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When the group had returned to Germany, to leave Siegfried back at the chapel, they were met with a surprise. A group of about 10 warriors had been standing there, waiting for the return of the guardian of Soul Edge. It seemed that once Mitsurugi had seen Siegfried disappear with 'the strange elven boy', two months earlier he had realised that Soul Edge had been left unguarded; he had called the warriors together to protect it, until its guardian returned. The group had consisted of Sophitia, Xianghua, Cassandra, Talim, Ivy, Seung Mina, Taki, Mitsurugi, and Kilik.

Upon seeing Maxi, Xianghua and Kilik had run up to him and embraced him, whilst Mina had strode towards Yunsung and slapped him across the face, berating him about 'leaving the dojo' or so it seemed.

It was a full year before the Calibur warriors had returned to Hyrule, with their own friends.

Link and Zelda were married a year after Link's proposal, and the wedding was held two days after the Soul warriors returned.

Liam proposed to Malon six months after the fight against Ganondorf.

Finally, Leon, with the help of the sages, had found a way to return to his own world and was now living comfortably with Claire and their daughter Sora, with the rest of his friends and family close by. He had visited Hyrule again since returning to his home and the group had arranged a sort of annual meeting at Hyrule at which they could meet up again.

It would be a while before any of this gathering would have to fight side by side again:

Hyrule, for the most part, was at peace and its citizens lived peacefully in the countries golden days, with their Hero, Princess and Goddesses watching over them.

Siegfried continued to guard the Demonic blade of Soul Edge, but its power was depleting with every day it was not wielded and every day, Siegfried grew stronger and more independent of the sword than ever before and rumour was that it was eventually destroyed, though no-one other than Siegfried knows if that is true.

Yunsung was to marry Seung Mina, eventually anyway, and was still as irritating and childish as ever.

Raphael rebuilt his life with Amy at his side and they eventually managed to gain a solid lifestyle.

Maxi spent his time with Kilik and Xianghua, irritating them for much of that time.

Leon, after rejoining his family and friends, began to help the cause of bringing down the Umbrella Corporation, with Chris, Claire, Jill, Carlos, Rebecca and Billy. The group also managed to get rid of the incessant interfering of Albert Wesker, Chris's enemy, though no-one was ever quite sure if he was killed or if he just disappeared.

Despite the lack of wars and violence in their lives, the warriors kept close together and would be there at any given time to call on if it was needed.

The warriors formed together, not just as alliances, but friends, for all eternity.

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