into the doorway of an even smaller alley, (one well hidden by garbage bins and a curtain of drying laundry, I might add,) Harry and Sirius were lead into a small, rather dumpy courtyard. The graying walls and the dusty windows and shutters creating an image of a throughout run down place. Kurenai appeared to ignore these details, and stepping over the semi-circle that made up some sort of old open drainage system, she headed straight to the left, towards a dirty-windowed shop that actually looked somewhat fixed up. Harry looked up, and spotted a many wires held up by old wooden posts, and patched up wooden tiled roofs. Most of the piping was on the outside of the houses, making them appear less clean and neat than they would see. A lot of the electric wire poles had been carved into, and graffiti's covered one whole section of a crumbling wall opposite from where Harry had entered the courtyard.. Perhaps the inhabitants of this particular corner of Konoha were just waiting for it to crumble away and collapse to rebuild something else in its place. Harry could see a spot of green beyond one of the boarded up holes in the graffiti'd wall. This was indeed a quaint place.

Holding the old, wood and glass door open for Harry, Sirius explored the shop's nooks and crannies with his eyes. It was indeed remarkably similar to the very shop of Ollivander the wand maker, the one located on Diagon Alley. Kurenai walked up to the old, chipped piece of furniture that appeared to be the main counter of the shop, and leaned on it, waiting for the shopkeeper. There was no bell on the counter that Sirius' keen eye could spot: the counter itself was covered in stacks of material, some dusty, some not so dusty and aged. There was also some sort of leather leaned precariously on the edge of the counter, but held up by the pile of black, metallic square blocks that had been untidily dumped there as well, on top of the portion of leather that rested on the counter. There was an pencil holder on the dumpy desk, but the dry, old brick of foam that had the writing implements and sewing apparatus impaled into it could hardly be considered a proper pencil pot. There were a few quills in the dry, green foam brick -which surprised Sirius- but they too were in a rather unhealthy condition, looking as if they had been given to a stray dog to eat. The other writing implements weren't in a much better condition either, compared to what he and Harry had seen in the Hokage's office.

Turning towards the rather crowded walls of the dusty old shop, Sirius observed the very full, wooden shelves that lined the dirty, concrete walls. There were all sorts of antiques and bibelots of all sorts, that lined the precariously crooked shelves and very few were remotely familiar to Sirius. Of course, there were a few chipped vases here and there, and one or two statuettes covered in the dust that seemed to coat the entire shop, but the rest of the bizarre objects held little to no meaning to him. One thing, however, that really drew his gaze to it, was a painting. Although this painting was neither colourful nor out of the ordinary, it was intriguingly mysterious. The painting's subject was a life-like, to-scale picture of a man with a piercing stare, one of those stares that possessed the ability to draw the viewer into the painting and never let go. The painting depicted a young man in his twenties, with lively blue eyes, and a head full of straw-blonde hair that looked just as untameable as Harry's mop of hair. The painting had a dark, gray-black background, and it contrasted well with the sunny colour of the subject's hair.

Tired of waiting, Kurenai called for the shopkeeper. He wouldn't have minded much anyways if she had made herself comfortable anyways; they knew each other. A door slammed, making both Harry and Sirius jump. The younger looked embarrassed when he realized that the noise had only been the bang of a door closing. The lad has some fast reflexes, Kurenai noted. Perhaps this will be useful in the future. She looked towards the back of the store. The store owner had finally arrived. She greeted him warmly, apologizing for not having come to visit him more often. The short, rather round man had been a close friend of her now deceased mother, and Kurenai had had the pleasure to make the acquaintance when she had been younger. He was a man of all trades, working with metal as well as cloth and fabric. His shop was a quiet affair, but it was reliable to various its customers, satisfying most of their materialistic needs. Kurenai herself bought most of what she required as far as her ninja profession required: the right kind of clothing, standard issue (but good quality) weapons, and scrolls and seals of all sorts. Being well acquainted to the owner of the store had its benefits, of course. Should Kurenai have requested, the aging man could have easily procured her an object that she needed and that he did not have in stock.

Her short but pleasant conversation with her old friend came to a close, and Kurenai turned to Sirius and Harry and introduced them to Nobu the shopkeeper, finding them absorbed in the bobbles and antiques that decorated the store's wall-shelves. Getting their attention was relatively easy, as she and Nobu had indeed been talking for a good five minutes.

"Sirius-san, Harry-san, this is Nobu-san. He is keeper of this shop. This where we will buy clothing for both of you."

The short man nodded, and gestured for Sirius to come forward to in order for him to get the taller man's clothing measurements. While he was measuring Sirius with the added height of a wooden stool, Nobu spoke to Kurenai, inquiring as to what type of clothing the two foreigners might want.

