Kit: I'm back! Yeah!

Mitsuru: Good, get on with the fic.

Kit: Of course I own Crescent Moon, that's why I'm writing this fic. Not.

Mitsuru woke up slowly from his unintentional nap, "What hit me? WHERE ARE THEY?"

Akira came bouncing into the room with more energy than Mitsuru thought that anyone should have, "Mahiru gave us Pixy Stix! Isn't that the greatest thing you've ever heard?"

Mitsuru groaned, 'Great, now they're going to be drunk and hyper. How am I going to explain this to Oboro and Misoka? I'm not sure I want to be around when they come home.'

Mahiru ran into the room, bouncing as much as Akira, "This is so much fun! Nozomu and Akira traded me some of the drinks that they had for some of my Pixy Stix! Isn't that great Mitsuru?"

Before a reply could be made someone else butted in, "Yes, Mitsuru. Isn't this just wonderful. How is it that you seem to be the only one in the house not drunk?"

The tengu paled and whirled around, "Misoka! It's not my fault, I swear! I just wanted to know what the alcohol tasted like and then Nozomu and Akira drank it before I could and they broke my ceiling fan!"

The kitsune nodded, "You do know that you're going to be in trou-"

The last words that Misoka was going to say were suddenly lost in the large amount of sugar and alcohol that was being poured down his throat.

"You are hic going to hic be in big trouble." Already, a flush was growing across the Kitsune's face and he didn't seem to realize that he was starting to drink the alcohol that was being put in front of him.

Mitsuru slapped his forehead, "Why me, Goddess? Why do I have to put up with all the crazy people in the world? Why do they all seem to be gathered in this house? Why…. Misoka! Get down off the table and take that underwhere off your head! Whose underwhere is that?"

No one answered and the tengu quickly realized it was because they had all escaped out the window and into the outside world.

"Crap! How could I let this happen! Who knows what stupid messes they're going to get themselves into! Misoka! I said come down from there and give me that underwhere right now!"

The kitsune finally threw the underwhere at Mitsuru and ran out of the room, giggling the entire time.

Mitsuru's attention was drawn quite suddenly away from Misoka to the T. V. and his eyes widened from what he saw.

The news was on and on it was a very large, very drunk, and very hyper white wolf, prancing around happily in the middle of traffic.

The only thing running through Mitsuru's head as he ran out the door was, 'Never touching alcohol again as long as I live.

Kit: Very short but it's late and I have to go. I do hope you enjoy it even though this chapter is not as funny as I had hoped, it will get better.