Amelie, being an only child, had no playmates when she was young. Her parents, her dad particularly, was overprotective of her that she missed out on much of her childhood. She spent time flashing a signal using her flashlight by her window at night, with hopes that someone would decipher them.

Nino, on the other hand, had too many playmates. He experienced much in his childhood—he spent hours in the wastebasket and was not able to get out until his teacher found him; he was mocked and laughed at by practically everyone in his class. He longed for one true friend and so he sent out messages in the night, just in case somebody was gazing out.

One night, while Amelie was pretending that she's performing a surgical operation on her old teddy bear in her bedroom, her make-believe scalpel fell off her bed. She scrambled to retrieve it as it rolled down her bedroom floor until it reached the wall where the window was.

As she was getting up after picking her "scalpel", she bumped her head on the windowsill. She cried out a loud "Ouch!"—in French, of course—and then massaged her head while bad-mouthing the protruding windowsill.

It was at that moment that she noticed something flashing at a distance.

She gasped, "Somebody is sending me a message!" and so her teddy bear operation was forgotten as she concentrated on deciphering the message from the distance.

"Oh, that's an H-I! That's one word, HI!" she exclaimed—excited and proud that she had understood the message.

"I'm gonna send one back! Here.. H-E-L-L-O T-H-E-R-E."

And so, at last, they found each other. But what happens now? Find out in the next chapter!