She replied to her friend in her native language. "They will be needing a whole wardrobe, but much of it will have to be standard issue, easy-to-move in clothing." Kurenai smiled. "I have plans for them."

Seeing that smile, Nobu winced slightly, all while working on his client. "I do hope that the Hokage will approve, Kurenai. I do remember how awry that last 'plan' of yours went."

His only reply was a mischievous giggle.

The new clothes feel strange. They really do. Harry thought while experimentally pulling on the clothes made by Nobu the shopkeeper. New shirts and trousers are indeed a new experience, especially if they are much more form fitting than the previous set of clothing owned by said person. Even the material itself was different, more stretchy and yet coarse at the same time. There were no holes or tears in the darkly coloured trousers either, and the various styles of shirts (long sleeved with turtle neck, t-shirt, and more.) were a whole other affair to Harry, who, apart from his cousin's overlarge, worn down, faded clothing, hadn't worn anything else save his school uniform. This meant that Harry had to constantly restrain himself from pulling and pinching at his new outfit. Even Sirius had noticed his fiddling at dinner that night, and eventually enquired about this new habit.

"Kiddo, did Mr. Nobu get the measurements wrong or something? You look uncomfortable." Understatement of the year. Harry thought grumpily.

"I guess I'm not used to wearing such tight clothing.. Aunt Petunia never exactly bothered taking me shopping, so all of my old clothes were originally Dudleys hand-me-downs." He rubbed his nose tiredly.

This drew a look of pity from Kurenai, and Sirius frowned, looking angry, but thankfully for Harry, that was the end of the subject. (But not Harry's fiddling.)

It's the under wear. I know it is!

They were standing in a well used clearing in the woods outside of Konoha, but not too far from the village. These grounds were training grounds five, and Harry was the one being trained.


With a soft clinking sound, a medium sized pouch dropped into Harry's hands. He looked at it, and back to Kurenai. Last time she had said the same thing, and none of it had turned out pretty. (In fact, much of it turned out quite the opposite, because last time it had been cleverly made, disguisable, weighted ankle bracelets and weighted forearm bands. Harry still shivered at the memory.)

"These are shuriken, and that, a shuriken pouch." Kurenai spoke much more easily in English, and had started to teach Harry some more Japanese. Sirius, on the other hand, had been sent off to work for Nobu the shopkeeper during most of the week, mostly because he was much too old for him to start training as a Konoha shinobi. His unfortunate stay in Azkaban hadn't helped his health or well-being any, so Sirius had resigned himself to occasionally taking a jog or doing some light exercise with Harry, if only to get back into a better shape fitness wise.

Fortunately, Nobu had soon been able to find him a smith who was willing to work with Sirius and teach him more about the craft. Sirius was much more happier at being able to learn new things and staying active, and -of course- especially happy at being able to make his way around without standing out, or having to sneak like the fugitive that he had been. He was also much more fluent in the local language than Harry, a result that came from spending most of his day in the smithy with .

"These are weapons used by shinobi during battles and such. You will be learning how to use them Harry-san."

Kurenai had started off with the basics of the basics, which meant learning how to properly hold them, and figuring out how to properly throw the deadly metal stars. Harry's self-appointed teacher had quickly noticed that he lacked the strength to throw the shuriken far, and set him the task of doing push-ups, and other exercises to improve the dexterity of this fingers and his overall coordination. One of the more general exercises designed to help his dexterity and coordination -strangely enough- included juggling. First he started out slowly, later on adding more objects to juggle with, and even later, walking around, or being quizzed during his juggling exercise on his general knowledge by Kurenai. Overall, Kurenai was managing his growth as a ninja quite adeptly, even for a newly made Jônin, all the while trying to keep track of her fledgling Genin trio and getting her weekly reports to the Hokage.

Kunai throwing lessons and library visits had followed shortly after Harry's introduction to the NinPou. This time around, with Sirius' aid on his free days, Harry spent afternoons holed up in the large and informative Konoha library, learning how to read various easy scrolls and books, mostly on topics that concerned shinobi or the art of the shinobi.. The librarian knew the boy and the man well by sight, often stopping his tasks to give the pair a little wave upon their arrival.
Apart from busy language and strenuous physical lessons, the trio were getting to know each other better over meals and during their free time, Harry and Sirius also liked to meet up with Kurenai and her Genin team to go out for a lunch or dinner. Although Harry didn't know much about Kurenai's three person Genin team, he enjoyed talking a little in his broken vocabulary to the quiet girl named Hinata. Although neither she nor her team mate's quiet personalities had made much of an effect on their third team member's loud and boisterous personality, Harry still came to like the boy's puppy. He was called Akamaru. Poor Sirius had a hard time with Kiba's puppy, (the owner of the dog.) but Harry surmised that it was probably because he still smelt like his shaggy dog animagus form Padfoot. (Or something…)

"Get off me you miniature mutt-thing!"

