Title: Jade Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Fandom: Harry Potter

Stars: Usual cast, with Jade Potter instead of Harry Potter

Summary: What if the Potter child had been born a girl instead of a boy? My take on a 'Girl Who Lived' story. FemHarry.

Author: Queen Serenity

Disclaimer: Anyone you recognize doesn't belong to me. This version of Lisa Turpin is mine, as well as Jade Potter (even the idea of a girl Harry named 'Jade' is mine, as far as I'm concerned, as none of the other girl-who-lived stories featured a Jade Potter when I first posted this). Solluna is mine, as well as certain of her powers which are not exactly like the werecats in the Eragon series, which inspired her. Any other unfamiliar stuff is mine. MINE! Don't make me sic my parrot on you. I'll do it, I tell you! :)

Title: Jade Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Author: Queen Serenity

Fandom: Harry Potter

Chapter: One – The Girl Who Lived

The Dursleys were normal… obsessively so, in fact. There was Mr. Vernon Dursley, who worked hard each day to provide for his family. There was little Dudley Dursley, as ornery and uncooperative as any of the worst babies could be, but perfect in his parents' eyes. And then there was Mrs. Petunia Dursley, who always seemed to know everything about everyone, and spent her time during the day cooking, cleaning, and doing her wifely duties, and we can't forget gossiping. She absolutely loved to gossip.

But there was something not commonly known about Mrs. Petunia Dursley. She had a younger sister, who was, like her, married. She also, like her, had a small child; a little baby, around Dudley's age. But that was where the similarities ended. Lily and James Potter were as unlike Petunia and Vernon as you could get. They were part of… that kind. The Wizarding kind. The two families had not even seen each other for years… Petunia preferred to pretend that she'd never even had a sister.

Yes, Petunia Dursley had a sister.

Or at least she had until the previous night.

The Dursleys didn't know it, but something big had happened in the wizarding community. Vernon did notice, however, the people in cloaks standing around, whispering to one another, although he didn't notice the owls swooping everywhere. He also noticed a strange cat lurking near his house all day, and he felt quite unnerved by now. But he shrugged it off. None of it could affect his family, right?


That evening, an old Wizard by the name of Albus Dumbledore met up with the cat, who transformed then into a witch called Professor Minerva McGonagall. They spoke, and it was revealed that a dark, powerful wizard, Voldemort, had killed Lily and James Potter, but had then been defeated… by a child?

They waited until Hagrid, a gentle half-giant, showed up on a flying motorcycle with the baby. And so the baby was left with a note upon the doorstep of the Dursleys.

The next morning, as Petunia put out the milk bottles, they dropped with a crash when she found the baby, and she let out a strangled gasp. She picked up the note and read it, and then looked down at the bundle, which had its face covered… she'd known that Lily had had a baby, but she'd never even seen it… now she knelt by it and uncovered the face to see what she should have long before.

A cherubic little face, framed by fine black hair, was unveiled. Even as a baby, it bore such resemblance to Lily, whom she now knew to be dead. She didn't even realize that unwelcome tears were filling her eyes until she saw the warm, salty drops plop down on the baby's forehead, landing on a curious-looking cut, shaped in what appeared to be a bolt of lightning, which dwelt there. The baby scrunched up its face in a cute yawn before gazing serenely at Petunia with its bright, beautiful jade-green eyes that were just like Lily's, looking to be waiting for something.

Years and years ago, until Lily had received the letter from 'that school', the two sisters had been reasonably close. After all, Lily had been her younger sister by two years. But then, Lily had never been there, and when she actually was home, she had changed so much that Petunia would have none of it. She wasn't her sister anymore! She was just… a freak! But now… now she realized that it had still been her little sister, and she felt guilt overwhelm her now that she was dead, and there was nothing to be done…


Except that she'd wished for a daughter anyway, and now… here was this baby girl, without a home or parents… needing her.

She could fix her mistake by raising her as she would her own child…

She would do her best to take care of all that remained of her sister…

Jade Lily Potter, the Girl Who Lived.

QS: While I'm aware that the child being a girl wouldn't necessarily make this much of a difference, it does here. That's part of how my story can be a bit different than the books.