Harry only laughed.

Shinobi training was hard, very hard. Harry knew it, and so did Kurenai. Unfortunately. Kurenai had upped the weight on Harry's weighted forearm and ankle bracelets, which meant sore muscles for a few days, and she had added yet another aspect to her student's training: learning Konoha's history back to front, and ninjutsu/genjutsu theory. Although Harry still thought that this was pushing the limits, he still found that he enjoyed the challenge of being pushed to his maximum.

Currently, the-boy-who-lived was huffing his way around a quiet, but very large training ground outside of Konoha village. Unfortunately for the boy, this wasn't the well packed dirt ground of training grounds number five: it was wild terrain that Kurenai (his torturer) had decided he would run. The ground was uneven, grassy, and dotted with rocks just large enough to trip over, thus making Harry have to concentrate on not tripping over his own feet or the ground. Even more unfortunate, Kurenai had decided that she would throw a pebble at her beloved student to get him to dodge it and run faster, also making him have to concentrate on something else than his tiredness and the uneven ground. In the event that Kurenai would see that Harry had managed to dodge the little pebbles thrown at him (with deadly accuracy, I might add,) Kurenai would quiz Harry on what he had learned about Konohagakure, it's history, and the shinobi arts.

Kurenai's Genin team was out on a mission, and luckily (yeah right) for Harry, it was a low D- rank mission that she trusted them to do right without her for this time. Harry had nearly snorted out loud when he had heard what the actual 'mission' was -potting plants and flowers- but apparently the menial tasks served the purpose of bringing a newly formed Genin team together and making them learn teamwork. Of course, this particular rank of missions served more importantly to get tasks around the village done, and easy cash, especially for poorer ninjas in need of a job.

Kurenai had informed Harry that he would -once reasonably up to the level of her Genin team- join them daily when it was a training day. Missions of course, would come later, because every ninja needed a firm base before they were placed into their three-man cell. Target practices also continued, but this time it was with moving targets, at first it was the large and purposefully slow target of Kurenai herself, (with her catching the kunai and shuriken,) but later she made him move onto smaller, faster targets that were mostly genjutsu illusions of small animals. Harry soon learned to be quick when it came to rabbits: the little buggers ran in a zigzag pattern that, at first, the black haired young man had found pretty hard to figure out.

Sarutobi looked up from his round glass ball that he used to scry, all the while fiddling with his favourite jade Gama-Bunta statuette. It had been two months, and both foreigners had indeed been integrating well into the bustle of everyday Konoha, aided by a supportive Kurenai. Sarutobi had been relieved that she had needed no prompting what so ever to become Potter-san's teacher. The boy did have potential to become a decent shinobi, if not more, as was hinted by his alertness and overall learning capability when he was presented with a problem or challenge. Furthermore, Kurenai had worked a little to broadening his social connections, similar to what Kurenai's shopkeeper friend had done with the man, Sirius Black. It seemed that the only thing Black-san had really needed was a task to do. He was not comfortable doing nothing, and easily became restless.

The third Hokage set his favourite paperweight down gently, and stood up slowly, his overused joints creaking, and set off to the soon-to-start council meeting. It was high time that he retire again, and spend the rest of his already old life with his beloved wife. He did have enough to live comfortably. Ah well.. There were times when he was allowed to hate his paper-shuffling job. Unlike popular beliefs, there were indeed negative aspects to being the Hokage of such a large village. Sarutobi never wanted to see, read, or hear another complain about the pervert-haunted bathhouses either! Dratted old Toad-Sannin.

Food and Eating Habits - It is my belief (from what little Asian customs I have observed, that most of the food is eaten with chopsticks, (occasionally fingers and spoons for soup, etc.) and that contrary to what Japanese restaurants portray, sushi and sashimi aren't everyday house dishes. Furthermore, any of you who have never eaten with chopsticks before will find it hard to do so without dropping food everywhere, just as I find it amusing to watch others (namely my mother) try. (I'm sure my Korean friend has had a laugh or two at me too, because even though I have been taught how to use chopsticks at a younger age -five or six- my regular table setting is composed of a knife, a fork, and a spoon. Sue me.)

Beds in Konoha - Once again, artistic licence probably takes me elsewhere than what reality probably is. As a young child I have always slept on a futon on the floor, and believe me when I say these things have no springs in them. I do not know for sure how Japanese people keep their beds (wooden frame, and springs or no,) but I have included a good pinch of otherstuff, drawing on my personal knowledge, and a little from the manga.

Streets and Markets - This aspect of the story is also mostly setting the scene in a way that I find most of the fan fictions do not do. I have taken busy Singaporean streets and markets, and mixed with them with a pinch of what I know tourists can do to places on even good days, and hope for the best; that the mix is right. Furthermore, in the manga, Konoha is portrayed as a busy, yet run down town (even maybe city) so it is only logical that it has it's own Knockturn alley of sorts.

Konoha Clothing - This particular aspect of Konohagakure I have found hard to replicate in my own writing and fan fiction. Most of what random village people that we see in the early manga books (that I have at hand) are either ninjas, or people from elsewhere than Konoha. I am a fashion disaster, but have hopefully been vague enough not to worry. ;)

Nobu - Quite short, rather around the chubby side, this amicable shopkeeper can easily become dangerous when it comes to getting what he wants. His store houses a lot of Konoha's bizarre acquisitions, and he is somewhat a collector of antiques, but focusses on being a man-of-most-trades. He is a middle aged man, who is incidentally friends to the Jônin Kurenai, originally friends to her deceased mother. Happens to be acquainted to Matsushita, smith and father of Genin Ten-ten. Nobu, incidentally enough means knob. (According to random, free, online translator.)

Kunai - Other standard shinobi weapon. Small knives with key ring-like loop on the end of the handle, probably for easier handling. Double sided edge, and very sharp and durable. If used right, able to create a lot of damage.

Training Methods - Although I do study some martial arts, I am not an expert on that or the proper way to train a ninja, so I've referenced the book, who's only chakra-less techniques were much less creative than my own, and have only used the manga as a springboard. Go figure. On another note, the weighted objects mentioned, such as bracelets would probably give more general body strength rather than specifically, such as exercise like push-ups, which focus mostly just on arm strength. Theory, on the other hand, I believe to be important to at least know a little, because it does help when it comes to kicking, punching. This is probably also true for kunai, shuriken, and other Ninja arts or techniques.

NinPou - The arts of the ninja, or Ninja arts. (Definition by - Ranked (unless I am mistaken) as lowest D-rank, C, B, A, with S-class missions as the hardest of them all, usually only assigned to Anbu. Payed lower or higher according to difficulty. D-rank missions include common, menial tasks such as weeding, repairing, and painting. People will request ninjas to do mission for a sum of money.

Genjutsu - The art of illusion. (I am unsure of the proper translation.) Ensnares the senses of target into believing something other than reality is happening. Can be broken by the target knowing or realizing that they are under an illusion, or by releasing chakra to prevent being trapped.

Gama-Bunta - A summon of one of the characters of the Naruto manga called Jiraya. Gama-Bunta is the boss summon, taking shape as a massive toad armed with a deadly sword. Summoned by signing a summoning contract in blood, and by using the right hand seals and necessary amount of chakra. Less chakra would result in another, smaller summon of the toad summons. (Gama-Kichi is one of the lesser summons.)

The Hokage's scrying ball - originally seen in the first manga book, and used by Sarutobi the Hokage to spy on various people of Konoha. Can only be used to a certain extent, as he is unable to spy on other people such as Orochimaru, etc.

Jiraya - Also known as the Legendary Toad Sannin. (Sennin?) Part of the Legendary Three. Consisted of Tsunade, Jiraya, and Orochimaru. Holder of summoning scroll of Toads, and writer of the Come Come Paradise series. Very perverted, and declares (and insists) that spying on the women's side of the hot springs or bathhouses inspire him in his writing of the Come Come Paradise books. Favours flashy techniques, and skilled in sealing and unsealing. Tends to get drunk at the wrong times. The character Jiraya originates from a legend.

Tsunade - Part of Legendary Three, well know as the Slug Sannin (Sennin?) Summons slugs, favours her superhuman strength, healing techniques, and is holds a reputation for being the Legendary Sucker when it comes to gambling. Appears later in the Naruto manga. Originates from same legend that Jiraya does.

Orochimaru - Originally part of Legendary Thee, know as the Snake Sannin, (Sennin?) Summons Snakes, favours snake based techniques, and has a 'thing' for immortality. Good guy turned bad, and high-rank missing nin. Very dangerous. Originates from same legend mentioned above.

My thanks to the reviews, cc, and corrections that I have recieved so far. Very Helpful! (Don't worry, the story isn't dead. I do work on it once in a while, but I like to try to preserve the quality of the writing, so no super fast updates.. ducks the tomatoes.) Special thanks: SpiritKyuubi, with whom I discuss a lot of my theories, Ankle biter for the correction on 'foreign foods', and finally Templa Otmena for the kind review.
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